Most times voted out - career

By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: January 26, 2024

Most times voted out - Ozzy Lusth, S13, S16, S23, S34

5 times

Ozzy Lusth: S13, S16, S23, S34

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Times voted out - season

Most times voted out - career
Rank Contestant Seasons Times voted out
1 Ozzy Lusth, S13, S16, S23, S34 Ozzy Lusth S13, S16, S23, S34 5
2-t Cirie Fields, S12, S16, S20, S34 Cirie Fields S12, S16, S20, S34 4
2-t Tyson Apostol, S18, S20, S27, S40 Tyson Apostol S18, S20, S27, S40 4
2-t Andrea Boehlke, S22, S26, S34 Andrea Boehlke S22, S26, S34 4
5-t Tina Wesson, S2, S8, S27 Tina Wesson S2, S8, S27 3
5-t Jerri Manthey, S2, S8, S20 Jerri Manthey S2, S8, S20 3
5-t Jeff Varner, S2, S31, S34 Jeff Varner S2, S31, S34 3
5-t Rob Mariano, S4, S8, S20, S22, S40 Boston Rob Mariano S4, S8, S20, S22, S40 3
5-t Rupert Boneham, S7, S8, S20, S27 Rupert Boneham S7, S8, S20, S27 3
5-t Candice Woodcock Cody, S13, S20, S27 Candice (Woodcock) Cody S13, S20, S27 3
5-t Laura Morett, S19, S27 Laura Morett S19, S27 3
5-t Malcolm Freberg, S25, S26, S34 Malcolm Freberg S25, S26, S34 3
5-t Ciera Eastin, S27, S31, S34 Ciera Eastin S27, S31, S34 3
5-t Kelley Wentworth, S29, S31, S38 Kelley Wentworth S29, S31, S38 3
5-t Joe Anglim, S30, S31, S38 Joe Anglim S30, S31, S38 3
15-t Rudy Boesch, S1, S8 Rudy Boesch S1, S8 2
15-t Jenna Lewis, S1, S8 Jenna Lewis S1, S8 2
15-t Colby Donaldson, S2, S8, S20 Colby Donaldson S2, S8, S20 2
15-t Amber Mariano, S2, S8, S40 Amber Mariano S2, S8, S40 2
15-t Alicia Calaway, S2, S8 Alicia Calaway S2, S8 2
15-t Kimmi Kappenberg, S2, S31 Kimmi Kappenberg S2, S31 2
15-t Ethan Zohn, S3, S8, S40 Ethan Zohn S3, S8, S40 2
15-t Lex van den Berghe, S3, S8 Lex van den Berghe S3, S8 2
15-t Big Tom Buchanan, S3, S8 Big Tom Buchanan S3, S8 2
15-t Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, S4, S8 Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien S4, S8 2
15-t Shii Ann Huang, S5, S8 Shii Ann Huang S5, S8 2
15-t Rob Cesternino Rob Cesternino S6, S8 2
15-t Jonny Fairplay, S7, S16 Jonny Fairplay S7, S16 2
15-t Sandra Diaz-Twine, S7, S20, S34, S40 Sandra Diaz-Twine S7, S20, S34, S40 2
15-t Burton Roberts, S7 Burton Roberts S7 2
15-t Andrew Savage, S7, S31 Andrew Savage S7, S31 2
15-t Eliza Orlins, S9, S16 Eliza Orlins S9, S16 2
15-t Ami Cusack, S9, S16 Ami Cusack S9, S16 2
15-t Stephenie LaGrossa, S10, S11, S20 Stephenie LaGrossa S10, S11, S20 2
15-t Bobby Jon Drinkard, S10, S11 Bobby Jon Drinkard S10, S11 2
15-t Parvati Shallow, S13, S16, S20, S40 Parvati Shallow S13, S16, S20, S40 2
15-t Jonathan Penner, S13, S16, S25 Jonathan Penner S13, S16, S25 2
15-t Yau-Man Chan, S14, S16 Yau-Man Chan S14, S16 2
15-t Peih-Gee Law, S15, S31 Peih-Gee Law S15, S31 2
15-t James Clement, S15, S16, S20 James Clement S15, S16, S20 2
15-t Corinne Kaplan, S17, S26 Corinne Kaplan S17, S26 2
15-t Randy Bailey, S17, S20 Randy Bailey S17, S20 2
15-t Coach Wade, S18, S20, S23 Coach Wade S18, S20, S23 2
15-t Monica Padilla, S19, S31 Monica Padilla S19, S31 2
15-t Brenda Lowe, S21, S26 Brenda Lowe S21, S26 2
15-t Matt Elrod, S22 Matt Elrod S22 2
15-t Francesca Hogi, S22, S26 Francesca Hogi S22, S26 2
15-t Brandon Hantz, S23, S26 Brandon Hantz S23, S26 2
15-t Kat Edorsson, S24, S27 Kat Edorsson S24, S27 2
15-t Abi-Maria Gomes, S25, S31 Abi-Maria Gomes S25, S31 2
15-t Vytas Baskauskas, S27, S31 Vytas Baskauskas S27, S31 2
15-t Kass McQuillen, S28, S31 Kass McQuillen S28, S31 2
15-t Keith Nale, S29, S31 Keith Nale S29, S31 2
15-t Jeremy Collins, S29, S31, S40 Jeremy Collins S29, S31, S40 2
15-t Sierra Thomas, S30, S34 Sierra Thomas S30, S34 2
15-t Shirin Oskooi, S30, S31 Shirin Oskooi S30, S31 2
15-t Hali Ford, S30, S34 Hali Ford S30, S34 2
15-t Aubry Bracco, S32, S34, S38 Aubry Bracco S32, S34, S38 2
15-t Debbie Wanner, S32, S34 Debbie Wanner S32, S34 2
15-t David Wright, S33, S38 David Wright S33, S38 2
15-t Zeke Smith, S33, S34 Zeke Smith S33, S34 2
15-t Michaela Bradshaw, S33, S34 Michaela Bradshaw S33, S34 2

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Times voted out notes:

This category should be self-explanatory. The only thing not counted here are eliminations via forced Final Four firemaking (sorry, Rick Devens), or any other time where someone leaves without directly being voted out (quits, medevacs).