Highest average longevity (mean days played)

By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 10, 2023

Highest mean placement/finish - Natalie Anderson, S29, S40

39.25 days

Natalie Anderson: S29, S40


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Note: This stat is now pointless with the switch to 26-day seasons, so it will not be further updated, post-Winners at War. Average placement seems like a more valid comparison.

Career average longevity leaders (min. 2 seasons)
Rank Contestant Mean
Seasons Times
1* Natalie Anderson, S29, S40 Natalie Anderson 39.25* S29, S40 2
2 Michele Fitzgerald, S32, S40 Michele Fitzgerald 39.0 S32, S40 2
3 Tai Trang, S32, S34 Tai Trang 38.5 S32, S34 2
4-t Spencer Bledsoe, S28, S31 Spencer Bledsoe 38.0 S28, S31 2
4-t Ben Driebergen, S35, S40 Ben Driebergen 38.0 S35, S40 2
6 Keith Nale, S29, S31 Keith Nale 37.75 S29, S31 2
7 Denise Stapley, S25, S40 Denise Stapley 37.5 S25, S40 2
8* Parvati Shallow, S12, S16, S20, S40 Parvati Shallow 37.25* S13, S16, S20, S40 4
9-t* Aubry Bracco, S32, S34 Aubry Bracco 37.0* S32, S34, S38 3
9-t* Danni Boatwright, S11, S40 Danni Boatwright 37.0* S11, S40 2
9-t* Yul Kwon, S13, S40 Yul Kwon 37.0* S13, S40 2
9-t* Sophie Clarke, S23, S40 Sophie Clarke 37.0* S23, S40 2
9-t* Kim Spradlin, S24, S40 Kim Spradlin 37.0* S24, S40 2
9-t* Adam Klein, S33, S40 Adam Klein 37.0* S33, S40 2
9-t* Wendell Holland, S36, S40 Wendell Holland 37.0* S36, S40 2
9-t* Nick Wilson, S37, S40 Nick Wilson 37.0* S37, S40 2
17-t Big Tom Buchanan, S3, S8 Big Tom Buchanan 36.5 S3, S8 2
17-t* David Wright, S33, S38 David Wright 36.5* S33, S38 2
19-t Erik Reichenbach, S16, S26 Erik Reichenbach 36.0 S16, S26 2
19-t Amanda Kimmel, S15, S16, S20 Amanda Kimmel 36.0 S15, S16, S20 3
19-t Danielle DiLorenzo, S12, S20 Danielle DiLorenzo 36.0 S12, S20 2
19-t Tasha Fox, S28, S31 Tasha Fox 36.0 S28, S31 2
23* Amber Brkich Mariano, S2, S8, S40 Amber Mariano 35.7* S2, S8, S40 3
24 Abi-Maria Gomes, S25, S31 Abi-Maria Gomes 35.5 S25, S31 2
25 John Cochran, S23, S26 John Cochran 35.0 S23, S26 2
26 Gervase Peterson, S1, S27 Gervase Peterson 34.75 S1, S27 2
27-t Troyzan Robertson, S33, S34 Troyzan Robertson 34.5 S24, S34 2
27-t Sierra Thomas, S30, S34 Sierra Dawn Thomas 34.5 S30, S34 2
29 Andrea Boehlke, S22, S26 Andrea Boehlke 34.3 S22, S26, S34 3
30 Stephen Fishbach, S18, S31 Stephen Fishbach 34.0 S18, S31 2
31-t Dawn Meehan, S23, S26 Dawn Meehan 33.5 S23, S26 2
31-t Phillip Sheppard, S22, S26 Phillip Sheppard 33.5 S22, S26 2
33 Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, S4, S8 Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien 33.0 S4, S8 2
34* Jeremy Collins, S29, S31, S40 Jeremy Collins 32.8* S29, S31, S40 3
35 Colby Donaldson, S2, S8, S20 Colby Donaldson 32.7 S2, S8, S20 3
36-t Jenna Lewis, S1, S8 Jenna Lewis 32.5 S1, S8 2
36-t Lex van den Berghe, S3, S8 Lex van den Berghe 32.5 S3, S8 2
38 Aras Baskauskas, S12, S27 Aras Baskauskas 32.25 S12, S27 2
39-t Ozzy Lusth, S12, S16, S23 Ozzy Lusth 32.0 S13, S16, S23, S34 4
39-t Coach Wade, S18, S20, S23 Coach Wade 32.0 S18, S20, S23 3
39-t Sarah Lacina, S28, S34, S40 Sarah Lacina 32.0 S28, S34, S40 3
42 Laura Morett, S19, S27 Laura Morett 31.75 S19, S27 2
43* Ethan Zohn, S3, S8, S40 Ethan Zohn 31.7* S3, S8, S40 3
44-t Kelly Wiglesworth, S1, S31 Kelly Wiglesworth 31.5 S1, S31 2
44-t Courtney Yates, S15, S20 Courtney Yates 31.5 S15, S20 2
44-t Brenda Lowe, S21, S26 Brenda Lowe 31.5 S21, S26 2
47 Zeke Smith, S33, S34 Zeke Smith 31.0 S33, S34 2
48 Eliza Orlins, S9, S16 Eliza Orlins 30.5 S9, S16 2
49* Rob Mariano, S4, S8, S20, S22, S40 Boston Rob Mariano 30.4* S4, S8, S20, S22, S40 5
