Lowest MPF, individual challenges - season

By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: January 14, 2024

Lowest mean % finish, season - Bruce Kanegai - Panama-Exile Island


Bruce Kanegai: S12: Panama

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Low MPF - Career

Lowest MPF, single-season (min. 4 ChA)
Rank Contestant Season MPF ChA
1 Bruce Kanegai, Panama Bruce Kanegai S12: Panama 20.2% 4
2 Ciera Eastin, Cambodia Ciera Eastin S31: Cambodia 21.3% 4
3 Jenna Bowman, Ghost Island Jenna Bowman S36: Ghost Island 26.7% 4
4 Purple Kelly Shinn, Nicaragua 'Purple Kelly' Shinn S21: Nicaragua 28.3% 4
5 Trish Hegarty, Cagayan Trish Hegarty S28: Cagayan 30.4% 8
6 Sandra Diaz-Twine, Heroes vs. Villains Sandra Diaz-Twine S20: Heroes vs. Villains 30.6% 9
7 John Cochran, South Pacific John Cochran S23: South Pacific 31.4% 6
8 Missy Payne, San Juan del Sur Missy Payne S29: San Juan del Sur 31.8% 11
9 Shane Powers, Panama Shane Powers S12: Panama - Exile Island 31.8% 7
10 Edna Ma, South Pacific Edna Ma S23: South Pacific 32.1% 7
11 Colby Donaldson, Heroes vs. Villains Colby Donaldson S20: Heroes vs. Villains 32.4% 8
12 Sabrina Thompson, One World Sabrina Thompson S24: One World 32.4% 12
13 Wardog DaSilva, Edge of Extinction 'Wardog' DaSilva S38: Edge of Extinction 32.5% 7
14 Stephen Fishbach, Cambodia Stephen Fishbach S31: Cambodia 33.0% 6
15 Kimmi Kappenberg, Cambodia Kimmi Kappenberg S31: Cambodia 33.0% 11
16 Dan Lembo, Nicaragua Dan Lembo S21: Nicaragua 33.2% 9
17 Alec Christy, San Juan del Sur Alec Christy S29: San Juan del Sur 33.3% 7
18 Will Sims, Worlds Apart Will Sims S30: Worlds Apart 34.4% 11
19 Jenna Lewis, All-Stars Jenna Lewis S8: All-Stars 34.9% 9
20 Earl Cole, Fiji Earl Cole S14: Fiji 35.7% 8
21 Tina Wesson, Blood vs. Water Tina Wesson S27: Blood vs. Water 35.9% 5
22 Jake Billingsley, Thailand Jake Billingsley S5: Thailand 36.2% 4
23 Scot Pollard, Kaoh Rong Scot Pollard S32: Kaoh Rong 36.6% 5
24 Cirie Fields, Panama Cirie Fields S12: Panama - Exile Island 36.7% 9
25 Sunday Burquest, S33 Sunday Burquest S33: Millennials vs. Gen X 37.0% 8
26 Heidi Strobel, The Amazon Heidi Strobel S6: The Amazon 37.3% 9
27 Dan Spilo, Island of the Idols Dan Spilo S39: Island of the Idols 37.5% 6
28 Crystal Cox, Gabon Crystal Cox S17: Gabon 37.6% 7
29 Caryn Groedel, Palau Caryn Groedel S10: Palau 37.9% 8
30 Phillip Sheppard, Redemption Island Phillip Sheppard S22: Redemption Island 38.1% 10
31 Natalie Tenerelli, Redemption Island Natalie Tenerelli S22: Redemption Island 38.2% 10
32 Natalie White, Samoa Natalie White S19: Samoa 38.4% 9
33 Monica Padilla, Samoa Monica Padilla S19: Samoa 39.2% 6
34 Lydia Morales, Guatemala Lydia Morales S11: Guatemala 39.5% 10

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Lowest MPF - putting the "mean" in Mean % Finish

You've seen the best MPF performers, now here's the rest.

As it turns out, it's really, really difficult to achieve a truly low score in MPF. While any garden-variety challenge beast can score a perfect 1.000 by simply winning, the only way to get all the way down to zero is to sit out completely from an individual challenge. (Even 34 seasons in, the producers generally frown on this.) Even finish last every time, your score gets progressively higher the longer you stick around: 0.10 for last out of 10 ten people, 0.20 for last out of five. And if you have the misfortune of appearing in, say, a puzzle challenge - where one person wins and the rest tie for second? Well, then your score for not winning shoots all the way up to around 0.50. So reaching the levels of these hallowed low scores takes some considerable effort.

Here, we present the all-time lowest-ranking career individual challenge performers. Please take a moment to appreciate their majesty. Everyone listed here made the minimum cutoff of appearing in at least two individual challenges in each of at least two seasons.

  • MPF: Mean % finish - mean of all % finishes in individual challenges. Essentially how close the contestant comes to winning any random challenge (1.00 is a win; 1/[# of participants] is last place).
  • ChA: Challenge Appearances. The number of challenges in which they competed.