SurvivorSA 8: Immunity Island calendar
SurvivorSA 8: Immunity Island calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 13, 2021
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Pre-game Ep.1: "Nothing Unites ..."
Day 0
(Nov. 1)

Pre-game quarantine?
Day 0
(Nov. 2)

Day 0
(Nov. 3)
Day 0
(Nov. 4)
Day 0
(Nov. 5)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 0
(Nov. 6)
Day 1
(Nov. 7)

Ep.1 arrival: Opening scramble

Ep.1 arrival: Opening scramble

Ep.1 arrival: Opening scramble

Upon arrival, the tribes are divided by random draw. They then have two minutes to race across the beach and gather items useful for camp (mostly fruit, bamboo, palm fronds). At the far end, there is also one single-use immunity necklace for each tribe, good at their first Tribal Council. Those go ungrabbed until the closing seconds, when Dino takes Zamba's. After time runs out, Renier reveals he also grabbed a "tribe advantage," which gives Zamba useful camping items (one sleeping bag, a bed roll, knife, etc.).

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Ep1 arrival: Tribes split, get stuff. Dino gets a necklace.
Ep.1: "Nothing Unites Like a Common Enemy"
Ep.2: "I Can Go 'Bos' ... No Pun!"
Episode 3
Day 2
(Nov. 8)

Ep.1 Hero RC: Fire making

Ep.1 Hero RC: Fire making

Ep.1 Hero RC: Fire making

The tribes select one person (Jason; Chappies) to make fire for them. Chappies wins, gets flint and a firemaking kit for Zamba. He and Jason also each win "diplomatic immunity" bracelets, which allow them to swap tribes permanently after their tribe loses an IC. Bracelets are good until merge.

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Ep1 Hero RC: (Fire making) - Chappies/ Vuna wins.
Day 3
(Nov. 9)

Ep.1 IC: Rope rungs, puzzle

Ep.1 IC: Rope rungs, puzzle

Ep.1 IC: Rope rungs, puzzle

Five people (Chappies, Paul, Mike, Kiran, Wardah; Nicole, Marisha, Shaun, Renier, Jason) must swim out to buoys and untie ten rope rungs, which two people (Tyson, Santoni; Anela, Mike) uses to build a rope ladder to the second level of the puzzle structure. Then one person (Pinty; Qieän) must untangle a rope "puzzle" to release rungs to build a ladder to the third level. There, two more people (Anesu, Carla; Thoriso, Amy) solve a block/logo puzzle. Zamba has a lead on the puzzle, but loses. Vuna sends Thoriso to Immunity Island.

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Ep1 IC: (Rope rungs, puzzle) - Vuna wins.

Ep.1 Immunity Island: Digging

Ep.1 Immunity Island: Digging

Ep.1 Immunity Island: Digging

Thoriso is presented with a dilemma: Get individual immunity and perform a timed task, with a risk of consequences if she fails, or return to camp immediately, and keep the necklace, but only to be used on someone else. Thoriso opts to stay and play, and must dig up a colored bag before the timer runs out. She fails and loses her vote, but gets to use the individual immunity at Tribal.

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Ep1 II: Thoriso gets immunity.

TC1 - Jason voted out (7-2), 19 left.
Day 4
(Nov. 10)

Ep.2 RC: Fish traps, cog puzzle

Ep.2 RC: Fish traps, cog puzzle

Ep.2 RC: Fish traps, cog puzzle

Anesu sits out. In pairs, tribe members must run/wade out to a cage, climb into it, and untie and remove fish traps containing puzzle pieces, then bring them back to the starting line. Once all four cages have been returned, tribes must open up the traps and remove puzzle bags. Then one person (Thoriso; Kiran) solves an eight-piece spinning cog puzzle. Results: Santoni lags on the retrieval, giving Zamba a headstart on the puzzle. Thoriso swaps out for Shaun, who swaps for Dino (Dino promptly places all eight pieces). Kiran swaps for Pinty, Kiran, Paul. Zamba wins fishing gear.

