Island of the Idols calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: December 21, 2019
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Pre-game Ep1: "I Vote You Out and That's It"
Day 0
(March 17)

Day 0
(March 18)

Day 0
(March 19)

Josh Wigler's & Mike Bloom's pre-game interviews?
Day 0
(March 20)

More pre-game interviews?

Day 1
(March 21)

Filming begins
Day 2
(March 22)

Day 3
(March 23)

Ep.1 RC/IC: Tower of Equality Ep1 RC/IC: "Tower of Equality" - Vokai wins.

Ep.1 Island of the Idols Elizabeth loses vote at IotI.

TC1 - Ronnie voted out (7-2), 19 left.
Ep2: "YOLO, Let's Play!" Ep3: "Honesty Would Be Chill" Ep4: "Plan Z"
Day 4
(March 24)

Ep.2 Lairo idol Chelsea finds idol.
Day 5
(March 25)

Ep.2 Island of the Idols Kellee wins an idol at IotI.
Day 6
(March 26)

Ep.2 RC/IC: Rung-O Star Ep2 RC/IC: "Rung-O Star" - Lairo wins.

TC2 - Molly voted out (7-2-1), 18 left.
Day 7
(March 27)

Ep.3 Island of the Idols Vince gets idol at IotI.
Day 8
(March 28)

Ep.3 RC/IC: Beam Me Up Ep3 RC/IC: "Beam Me Up" - Vokai wins.

TC3 - Vince voted out (5-3-1), 17 left.
Day 9
(March 29)

Ep.4 Vokai idol Jamal finds Vokai idol.

Ep.4 Island of the Idols Noura given task at IotI.
Day 10
(March 30)

Ep4: "Plan Z" Ep5: "Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You" Ep6: "Suck It Up, Buttercup" Ep7: "I Was Born..."
Day 11
(March 31)

Ep.4 RC/IC: Ow Pairs Ep4 RC/IC: "Ow Pairs" - Vokai wins.

TC4 - Chelsea voted out (6-2), 16 left.
Day 12
(April 1)

Tribe swap, two new tribes.

Ep.5 RC: Headlong Flight Ep5 RC: "Headlong Flight" - Vokai wins.
Day 13
(April 2)

Day 14
(April 3)

Ep.5 IC: Discography Ep5 IC: "Disco-graphy"- Vokai wins.

TC5 - Tom voted out (6-2), 15 left.
Day 15
(April 4)

Ep.6 RC: Heroes End Ep6 RC: "Heroes End" - Vokai wins chickens.

Elaine gets task at IotI.

Day 16
(April 5)

Ep.6 IC: Cage Against the Machine Ep6 IC: "Cage Against the Machine" - Lairo wins.

Ep.6 advantage: Block a Vote Elaine gets advantage.

TC6 - Jason voted out (4-3), 14 left.
Day 17
(April 6)

Ep.7 Island of the Idols Janet visits IotI.
Ep7: "I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night" Ep8: "We've Made It to the Merge!" (Part 1) Ep9: "We've Made It to the Merge!" (Part 2)
Day 18
(April 7)

Day 19
(April 8)

Ep.7 IC: Faulty Towers Ep7 IC: "Faulty Towers" - Lairo wins.

TC7 - Jack idoled out ([0]-2), 13 left.
Day 20
(April 9)

Ep.8 Lairo idol Kellee finds new Lairo idol.

Ep.8 merge Tribes merge, Lumuwaku formed.
Day 21
(April 10)

Day 22
(April 11)

Ep.8 IC: Pegs Over Easy Ep8 IC: "Pegs Over Easy" - Aaron wins.

Ep.8 merge idol Kellee finds Lumuwaku idol.

TC8 - Kellee voted out (8-5), 12 left.
Day 23
(April 12)

Ep.9 idol Janet finds new idol.

Ep.9 Island of the Idols Jamal visits IotI, loses his vote. (Dean's birthday)

Day 24
(April 13)

Ep.9 IC: I Hold On Ep9 IC: "I Hold On" - Missy, Aaron win.

TC9 - Jamal voted out (6-3-[0]), 11 left.
Ep10: "Two for the Price of One" Ep11: "Bring on the Bacon" Ep12: "A Very Simple Plan"
Day 25
(April 14)

Ep.10 idol Karishma finds idol.

No Island of the Idols visit.
Day 26
(April 15)

Day 27
(April 16)

Ep.10 IC: We Will Go Round Ep10 IC: "We Will Go Round" - Elaine and Noura win.

TC10 - Aaron voted out (5-1), 10 left.

TC11 - Missy voted out (3-2), 9 left.
Day 28
(April 17)

Ep.11 Island of the Idols: Lauren Lauren places a bet at IotI.

Day 29
(April 18)

Day 30
(April 19)

Ep.11 IC: Crocodile Rock Ep11 IC: "Crocodile Rock" - Noura wins.

TC12 - Elizabeth idoled out ([0]-1-1; 7-0), 8 left.
Day 31
(April 20)

Ep.12 RC: Full Tilt Affair Ep12 RC: "Full Tilt Affair" -Tommy, Janet win.

Ep.12 idol - Elaine Elaine finds idol.
Ep12: "A Very Simple Plan" Ep13: "Just Go For It" Ep14: "Mama, Look at Me Now" (season finale)
Day 32
(April 21)

Ep.12 IC: Ballin' A Jack Ep12 IC: "Ballin' A Jack" - Lauren wins.

TC13 - Karishma voted out (5-3), 7 left.
Day 33
(April 22)

Ep.13 idol - Janet Janet finds idol.

Day 34
(April 23)

Ep.13 Island of the Idols - Dean Dean wins idol nullifier at IotI.
Day 35
(April 24)

Ep.13 IC: Dizzy Miss Lizzy Ep13 IC: "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" - Dean wins.

TC14 - Elaine voted out (5-2), 6 left.
Day 36
(April 25)

Ep.14 Dan removal Dan removed, 5 left.

Final 5 idol - Dean Dean finds idol at IotI.
Day 37
(April 26)

Final 5 IC: Born to Rung Final 5 RC/IC: "Born to Rung" - Dean wins.

TC16 - Janet voted out (4*-1), 4 left.
Day 38
(April 27)

Final 4 IC: You Shook Me Final 4 IC: "You Shook Me" - Noura wins.

TC17 - Lauren out by fire-making, 3 left.
Ep14: "Mama..." Game over
Day 39
(April 28)

Final Tribal Council Final tribal council and jury vote.
Tommy wins, 8-2-0.
Day 0
(April 29)

Day 0
(April 30)

Day 0
(May 1)

S38: Edge of Extinction finale airs in two weeks.
Day 0
(May 2)

Day 0
(May 3)

Day 0
(May 4)