Survivor 16: Micronesia calendar
Survivor 16: Micronesia calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 3, 2023
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Pre-game Ep1: "You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look" Ep2: "The Sounds of Jungle Love"
Day 0
(Oct. 28)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 1
(Oct. 29)

Ep.1 individual IC - necklace race

Ep.1 individual IC - necklace race

Ep.1 individual IC - necklace race

Ep1 Individual idol race. Contestants must run across a lagoon and find two individual, single-use idols, one for each tribe. Fairplay finds it first, but picks up Airai's by mistake. Yau-Man sees him, and gets Malakal's first. Yau-Man then tells Kathy to pick up the discarded Airai idol.

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Filming begins. Ep1 Ind. IC: Yau-Man, Kathy get idols.
Day 2
(Oct. 30)
Day 3
(Oct. 31)

Ep.1 RC/IC: Reinventing the Wheel

Ep.1 RC/IC: Reinventing the Wheel

Ep.1 RC/IC

Ep1 Reward/Immunity Challenge: Reinventing the Wheel. Eight contestants must assemble four wheels from 16 puzzle pieces, attach them to a cart carrying two tribemates, and push/pull the cart through the jungle. They must dig up planks from a sand pit to cross a bridge, then disassemble the wheels and use them to complete a turnstile, raising a wok to light a fire. Airai gets an early lead on the first puzzle, and wins easily.

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Ep1 RC/IC: "Re-inventing the Wheel" - Airai wins.

TC1 - Fairplay voted out (9-1), 19 left.
Day 4
(Nov. 1)
Day 5
(Nov. 2)

Ep.2 RC/IC: Smash and Grab

Ep.2 RC/IC: Smash and Grab

Ep.2 RC/IC

Ep2 Reward/Immunity Challenge: Smash and Grab. Kathy sits out. Contestants (Ozzy, Ami, Amanda, Parvati, Penner; Jason, Alexis, Chet, Mikey B, Erik) must cross 'lily pads,' climb a platform, and smash five tiles containing keys. After all five are retrieved, keymaster (James; Joel) unlocks a puzzle chest. Rest solve a puzzle map of Micronesia. Malakal wins fishing gear. They exile Kathy and Cirie.

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Ep2 RC/IC: "Smash and Grab" - Malakal wins. Kathy, Cirie exiled.
Day 6
(Nov. 3)

Kathy, Cirie return.

TC2 - Mary voted out (6-2-2), 18 left.
Ep3: "I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!" Ep4: "That's Baked, Barbecued, and Fried!" Ep5: "He's A Ball of Goo!"
Day 7
(Nov. 4)

Ep.3 RC: Beach Bash

Ep.3 RC: Beach Bash

Ep.3 RC

Ep3 Reward Challenge: Beach Bash. Contestants start at opposite ends of a watery field, and must race to take pillows and bring five to their end zone simultaneously. By any means necessary. Malakal wins, Kathy and Ami are exiled. Malakal gets a tarp.

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Ep3 RC: "Beach Bash" - Malakal wins. Kathy, Ami exiled.
Day 8
(Nov. 5)

Ep.3 IC: Nut Bucket

Ep.3 IC: Nut Bucket

Ep.3 IC

Ep3 IC: Nut Bucket. Two men and two women from each tribe (Parvati, James, Cirie, Penner; Erik, Natalie, Tracy, Joel) must hold up a large net, while remaining contestants from the other tribe take turns shooting baskets with coconuts (with the net as the basket). First tribe to drop their basket loses. Chet, of all people, lands the coconut that causes Malakal to drop their basket, and Airai wins.

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Kathy, Ami return.
Ep3 IC: "Nut Bucket" - Airai wins.

TC3 - Yau-Man voted out (6-2-1), 17 left.
Day 9
(Nov. 6)

Ep.4 RC: Diver Down

Ep.4 RC: Diver Down

Ep.4 RC

Ep4 RC: Diver Down. Chet sits out. Four contestants per tribe must dive, the other four solve the puzzle. Divers must retrieve 10 coconuts from within a long, underwater cage. For Malakal, Ozzy moves all the coconuts to the end, and retrieves 4, Penner 3, Ami 2, Parvati 1. For Airai, Jason gets 3, Mikey B 2, Alexis 2, Natalie 1. James solves the puzzle (TRIUMPHANT) for Malakal. Malakal wins three chickens, exiles Kathy and Ozzy.

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Ep4 RC: "Diver Down" - Malakal wins. Kathy, Ozzy exiled.

Ep.4 idol

Ep.4 idol

Ep.4 idol

Ozzy finds the hidden idol. With Kathy uninterested in finding the idol, Ozzy pretends to look for clams, follows all four clues, and finds the hidden idol.

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Ozzy finds the hidden idol.
Day 10
(Nov. 7)

Ep.4 stick

Ep.4 stick

Ep.4 stick

Ozzy makes a fake idol. With Kathy still sitting around, Ozzy makes a fake idol out of a stick, and hides it where the real idol was previously hidden.

