Survivor 11: Guatemala calendar
S11: Guatemala calendar
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Pre-show Ep1: Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise Ep2: Man Down
Day 0
(June 26)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 1
(June 27)

Ep1 Arrival

Ep.1 arrival

Ep1 Arrival

Ep1 arrival. Each tribe's 8 new players arrive on foot at a Maya ruins. After each group assembles, Probst reveals two more players, both returning from the prior season, Palau. Stepghenie joins Yaxhá, and Bobby Jon joins Nakúm. Each tribe then departs on their overnight reward challenge: An 11-mile hike through the jungle, carrying whatever supplies they can.

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Filming begins.

(Ep1 RC begins.)
Day 2
(June 28)

Ep1 RC: 11-Mile Hike

Ep1 RC: 11-Mile Hike

Ep1 RC: 11-Mile Hike

After a sometimes brutal overnight hike through the jungle, both tribes briefly catch sight of each other as they reach a dirt road. Nakúm sprints ahead, leaving Yaxhá behind. Eventually they reach tribe boats moored at a lake, and complete their trek with a paddle to a ruins that becomes Nakúm's new campsite. Nakúm wins flint; Yaxhá must travel further to their camp.

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Ep1 RC: "11-Mile Hike" - Nakúm wins better camp, flint.
Day 3
(June 29)

Ep1 IC: Paddle Battle

Ep1 IC: Paddle Battle

Ep1 IC: Paddle Battle

Each tribe must get in their boat, paddle out to a buoy, retrieve a torch, then return to shore. Once at shore, they must attach a rope to their boat, and haul their boat to the finish line. Four people (Jamie, Gary, Brian, Rafe; Blake, Bobby Jon, Brandon, Judd) pull the rope, one holds the torch (Lydia; Brooke), and the rest place logs under the boat, to which roll to help it move. Once the boat crosses the finish line, the torch-bearer lights the tribe's wok. Yaxhá wins, gets their own flint. Jim injures himself moving the boat.

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Ep1 IC: "Paddle Battle" - Yaxhá wins.

TC1 - Jim voted out (8-1), 17 left.
Day 4
(June 30)

Ep2 RC: Web Over Water

Ep2 RC: Web Over Water

Ep2 RC: Web Over Water

Amy sits out. One at a time, contestants must climb underneath a spiderweb-like rope grid (over water, obviously), release a bag, then return with the bag to the starting line. If they fail to retrieve the bag, they can swap out, but everyone must attempt it at least once. Rafe is the first to fall, and has trouble climbing the rope ladder to exit the pool. Then Judd and Brianna also fall. The tribes are tied 7-7 as Blake and Brian each go for the winning bag, but Blake just beats Brian, and Nakúm wins fishing gear.

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Ep2 RC: "Web Over Water" -Nakúm wins.
Day 5
(July 1)

Day 6
(July 2)

Ep2 IC: Dragged Through Mud

Ep2 IC: Dragged Through Mud

Ep2 IC: Dragged Through Mud

Brianna sits out. In the first round, all 8 tribe members are tied into a single rope for a tribe-vs-tribe tug-of-war in the mud, with the goal being a tribe flag at the end of the course. Neither tribe reaches their flag in the time allotted, so instead the challenge becomes a series of one-on-one 'showdowns,' with whoever ends up closest to the flag winning. First tribe to three points wins. 1.Judd defeats Gary, when Gary ill-advisedly decides to run to Judd's end and tackle him. 2.Jamie has a slight lead, then Brandon goes all the way to the end and takes the flag. 3.Jamie has another lead, until Judd makes a last-second surge, and wins it for Nakúm, 3-0.

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Ep2 IC: "Dragged Through Mud" - Nakúm wins.

TC2 - Morgan voted out (8-1), 16 left.
Ep3: The Brave May Not Live Long, But the Cautious Don't Live At All Ep4: To Betray or Not to Betray Ep5: Crocs, Cowboys and City Slickers
Day 7
(July 3)

Ep3 RC: Blind Build

Ep3 RC: Blind Build

Ep3 RC: Blind Build

Two callers (Gary, Brooke) direct blindfolded pairs or trios of tribemates to collect 9 items (tarp, poles, rope) required to build an archaeologist's tent. Then the entire tribe works together to build the tent. Yaxhá collects their items with a healthy lead, but falls apart putting the tent together. Nakúm wins comfort items.

