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By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 19, 2024

Most tribal/team challenge wins (TrChW), season - Boo Bernis & Stacy Kimball, Survivor: Fiji

14 wins

Boo Bernis, Stacy Kimball, S14: Fiji

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TrChW - Career

Most tribal/team challenge wins, season
Rank Contestant Season TrChW 2nd TrChA
1-t Boo Bernis, Fiji Boo Bernis S14: Fiji 14 - 16
1-t Stacy Kimball, Fiji Stacy Kimball S14: Fiji 14 - 16
3-t Yul Kwon, Cook Islands Yul Kwon S13: Cook Islands 11 - 14
3-t Becky Lee, Cook Island Becky Lee S13: Cook Islands 11 - 14
3-t Cassandra Franklin, Fiji Cassandra Franklin S14: Fiji 11 - 16
6-t Erik Reichenbach, Caramoan Erik Reichenbach S26: Caramoan 10 - 12
6-t Eliza Orlins, Micronesia Eliza Orlins S16: Micronesia 10 - 13
6-t Randy Bailey, Gabon Randy Bailey S17: Gabon 10 - 13
6-t Charlie Herschel, Gabon Charlie Herschel S17: Gabon 10 - 13
6-t Wendell Holland, Ghost Island Wendell Holland S36: Ghost Island 10 1 13
6-t Boston Rob Mariano, All-Stars Boston Rob Mariano S8: All-Stars 10 1 14
6-t Edgardo Rivera, Fiji Edgardo Rivera S14: Fiji 10 - 14
6-t James Clement, Micronesia James Clement S16: Micronesia 10 - 14
6-t Bob Crowley, Gabon Bob Crowley S17: Gabon 10 - 14
6-t Alex Angarita, Fiji Alex Angarita S14: Fiji 10 - 15
6-t Dreamz Herd, Fiji 'Dreamz' Herd S14: Fiji 10 - 16

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What do we mean by TrChW?

TrChW, or tribal and/or team challenge wins, counts all team/tribal challenges in which the player participated (did not officially sit out), and their tribe/team ended up winning. As always, there are a lot of special cases here:

  • "Hero challenges," in which one to three people compete for the benefit of their tribe (as in Ozzy vs. Coach in the opening RC in South Pacific), are technically tribal and/or team-based, but are counted separately.
  • Similarly, the duels in San Juan del Sur that were for tribal reward are not counted.
  • We made a separate column for second-place finishes in three-tribe challenges (and in four-tribe challenges, but just ignored 3rd-place in 4-tribe challenges, because they're so rare and we didn't want to make another column). Regardless, TrChW counts just first-place wins.
  • "Participating" in a challenge means not sitting on the sit-out bench. There are some challenges where multiple people theoretically unlock crates or untie knots, but only one person actually does it. These still count. Sorry.

In cases of ties, the person with the best win% (including second- and/or third-place finishes) is listed first.

  • TrChW: Challenge wins. How many times they won.
  • TrChA: Challenge Appearances. The number of challenges in which they competed.