50* Joe Anglim, S30, S31 Joe Anglim 30.3* S30, S31, S38 3
51 Cirie Fields, S12, S16, S20 Cirie Fields 30.25 S12, S16, S20, S34 4
52 Jerri Manthey, S2, S8, S20 Jerri Manthey 29.7 S2, S8, S20 3
53 Russell Hantz, S19, S20, S22 Russell Hantz 29.33 S19, S20, S22 3
54* Tyson Apostol, S18, S20, S27, S40 Tyson Apostol 29.1* S18, S20, S27, S40 4
55* Kelley Wentworth, S29, S31 Kelley Wentworth 28.8* S29, S31, S38 3
56 Kass McQuillen, S28, S31 Kass McQuillen 28.5 S28, S31 2
57-t Tony Vlachos, S28, S34, S40 Tony Vlachos 28.0 S28, S34, S40 3
57-t Mike Skupin, S2, S25 Mike Skupin 28.0 S2, S25 2
59 Tina Wesson, S2, S8, S27 Tina Wesson 27.8 S2, S8, S27 3
60-t Sandra Diaz-Twine, S7, S20, S34, S40 Sandra Diaz-Twine 27.5 S7, S20, S34, S40 4
60-t Michaela Bradshaw, S33, S34 Michaela Bradshaw 27.5 S33, S34 2
60-t Woo Hwang, S28, S31 Woo Hwang 27.5 S28, S31 2
60-t Corinne Kaplan, S17, S26 Corinne Kaplan 27.5 S17, S26 2
64-t Richard Hatch, S1, S8 Richard Hatch 27.0 S1, S8 2
64-t Shii Ann Huang, S5, S8 Shii Ann Huang 27.0 S5, S8 2
64-t Alicia Calaway, S2, S8 Alicia Calaway 27.0 S2, S8 2
64-t Sue Hawk, S1, S8 Sue Hawk 27.0 S1, S8 2
64-t Ami Cusack, S9, S16 Ami Cusack 27.0 S9, S16 2
69-t Brad Culpepper, S27, S34 Brad Culpepper 26.75 S27, S34 2
69-t Monica Culpepper, S24, S27 Monica Culpepper 26.75 S24, S27 2
71 Tom Westman, S10, S20 Tom Westman 26.5 S10, S20 2
72-t J.T. Thomas, S18, S20 J.T. Thomas 26.3 S18, S20, S34 3
72-t Malcolm Freberg, S25, S26 Malcolm Freberg 26.3 S25, S26, S34 3
74 Rupert Boneham, S7, S8, S20, S27 Rupert Boneham 26.1 S7, S8, S20, S27 4
75 Jonathan Penner, S12, S16, S25 Jonathan Penner 26.0 S13, S16, S25 3
76-t Terry Deitz, S12, S31 Terry Deitz 25.5 S12, S31 2
76-t Kimmi Kappenberg, S2, S31 Kimmi Kappenberg 25.5 S2, S31 2
78 James Clement, S15, S16, S20 James Clement 25.33 S15, S16, S20 3
79 Kat Edorsson, S24, S27 Kat Edorsson 25.25 S24, S31 2
80-t Stephenie LaGrossa, S10, S11, S20 Stephenie LaGrossa 25.0 S10, S11, S20 3
80-t Debbie Wanner, S32, S34 Debbie Wanner 25.0 S32, S34 2
80-t Rob Cesternino Rob Cesternino 25.0 S6, S8 2
83 Brandon Hantz, S23, S26 Brandon Hantz 24.5 S23, S26 2
84 Candice Woodcock Cody, S12, S20, S27 Candice (Woodcock) Cody 24.2 S13, S20, S27 3
85 Jenna Morasca, S6, S8 Jenna Morasca 24.0 S6, S8 2
86-t Monica Padilla, S19, S31 Monica Padilla 23.0 S19, S31 2
86-t Yau-Man Chan, S14, S16 Yau-Man Chan 23.0 S14, S16 2
88-t Peih-Gee Law, S15, S31 Peih-Gee Law 22.5 S15, S31 2
88-t Bobby Jon Drinkard, S10, S11 Bobby Jon Drinkard 22.5 S10, S11 2
90 Ciera Eastin, S27, S31 Ciera Eastin 22.2 S27, S31, S34 3
91 Rudy Boesch, S1, S8 Rudy Boesch 22.0 S1, S8 2
92 Hali Ford, S30, S34 Hali Ford 21.5 S30, S34 2
93-t Sugar Kiper, S17, S20 Sugar Kiper 21.0 S17, S20 2
93-t Andrew Savage, S7, S31 Andrew Savage 21.0 S7, S31 2
95 Jonny Fairplay, S7, S16 Jonny Fairplay 20.5 S7, S16 2
96 Randy Bailey, S17, S20 Randy Bailey 19.0 S17, S20 2
97 Shirin Oskooi, S30, S31 Shirin Oskooi 17.5 S30, S31 2
98 Jeff Varner, S2, S31 Jeff Varner 16.7 S2, S31, S34 3
99 Vytas Baskauskas, S27, S31 Vytas Baskauskas 15.25 S27, S31 2
100 Russell Swan, S19, S5 Russell Swan 12.5 S19, S25 2
101 Colton Cumbie, S24, S27 Colton Cumbie 11.75 S24, S27 2
102 Caleb Reynolds, S32, S34 Caleb Reynolds 9.0 S32, S34 2
103 Francesca Hogi, S22, S26 Francesca Hogi 4.5 S22, S26 2

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Days played notes:
  • Half-days come from the Day Zero start in Blood vs. Water seasons.
  • *Totals include "Exile days," which are any days spent outside the regular game (Exile Island, Redemption Island, Edge of Extinction).