Survivor 44 calendar
Survivor 44 calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: March 23, 2023
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Day 0
(May 29)

Cast arrives in Fiji?
Day 0
(May 30)

Last day of Survivor 43 filming was 3 days ago?
Day 0
(May 31)

Day 0
(June 1)

Day 0
(June 2)

Day 0
(June 3)

Pre-game press interviews?

Day 0
(June 4)

Ep1: "I Can't Wait to See Jeff" Ep2: "Two Dorky Magnets" Ep3: "Sneaky Little Snake"
Day 1
(June 5)

Ep.1 RC: Crate Wide Open

Ep.1 RC: Crate Wide Open

Ep.1 RC: Crate Wide Open

Two at a time, contestants must go under a bar, through a mud crawl, retrieve a puzzle block, then go back through the obstacles and put the block on a table. Two people (Jaime, Lauren; Claire, Matt; Carson, Yam Yam) then complete the puzzle, and then three people, one at a time, must fling rings off of a tall pole. First tribe to finish earns their flint. Soka wins. Carolyn struggles mightily, cannot remove a ring. Ratu is second, they get the choice of Savvy or Sweat task.

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Ep1 RC: "Crate Wide Open" - Soka wins, Ratu 2nd.

Bruce medevac; 17 left.
Day 2
(June 6)

Ep.1 dilemma: Lauren, Matt, Sarah

Ep.1 dilemma: Lauren, Matt, Sarah

Ep.1 dilemma: Lauren, Matt, Sarah

Lauren, Matt, and Sarah arrive at the dilemma location on Day 2, surprise, surprise. After hiking through the jungle, they then split up to make separate decisions, but this time, what other people choose has no effect on the outcome. Instead, it's pure luck. Each visitor is forced to take one of three scrolls out of a bag, two of which will force them to lose a vote, the other of which is an advantage. If they lose a vote on the first turn, they can draw again (now a 50% chance of success). Results: Lauren picks an advantage on the first try, gets the Bank a Vote advantage, which lets her not vote and keep the parchment for a later Tribal. Sarah loses her first vote, then draws the Inheritance advantage, which if she plays it at the voting booth, allows her to receive all idols and advantages played at that Tribal. Finally, Matt loses his vote twice.

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Ep1 dilemma: Lauren, Matt, Sarah get stuff.

Ep.1 Ratu idol: Brandon

Ep.1 Ratu idol: Brandon

Ep.1 idol: Brandon

While the three are away at the Dilemma, the Ratu tribe collectively searches for the key to their idol cage. Matthew suggests they do it in groups of 2-3, so that nobody finds it in secret. Eventually, Brandon finds it (with Maddy), and decides to just open the cage in front of everyone. He learns the bag contains an idol and a fake idol, each with a note.

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Brandon finds Ratu idol.
Day 3
(June 7)

Ep.1 IC: Paradise Lost

Ep.1 IC: Paradise Lost

Ep.1 IC: Paradise Lost

Matthew, Claire sit out. Contestants must drag a boat to the water, paddle out around a buoy and back to a platform, tie it off, then swim to a buoy. Once all are there, they must haul a heavy crate through the water, back to the beach, then attach a rope to it, and drag it along a track. Then find a key, unlock a giant slide puzzle (of the logo). Soka is first to the puzzle, then Ratu, then Tika. Brandon is dehydrated, needs medical attention during puzzle. They resume, Soka wins. Tika is second. Ratu loses.

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Ep1 IC: "Paradise Lost" - Soka wins, Tika 2nd.

TC1 - Maddy idoled out ([0]-1), 16 left.
Day 4
(June 8)

Ep.2 Tika idol: Carolyn

Ep.2 Tika idol: Carolyn

Ep.2 Tika idol: Carolyn

Tika (following Ratu's lead, unknowingly) decides to look for the key as a group. Carolyn finds it, but is able to distract everyone by also finding a snake in a tree. At some point later, she gets the bag from the cage, takes the idol out, and belatedly put the bag back in. People notice something is different right away, but somehow Carolyn is not a suspect.

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Carolyn finds Tika idol

Ep.2 Soka idol: Danny

Ep.2 Soka idol: Danny

Ep.2 Soka idol: Danny

Unlike people on the other two tribes, Danny finds the key when he's off by himself, collecting wood. He opens the cage, takes out the idol, and replaces it, all undetected.

