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Most challenges sat out - season
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: August 27, 2021

The Survivor contestants who sat out the most challenges, single season - Janu Tornell, Palau

Janu Tornell, S10 - Palau


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Sit-outs - Career

Most sit-outs, single-season
Rank Contestant Season SO ChA
1 Janu Tornell, Palau Janu Tornell S10: Palau 7 18
2 Katie Gallagher, Palau Katie Gallagher S10: Palau 7 25
3 Courtney Yates, Heroes vs. Villains Courtney Yates S20: Heroes vs. Villains 6 15
4 Abi-Maria Gomes, Philippines Abi-Maria Gomes S25: Philippines 6 20
5-t Caryn Groedel, Palau Caryn Groedel S10: Palau 6 23
5-t Courtney Yates, China Courtney Yates S15: China 6 23
7-t Jenn Lyon, Palau Jenn Lyon S10: Palau 6 24
7-t Sandra Diaz-Twine, Heroes vs. Villains Sandra Diaz-Twine S20: Heroes vs. Villains 6 24
9 Corinne Kaplan, Gabon Corinne Kaplan S17: Gabon 5 18
10 Ian Rosenberger, Palau Ian Rosenberger S10: Palau 5 25
11 Sandra Diaz-Twine, Heroes vs. Villains Sandra Diaz-Twine S40: Winners at War 4 7
12 Willard Smith, Palau Willard Smith S10: Palau 4 9
13 John Carroll, Marquesas John Carroll S4: Marquesas 4 13
14 Ciera Eastin, Cambodia Ciera Eastin S31: Cambodia 4 15
15 Coby Archa, Palau Coby Archa S10: Palau 4 16
16-t Robert DeCanio, Marquesas Robert DeCanio S4: Marquesas 4 18
16-t Shambo Waters, Samoa Shambo Waters S19: Samoa 4 18
18 Will Wahl, MvGX Will Wahl S33: Millennials vs. Gen X 4 20
19-t Big Tom Buchanan, All-Stars Big Tom Buchanan S8: All-Stars 4 21
19-t Lauren Rimmer, HvHvH Lauren Rimmer S35: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers 4 21
21 Missy Payne, SJdS Missy Payne S29: San Juan del Sur 4 22
22-t Todd Herzog, China Todd Herzog S15: China 4 23
22-t Denise Martin, China Denise Martin S15: China 4 23
24 Lydia Morales, Guatemala Lydia Morales S11: Guatemala 4 24
25 Tom Westman, Palau Tom Westman S10: Palau 4 25

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SO - Most challenges sat out

Sitting out challenges is a pretty straightforward stat to track: Was the contestant sitting out? Okay, chalk one up to the tally board. Even if the player is just standing around, useless, during a challenge, they're still "competing." For placement, we sorted first by most sit-outs, then by fewest challenge appearances (a.k.a. sit-out opportunities).

There are only a couple of exceptions:

(1) If the contestant is somehow exiled and not even present during a challenge, they don't get charged with a sit-out.

(2) Hero challenges (also duels) in which the contestant does not participate aren't counted, either.

  • SO: Challenges sat out.
  • ChA: Challenge Appearances. The number of challenges for which contestants were eligible to compete.