Survivor 20: HvsV calendar
Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 3, 2023
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Day 0
(August 2)

Day 0
(August 3)

Day 0
(August 4)

Day 0
(August 5)

Day 0
(August 6)

Contestants arrive?
Day 0
(August 7)

Day 0
(August 8)

Pre-game press interviews?
Ep1: Slay Everyone, Trust No One Ep2: It's Getting the Best of Me Ep3: That Girl is Like A Virus
Day 1
(August 9)

Ep.1 RC: Battle Dig

Ep.1 RC: Battle Dig

Ep1 RC: Battle Dig

Previously seen in: Panama - Exile Island. Contestants, in pairs, race to a row in a gridded field, dig up a pillow, and try to get it back to their tribal mat. First tribe to three wins. Heroes win, 3 (JT, Sugar, James) to 2 (Danielle, Coach).

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Filming begins.
Ep1 RC: "Battle Dig" - Heroes win, 3-2.

Day 2
(August 10)
Day 3
(August 11)

Ep.1 IC: Lock and Load, Light

Ep.1 IC: Lock and Load, Light

Ep1 IC: Lock and Load, Light

Previously seen in: Cook Islands. Six contestants must assemble a puzzle boat, paddle out to a wok, light a torch, and return to shore. Rungs from puzzle boat must be re-used for a ladder at the end. Remaining four players solve a compass puzzle, then the ladder puzzle, then climb the ladder to light a wok. Villains win, despite a huge Heroes lead on the paddling.

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Ep1 IC: "Lock & Load, Light" - Villains win.

TC1 - Sugar voted out (9-1); 19 left.
Day 4
(August 12)

Ep.2 Rob drama

Ep.2 Rob drama

Ep.2 Rob drama

Boston Rob collapses in the forest, mysteriously with his shoes neatly arranged, hat on, and shirt under his head. Medical checks him, and he remains in the game.

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Boston Rob collapses, returns to game after medical visit.
Day 5
(August 13)

Ep.2 RC/IC: A Crate Idea

Ep.2 RC/IC: A Crate Idea

Ep.2 RC/IC: A Crate Idea

Previously seen in: Tocantins. Randy & Courtney sit out for Villains, Rupert for Heroes. In pairs, tribes must take turns rolling six heavy crates back to the starting platform, then assemble a staircase puzzle using the crates. Villains win.

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Ep2 RC/IC: "A Crate Idea" - Villains win immunity, tarp, rope, nails.
Day 6
(August 14)

TC2 - Stephenie voted out (6-3); 18 left.
Day 7
(August 15)
Ep3: That Girl is Like A Virus Ep4: Tonight, We Make Our Move Ep5: Knights of the Round Table
Day 8
(August 16)

Ep3 RC/IC: "Sumo'an Mud" - Heroes win, 8-0.

TC3 - Randy voted out (9-1); 17 left.
Day 9
(August 17)

Ep4 RC: "Slip, Slide & Score" - Villains win more building supplies.
Day 10
(August 18)

Russell finds Villains' idol.
Tom finds Heroes' idol.
Day 11
(August 19)

Ep4 IC: "Roll With It" - Villains win.

TC4 -Cirie idoled out (3-[0]-2); 16 left.
Day 12
(August 20)

Ep5 RC: "Schmergen Brawl" - Villains win chocolate feast at To Sua ocean trench.
Day 13
(August 21)
Day 14
(August 22)

Ep5 IC: "Blind Cube Crisis" - Villains win

TC5 - Tom voted out (5-2); 15 left.
Ep6: Banana Etiquette Ep7: I'm Not A Good Villain Ep8: Expectations
Day 15
(August 23)

Ep6 RC/IC: "Rope-A-Dope" - Rob & Candice (& Rob) win.

TC6 - Tyson idoled out ([0]-3-2); 14 left.
TC7 - James voted out (5-1); 13 left.
Day 16
(August 24)

Ep7 RC: "Basket Brawl" - Heroes win waterfall feast.
Day 17
(August 25)
Day 18
(August 26)

Ep7 IC: "Caught in the Web" - Heroes win.

TC8 - Rob voted out (4-3-1); 12 left.
Day 19
(August 27)

J.T. finds Heroes' idol.

Ep8 RC: "Fauxconut Bowling" - Heroes win another feast.
Day 20
(August 28)
Day 21
(August 29)

Ep8 IC: "Mudslide" - Heroes win.

TC9 - Coach voted out (4-3, first juror); 11 left.
Ep9: Survivor History Ep10: Going Down in Flames Ep11: Jumping Ship
Day 22
(August 30)

Ep9 RC: "Chimney Sweep" - Villains win Outback Steak House reward. Parvati gets idol clue.
Day 23
(August 31)

6.7 earthquake circa 3 a.m.
Parvati and Danielle find Villains' idol.
Day 24
(Sept. 1)

Ep9 IC: "Strung Out" - Heroes win. JT passes idol to Colby, to Russell.

TC10 - Courtney voted out (5-1); 10 left.
Day 25
(Sept. 2)

Tribes merge, Yin-Yang formed. Minor feast-in-a-box.
Day 26
(Sept. 3)
Day 27
(Sept. 4)

Ep10 IC: "Get a Grip" - Danielle wins.

TC11 - JT idoled out ([0]-5); 9 left.
Day 28
(Sept. 5)

Ep11 RC: "Pacific Shuffle" - Amanda, Colby, Danielle win trip to RL Stevenson house.
Ep11: Jumping Ship Ep12: A Sinking Ship Ep13: Loose Lips Sink Ships
Day 29
(Sept. 6)

Russell finds third idol, using Danielle's clue.
Day 30
(Sept. 7)

Ep11 IC: "House of Cards" - Jerri wins.

TC12 - Amanda voted out (6-3); 8 left.
Day 31
(Sept. 8)

Ep12 IC1: "When It Rains" - Parvati wins.

Sandra finds an idol.

TC13 - Candice voted out (5-3); 7 left.
Day 32
(Sept. 9)
Day 33
(Sept. 10)

Ep12 IC2: "Pegatory Knockout" - Russell wins.

TC14 - Danielle voted out (4-3); 6 left.
Day 34
(Sept. 11)

Ep13 RC: "Pass the Bucket" - Jerri wins blowholes trip, brings Parvati, Sandra, loved ones.
Day 35
(Sept. 12)
Ep13: Loose Lips Sink Ships Ep14: Anything Could Happen (Season finale) Game over
Day 36
(Sept. 13)

Ep13 IC: "Keep It Up" - Parvati wins.

TC15 - Rupert voted out (4-[0]); 5 left.
Day 37
(Sept. 14)

Ep14 IC1: "Offer It Up" - Parvati wins.

TC16 - Colby voted out (4-1); 4 left.
Day 38
(Sept. 15)

Ep14 F4 IC: "Blind Maze" - Russell wins.

TC17 - Jerri voted out (3-1); 3 left.
Day 39
(Sept. 16)

Final Tribal Council and jury vote on final three - Sandra wins, 6-3-0.
(Sept. 17)

Depature, return to U.S.
Survivor 19: Samoa premieres today.
(Sept. 18)

Inevitable Facebook and/or MySpace contestant activity resumes.
(Sept. 19)