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Ep3 RC: "Blind Build" - Nakúm wins camp items.
Day 8
(July 4)

Ep3 IC: Holding Court

Ep3 IC: Holding Court

Ep3 IC: Holding Court

The tribes play a version of the Maya's Ball Game, in randomly selected groups of three. Amy swiftly injures her ankle on the net, and somehow manages to get selected almost every time. Brianna defends by standing, motionless. Scoring: Brian (Yaxhá leads, 1-0); Blake (tied, 1-1); Danni (Nakúm leads, 2-1); Blake(2) (N, 3-1); Rafe (N, 3-2); Jamie (tied, 3-3); Danni(2) (N, 4-3); Danni(3) - Nakúm wins, 5-3.

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Ep3 IC: "Holding Court" - Nakúm wins.

TC3 - Brianna voted out (7-1), 15 left.
Day 9
(July 5)

Ep4 RC: Tribal Switch

Ep4 RC: Tribal Switch

Ep4 RC: Tribal Switch

The tribes assemble, and are given pads to answer questions about their tribemates (which they're told will affect said tribemates). Most popular answer wins. 1. Who needs something to eat? (Jamie, Danni - each gets an apple). 2. Who smells the worst? (Gary, Bobby Jon - each gets a shower) 3. Which man and woman most deserve a picnic (Gary, Amy; Judd, Margaret). 4. After those four leave... Who has the most tribe spirit? (Brian, Cindy). Brian moves to Yaxhá mat. He learns is the only one to stay on that tribe (until Gary & Amy return). Rafe, Jamie, Lydia, Stephenie are now Nakúm members, joining Cindy. Four members from Nakúm must now join Yaxhá, but because five are left, they draw buffs. Danni draws first, gets Yaxhá, then Brooke draws Nakúm. The three guys (Brandon, Bobby Jon, Blake) are thus obviously Yaxhá. The feastgoers later return to their original tribes.

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Ep4 RC: "Tribal Switch" - various people win food, etc., then: tribal swap.

Day 10
(July 6)

Day 11
(July 7)

Ep4 IC: Rows and Throws

Ep4 IC: Rows and Throws

Ep4 IC: Rows and Throws

Lydia sits out. Both tribes must paddle out and retrieve 3 bags of Maya war clubs. Upon returning to shore, they then take turns throwing them at tiles 40, 50 & 60 feet away. First to break all 3 tiles wins; no person may break more than one. Results: 1.Steph scores (before Yaxhá throws; N1-Y0), 2.Brian swaps out for Danni, 3.Danni scores (N1-Y1), 4.Blake scores (N1-Y2), 5.Judd finally scores (N2-Y2), 6.Brandon hits the winning shot (both he and Jamie had come close several times). Yaxhá wins, 3-2.

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Ep4 IC: "Rows and Throws" - Yaxhá wins.

TC4 - Brooke voted out (5-3), 14 left.
Day 12
(July 8)

Ep5 RC: Slave to the Grind

Ep5 RC: Slave to the Grind

Ep5 RC: Slave to the Grind

One person per tribe (Jamie; Brandon) use a sharp stone to cut through 2 ropes, releasing 2 handles. Another person (Bobby Jon; ?) chops through a log and rope with a machete, releasing 2 more handles. Four more (Brian,Amy,Blake,Gary) use the handles to turn a winch, pulling a cart up the slope. The first six then get into the cart, and the last person (Danni; ?) chops through the rope, releasing it. Yaxhá wins a croc-proof swim cage, margaritas, chips & guacamole, when Jamie can't even finish the first stage for Nakúm.

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Ep5 RC: "Slave to the Grind" - Yaxhá wins a pool.
Day 13
(July 9)
Ep5: Crocs, Cowboys and City Slickers Ep6: Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble Ep7: Surprise Enemy Visit Ep8: The Hidden Immunity Idol
Day 14
(July 10)

Ep5 IC: What's for Launch?

Ep5 IC: What's for Launch?

Ep5 IC: What's for Launch?

Launchers (Brian, Lydia) take turns flinging balls from a catapult. Their tribemates, in groups of three, hold triangular nets and try to catch the balls. First tribe to 5 catches wins. Scoring: Yaxhá-1 (Danni/Gary/Bobby Jon), Nakúm-1, Nakúm-2 (Rafe/Judd/Steph), Yaxhá-2 (Danni/Gary/Bobby Jon), Nakúm-3 (Rafe/Judd/Steph), Nakúm-4 (Jamie/Cindy/Margaret), Nakúm-5 (Rafe/Judd/Steph). Nakúm wins, 5-2.