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Ozzy makes, re-hides fake idol.
Day 11
(Nov. 8)

Ep.4 IC: Crosswalk

Ep.4 IC: Crosswalk

Ep.4 IC

Ep4 IC: Crosswalk. Tracy sits out. Six contestants per tribe must get in a harness attached to the ends of three crossed poles with a sliding hub. First they must each remove a lock, then navigate an obstacle-strewn course, picking up wooden necklaces. The remaining two people (Eliza, Cirie; Chet, Kathy) must use the necklaces to solve a word puzzle (TRIBE STAYS INTACT). Malakal wins, easily.

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Ozzy and Kathy return.
Ep4 IC: "Crosswalk" - Malakal wins.

TC4 - Mikey B.voted out (6-3), 16 left.
Day 12
(Nov. 9)

Tribal switch.
Ep5 RC: "Cat and Mouse" - Airai wins.
Day 13
(Nov. 10)
Ep5: "He's A Ball of Goo!" Ep6: "It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard" Ep7: "Like A Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store"
Day 14
(Nov. 11)

Ep5 IC: "A Stone's Throw" - Airai wins.

TC5 - Joel voted out (6-2), 15 left.
Day 15
(Nov. 12)

Ep6 RC: "Build It Up, Break It Down" - Airai wins. Chet, Jason exiled.

Penner removed, 14 left.
Day 16
(Nov. 13)
Day 17
(Nov. 14)

Ep6 IC: "United We Stand" - Airai wins.

TC6 - Chet voted out (5-2), 13 left.
Day 18
(Nov. 15)

Ep7 RC: "Money Roll" - Malakal wins spa trip. Tracy, Jason exiled.
Day 19
(Nov. 16)

Kathy quits. 12 left.
Day 20
(Nov. 17)

Ep7 IC: "What-Er Drag" - Airai wins.

TC7 - Tracy voted out (5-1); 11 left.
Ep8: "A Lost Puppy Dog" Ep9: "I'm in Such a Hot Pickle!" Ep10: "I Promise..."
Day 21
(Nov. 18)

Ozzy, Alexis exiled.
Ep8 RC/IC: "The Gauntlet" - Airai wins.

TC8 - Ami voted out (4-1), 10 left.
Day 22
(Nov. 19)

Ozzy, Alexis return.
Tribes merge, Dabu formed.
Day 23
(Nov. 20)

Day 24
(Nov. 21)

Ep9 IC: "Last Gasp" - Jason wins.

TC9 - Eliza voted out (8-2; 1st juror), 9 left.
Day 25
(Nov. 22)

Ep10 RC: "Bai Bai" - Jason, Erik, Ozzy, Amanda win trip to Yap. Cirie not picked, exiled.
Day 26
(Nov. 23)

Day 27
(Nov. 24)

Ep10 IC: "When It Rains, It Pours" - Parvati wins.

TC11 - Ozzy voted out (5-4), 8 left.
Ep11: "I'm Ruthless... and Have a Smile on My Face" Ep12: "I'm Gonna Fix Her!" Ep13: "If It Smells..."
Day 28
(Nov. 25)

Ep11 Non-RC: Survivor Auction. Jason exiled.
Day 29
(Nov. 26)

Jason finds real hidden idol.
Day 30
(Nov. 27)

Ep11 IC: "Pool Party" - Erik wins (on his birthday).

TC12 - Jason voted out (4-3-1), 7 left.
Day 31
(Nov. 28)

Ep12 RC: "Body Slam" (Loved Ones visit): Alexis wins, takes Cirie, Natalie. Amanda exiled.

James removed. 6 left.
Day 32
(Nov. 29)
Day 33
(Nov. 30)

Ep12 IC: "Shoot to Thrill" - Erik wins.
Amanda finds idol.

TC13 - Alexis idoled out ([0]-2), 5 left.
Day 34
(Dec. 1)

Ep13 RC: "Survivor Roots" - Erik wins. Parvati exiled.
Ep13: "If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese" Ep14: "Stir the Pot!" (Season finale) Game over Game over
Day 35
(Dec. 2)
Day 36
(Dec. 3)

Ep13 IC: "Dash-Dig-Decode" - Erik wins.

TC14 - Erik voted out (4-1), 4 left.
Day 37
(Dec. 4)

Ep14 F4 IC: "Crystal Method" - Amanda wins.

TC15 - Natalie voted out (3-1), 3 left.
Day 38
(Dec. 5)

Ep14 F3 IC: "The Ball Drop" - Amanda wins.

TC16 - Cirie voted out (1-0), 2 left.
Day 39
(Dec. 6)

Final Tribal Council and jury vote on final two - Parvati wins.
(Dec. 7)

(Dec. 8)

Contestants return home to U.S.