Survivor 8: All-Stars calendar
Survivor 8: All-Stars calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 5, 2023
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Pre-game Ep1: "They're Back!" Ep2: "Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty As Hell"
Day 0
(Nov. 2)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 1
(Nov. 3)


Ep1: Arrival


Three tribes of six: Chapera, Mogo Mogo, Saboga. Each tribe arrives separatly, under military escort, and is dropped off at their beach with just a pot, a machete, and a map to their water supply.

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Filming begins, three tribes of 6.
Day 2
(Nov. 4)

Quest for Fire: Ep1 RC/IC

Ep1 RC/IC: Quest for Fire


Tribes start on floating rafts, must dive down and remove two clips to move a different raft (carrying a wok with fire) to shore, lighting additional woks along the way. Once on shore, the entire tribe plus their raft and wok must pass under an obstacle crawl, light a final wok, then place the raft on the tribe mat. Chapera is first, Mogo Mogo second. Saboga loses, must attend Tribal.

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Ep1 RC/IC: "Quest for Fire" - Chapera first, Mogo Mogo second.
Day 3
(Nov. 5)

TC1 - Tina voted off (4-2), 17 left.
Day 4
(Nov. 6)

Ep2 RC: Stairway to the Stars

Ep2 RC: Stairway to the Stars

Ep2 RC

Big Tom, Jenna M sit out. Starting with the farthest one, tribes must swim out to one five logs, unclip it, bring it back to shore, and use it to build a staircase. After each leg, one fewer person swims. Ethan, Hatch, Boston Rob are the final swimmers, Saboga wins (Mogo Mogo 2nd, Chapera last). Only Saboga wins reward, but they choose to give reward to all three tribes: Cook pot, flint, clue to location of first key to the locked rice chest.

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Ep2 RC: "Stairway to the Stars" - Saboga wins, shares reward.
Day 5
(Nov. 7)
Day 6
(Nov. 8)

Ep2 IC: Float Your Boat

Ep2 IC: Float Your Boat

Ep2 IC

Alicia, Shii Ann sit out. Starting on a dock, tribes must swim, dive down to a boat submerged with weights. After removing the weights and raising the boats, tribes must row the boat back to shore & place it on their mat. Chapera wins, Mogo Mogo second. Saboga loses again.

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Ep2 IC: "Float Your Boat" - Chapera first, Mogo Mogo second.

TC2 - Rudy voted off (3-2), 16 left.
Ep3: "Shark Attack" Ep4: "Wipe Out!" Ep5: "I've Been Bamboozled!"
Day 7
(Nov. 9)

Ep3 RC: "Better Homes and Island Living" - tribes begin building their shelters.
Day 8
(Nov. 10)

Ep3 RC judging: Chapera wins tarps & wine, Mogo Mogo second, gets a rice clue.

Day 9
(Nov. 11)

Ep3 IC: Jenna M. quits.

TC3 - unshown. Mogo Mogo attends, 15 left.
Day 10
(Nov. 12)

Ep4 RC: "Match Maker" - Chapera wins bathroom, Saboga second.
Day 11
(Nov. 13)

Ep4 IC: "Blind Leading the Blind" - Saboga first, Mogo Mogo second.

Day 12
(Nov. 14)

TC4 - Rob C. voted off (5-1), 14 left.
Day 13
(Nov. 15)

Ep5 RC: "Shipwrecked Raft Rescue" - Mogo Mogo wins, Chapera second.

Saboga dissolved.
Ep5: "I've Been Bamboozled!" Ep6: "Outraged" Ep7: "Sorry... I Blew It" Ep8: "Pick a Tribemate"
Day 14
(Nov. 16)

Day 15
(Nov. 17)

Ep5 IC: "Pilfering Pirates" - Chapera wins.

TC5 - Richard voted off (6-1), 13 left.
Day 16
(Nov. 18)
Day 17
(Nov. 19)

Sue quits.
Ep6 RC: "Tribal Stomp-ede" - Mogo Mogo wins barbecue feast. 12 left.
Day 18
(Nov. 20)

Day 19
(Nov. 21)

Ep7 RC/IC: "Floating Puzzle" - Chapera wins yacht feast, immunity, kidnaps Kathy.

TC6 - Colby voted off (3-2), 11 left.
Day 20
(Nov. 22)

Ep8 RC: "Log Jam"- Chapera wins stuff from Mogo Mogo.

Ep8: "Pick a Tribemate" Ep9: "Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts" Ep10: "Anger, Tears and Chaos"
Day 21
(Nov. 23)

Ep8 IC: "Choose Your Weapon" - Chapera wins.

TC7 - Ethan voted off (4-1), 10 left.
Day 22
(Nov. 24)
Day 23
(Nov. 25)

Tribal swap: Everyone except Amber switches tribes.
Day 24
(Nov. 26)

Ep9 IC: "Survivor History"- Mogo Mogo wins.

TC8 - Jerri voted off (4-1), 9 left.
Day 25
(Nov. 27)

Ep10 RC: "Rock Bottom" - Rupert wins overnight trip, takes Jenna and Amber.
Day 26
(Nov. 28)

Tribes merge, Chaboga Mogo formed.
Day 27
(Nov. 29)

Ep10 IC: "Waiting to Exhale"- Rob and Kathy win.

TC9 - Lex voted off (7-2), first juror, 8 left.
Ep11: "A Thoughtful Gesture, or a Deceptive Plan?" Ep12: "Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People" Ep13: "A Chapera Surprise" Ep14: "The Instigator"
Day 28
(Nov. 30)

Ep11 RC/IC: "Big Bad O'Course" - Alicia, Shii Ann, Rob, Amber win letters from home; Rob wins immunity.

TC10 - Kathy voted off (6-2), 7 left.
Day 29
(Dec. 1)

Ep12 RC: "Face Off" - Rupert wins restaurant trip, picks food for everyone.

Day 30
(Dec. 2)

Ep12 IC: "When It Rains, It Pours" - Shii Ann wins.

TC10 - Alicia voted off (6-1), 6 left.
Day 31
(Dec. 3)

Ep13 RC: "Survivor Smorgasboard" - Loved ones compete. Tom's son, Bucky Bo, wins pizza & beer at old Chapera. Tom brings Rob & his brother.
Day 32
(Dec. 4)

Tom, Rob, loved ones return to Chaboga Mogo camp.

Day 33
(Dec. 5)

Ep13 IC: "Fire and Rain"- Tom wins.

TC11 - Shii Ann voted off (5-1), 5 left.
Day 34
(Dec. 6)

Ep14 RC: "Second Chance" - Rob wins a truck, spends night at a drive-in movie with Amber. Amber gets a car.

Ep14: "The Instigator" Ep15: "The Sole Surviving All-Star" Game over
Day 35
(Dec. 7)

Day 36
(Dec. 8)

Ep14 IC: "Survivor Scramble" - Rob wins.

TC12 - Tom voted off (4-1), 4 left.
Day 37
(Dec. 9)

Ep15 F4 IC: "Obstacle Puzzle Maze" - Amber wins.

TC13 - Rupert voted off (3-1), 3 left.
Day 38
(Dec. 10)

Ep15 F3 IC: "Hand on a Hard Idol" - Rob wins.

TC14 - Jenna voted off (1-0), 2 left.
Day 39
(Dec. 11)

Final tribal council and jury vote on the final two.

Amber wins the jury vote, 4-3.
(Dec. 12)

Departure. Contestants return to the U.S.
(Dec. 13)