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Ep5 IC: "What's for Launch?" - Nakúm wins.

TC5 - Blake voted out (5-2), 13 left.
Day 15
(July 11)

Ep6 RC: Boulder Smash

Ep6 RC: Boulder Smash

Ep6 RC: Boulder Smash

In two-on-two bouts, the tribes face off in trying to roll a 500-lb boulder across their finish line, while preventing their opponents from doing so. First tribe to 3 points wins. Heat 1: Danni/Amy d. Cindy/Steph (Yaxhá, 1-0). Heat 2: Jamie/Judd d. Bobby Jon/Brandon (tie, 1-1). Heat 3. Steph/Judd d. Gary/Amy (Nakúm 2-1, Amy re-injured). Heat 4. Amy/Danni d. Cindy/Margaret (tie, 2-2). 5. Judd/Jamie d. Brian/Bobby Jon (Nakúm wins barbecue feast, 3-2). Rafe does not participate in any way.

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Ep6 RC: "Boulder Smash" - Nakúm wins barbecue.

Ep6 IC: Sudden Death Ep6 IC: "Sudden Death" - Rafe wins.

TC6 - Margaret voted out (6-1), 12 left.
TC7 - Brian voted out (5-1), 11 left.
Day 16
(July 12)

Ep7 RC: Spooling Around Ep7 RC: "Spooling Around" - Yaxhá wins chocolate, zipline canopy ride.
Day 17
(July 13)

Danni's birthday Danni's birthday pool party with Nakúm at Yaxhá.
Day 18
(July 14)

Ep7 IC: Tomb Raider Ep7 IC: "Tomb Raider" - Nakúm wins.

TC8 - Amy voted out (4-1), 10 left.

Merge, Yaxhá leaves Tribal, heads to Nakúm with new buffs. 
Day 19
(July 15)

No Ep8 RC: Idol clue instead No RC: Treemail about hidden immunity idol instead.
Day 20
(July 16)
Ep8: The ... Idol Ep9: Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise Ep10: Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy
Day 21
(July 17)

Ep8 IC: Pot Head Ep8 IC: "Pot Head" - Gary wins.

TC9 - Brandon voted out (6-4), 9 left.
Day 22
(July 18)

Ep 9 RC: "Atlatl" - Judd first, all win food.
Day 23
(July 19)
Day 24
(July 20)

Ep 9 IC: "Bridge It" - Jamie wins.

Gary finds hidden immunity idol.

TC10 - Bobby Jon voted out (6-2-1), 8 left.
Day 25
(July 21)

Ep10 RC: "Mudslide" - Judd, Gary, Danni, Steph win getaway trip & videos from home.
Day 26
(July 22)

Reward winners return to camp.
Day 27
(July 23)

Ep10 IC: "Around the Bend" - Rafe wins.

TC11 - Jamie voted out (6-2), 7 left.
Ep11: Everything is Personal Ep 12: Price for Immunity Ep13: Big Win...
Day 28
(July 24)

Ep11 RC: "Shattered Dreams" - Cindy wins, takes Rafe to waterfall massage.
Day 29
(July 25)
Day 30
(July 26)

Ep11 IC: "Maya Folklore" - Rafe wins.

TC12 - Gary voted out (6-1), 6 left.
Day 31
(July 27)

Ep12 RC: "Loved Ones Auction" - Judd wins time with wife Kristin, takes Cindy and Steph.
Day 32
(July 28)

Loved ones leave camp.
Day 33
(July 29)

Ep12 IC: "Watch Your Step" - Danni wins.

TC13 - Judd voted out (4-2), 5 left.
Day 34
(July 30)

Ep13 RC: "Second Chance" - Cindy wins, keeps a Torrent.
Ep13: Big Win, Big Decision... Big Mistake? Ep14: Thunder Storms and Sacrifice (Season finale) Game over
Day 35
(July 31)

Cindy and Steph return from archaelogical site.
Day 36
(August 1)

Ep13 IC: "Pole Dancing" - Steph wins.

TC14 - Cindy voted out (4-1), 4 left.
Day 37
(August 2)

Ep14 F4 IC: "Maya Maze" - Rafe wins.

TC15 - Lydia voted out (3-1), 3 left.
Day 38
(August 3)

Ep14 F3 IC: "Wobbly Boots" - Danni wins, picks Steph.

TC16 - Rafe voted out (1-0 [or 2-1]), 2 left.
Day 39
(August 4)

Final Tribal Council and jury vote: Danni wins, 6-1.
(August 5)

(August 6)