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Danny finds Soka idol
Day 5
(June 9)

Ep.2 RC/IC: A Bridge You Must Cross

Ep.2 RC/IC: A Bridge You Must Cross

Ep.2 RC/IC: A Bridge You Must Cross

Claire sits out. Tribes must cross an A-frame obstacle, go through a pile of sandbags, emptying them until the find one containing a ball, then one person unties a heavy ladder, which the entire tribe lifts up into place. One person (Heidi, Helen, Jaime) climbs up, throws down a rope, which the rest of the tribe pulls to lower a bridge. They all cross, slide down a slide, then one person (Josh, Matthew, Sarah) moves the ball through a vertical snake maze. Results: Soka has an early lead, but Josh struggles on the snake maze. Matthew and Sarah pass him, but Sarah drops with less than 1/3 of the course to go. Ratu wins, Soka takes second. Both tribes get fishing gear as reward.

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Ep2 RC/IC: "A Bridge You Must Cross" - Ratu wins, Soka 2nd.

TC2 - Helen voted out (3-1), 15 left.
Day 6
(June 10)

Ep.3 idol: Matthew

Ep.3 idol: Matthew

Ep.3 idol: Matthew

(This actually happened on Day 4, but was shown in Episode 3.) The day after Brandon plays his idol at the first Tribal Council, Matthew finds the re-hidden Ratu idol in a tree near camp. He then makes a fake idol with beads from items around camp, wraps it in the real idol note, and stuffs the package into the outside of the well. On Day 6, he and Jaime are digging for worms, and she finds the fake idol package, with only minor nudging from Matthew. (Over in Soka camp, Matt finds the key that Danny re-hid, and opens the birdcage to remove the official fake idol that Danny placed there.)

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Matthew finds Ratu idol

Matt, Jaime find fake idols.
Day 7
(June 11)

Ep.3 RC/IC: Box Car Blues

Ep.3 RC/IC: Box Car Blues

Ep.3 RC/IC: Box Car Blues

Lauren, Claire, Heidi sit out. Contestants must jump off a dock and swim to a large cube, rolling it through the water until it's under a pole, where one person (Matthew, Danny, Carolyn) climbs it to retrieve a key (two keys total). Once both keys are retrieved, they go to shore, dig under a log, then take four cubes for two people (Matthew, ?; Matt, Frannie; Carson, Yam Yam) solve the Instant Insanity puzzle (stack the cubes so that no color is repeated on a side). Winner gets a tool kit and large fruit bowl, second gets fewer tools, less fruit. Results: Ratu wins, Tika second.

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Ep3 RC/IC: "Box Car Blues" - Ratu wins, Tika 2nd.

TC3 - Claire voted out (4-0), 14 left.
Ep4: "I'm Felicia" Ep5: "The Third Turd" Ep6: "Survivor with a Capital S" Ep7: ""
Day 8
(June 12)

Ep4 RC: "Air Raid" - Soka wins, Ratu 2nd.

Josh, Carson, Jaime get idols, swap tribes.
Day 9
(June 13)

Ep4 IC: "Leap of Faith" - Soka wins, Ratu 2nd.

TC4 - Sarah voted out (2-[0]), 13 left.
Day 10
(June 14)

Day 11
(June 15)

Ep5 IC: "" - ? loses.

TC5 - ? voted out, 12 left.
Day 12
(June 16)

Ep6 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 13
(June 17)

Day 14
(June 18)

Ep7 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC6 - ? voted out, 11 left.
Ep8: "" Ep9: "" Ep10: "" Ep11: ""
Day 15
(June 19)

Ep8 RC: "Basket Case" - Jonathan's team wins.

Day 16
(June 20)

Ep8 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC7 - ? voted out, 10 left.
Day 17
(June 21)

Ep9 RC: "" - ? wins.

TC8 - ? voted out, 9 left.

TC9 - ? voted out, 8 left.

Day 18
(June 22)

Ep10 RC: "" - ? wins.

Day 19
(June 23)

Ep10 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC10 - ? voted out, 7 left.
Day 20
(June 24)

Day 21
(June 25)

Ep11 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC11 - ? voted out, 6 left.

Ep12: "" Ep13: "" (finale) Game over
Day 22
(June 26)

Ep12 RC: "" - ? wins.

Day 23
(June 27)

Ep12 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC12 - ? voted out, 5 left.

Day 24
(June 28)

Ep13 F5 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC13 - ? voted out, 4 left.
Day 25
(June 29)

Ep13 F4 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC14 - ? out via fire, 3 left.

Day 26
(June 30)

Final Tribal Council and jury vote - ? wins.

(July 1)

Departure. Contestants head back to the U.S.

(July 2)

Contestants return home, resume Instagram influencing.


Historical notes:
  • Filming in Fiji again, running from approximately late May through early July, 2022.
  • Martin Holmes at InsideSurvivor (12/12/22): Tribe divisions, colors.