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Ep2 RC: (Fish traps, cog puzzle) - Zamba wins.
Day 5
(Nov. 11)

Ep.2 IC: Obstacles, sandbags, block puzzle

Ep.2 IC: Obstacles, sandbags, block puzzle

Ep.2 IC: Obstacles, sandbags, block puzzle

Santoni sits out. Moving together as a tribe, each contestant must carry a heavy bag (containing coconuts and sandbags) across a series of obstacles. Once across, they must sort the sandbags from the coconuts. Then one person (Chappies; Anela) must knock a tribe logo block puzzle off a table using the sandbags. Once complete, two people (Carla, Anesu; Dino, Qiean) must rebuild the puzzle. Vuna leads until the puzzle, but Zamba wins.

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Ep2 IC: (Obstacles, sandbags, block puzzle) - Zamba wins.

Ep.2 Imm. Island: Santoni wins at hook/ring game

Ep.2 Imm. Island: Santoni wins at hook/ring game

Ep.2 Imm. Island: Santoni wins at hook/ring game

Santoni opts to stay and play. Her task is Boston Rob's ring-and-hook game from Winners at War (swinging a ring on a string, trying to land it on a hook). She misses several times, but makes one final attempt as time runs out, and wins! She receives a clue to an idol hidden at Tribal Council. Had she lost, she would have received 1 vote against her at her next Tribal.

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Ep2 II: Santoni gets immunity, Tribal idol clue.
Day 6
(Nov. 12)

Ep.2 idol clue: Santoni's 2nd

Ep.2 idol clue: Santoni

Ep.2 idol clue: Santoni's 2nd

With more than a full day to spend at Immunity Island, Santoni decides to look for idols. She eventually finds a package wedged into the Immunity Island sign. It's a clue, but it directs her to a specific location near the well (back in camp).

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Santoni finds a second idol clue.

TC2 - Pinty voted out (6-2-1), 18 left.
Day 7
(Nov. 13)

Tribe swap: 2 or 3 new tribes.

Ep3 RC: ? wins.
Day 8
(Nov. 14)

Ep3 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC3 - ? voted out, 17 left.
Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7
Day 9
(Nov. 15)

Ep4 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 10
(Nov. 16)

Ep4 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC4 - ? voted out, 16 left.
Day 11
(Nov. 17)

Ep5 RC: "" - ? wins.

Day 12
(Nov. 18)

Ep5 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC5 - ? voted out, 15 left.
Day 13
(Nov. 19)

Ep6 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 14
(Nov. 20)

Ep6 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC6 - ? voted out, 14 left.
Day 15
(Nov. 21)

Ep7 RC: "" - ? wins.
Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9
Day 16
(Nov. 22)

Ep7 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC7 - ? voted out, 13 left.
Day 17
(Nov. 23)

Day 18
(Nov. 24)

Ep8 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 19
(Nov. 25)

Ep8 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC8 - ? voted out, 12 left.
Day 20
(Nov. 26)

Tribes merge.
Day 21
(Nov. 27)

Day 22
(Nov. 28)

Ep9 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC9 - ? voted out, 11 left.
Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13
Day 23
(Nov. 29)

Ep10 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 24
(Nov. 30)

Ep10 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC10 - ? voted out, 10 left.
Day 25
(Dec. 1)

Ep11 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 26
(Dec. 2)

Ep11 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC11 - ? voted out, 9 left.
Day 27
(Dec. 3)

Ep12 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 28
(Dec. 4)

Ep12 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC12 - ? voted out, 8 left.
Day 29
(Dec. 5)

Ep13 RC: "" - ? wins.
Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16
Day 30
(Dec. 6)

Ep13 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC13 - ? voted out, 7 left.
Day 31
(Dec. 7)

Ep14 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 32
(Dec. 8)

Ep14 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC14 - ? voted out, 6 left.
Day 33
(Dec. 9)

Ep15 RC: "" - ? wins.
Day 34
(Dec. 10)

Day 35
(Dec. 11)

Ep15 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC15 - ? voted out, 6 left.
Day 36
(Dec. 12)

Ep16 RC: "" - ? wins.
Episode 16
Episode 17
Game over
Day 37
(Dec. 13)

Ep16 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC16 - ? voted out, 4 left.
Day 38
(Dec. 14)

Ep17 IC: "" - ? wins.

TC17 - ? voted out, 3 left.
Day 39
(Dec. 15)

Final Tribal Council and jury vote.

? wins.
(Dec. 16)

Departure: contestants return home.
(Dec. 17)

Inevitable contestant Instagram influencing resumes.
(Dec. 18)

(Dec. 19)