Colton Cumbie - Survivor: One World, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
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Seasons: 2 | Days: 23.5 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 0

Survivor: One World (2012) - 13th place, 6th out.

  • Medically removed in Episode 6, "Thanks For the Souvenir" (Day 16).

Survivor: Blood vs. Water (2013) - 19th place, 2nd out.

  • Quit in Episode 3, "Opening Pandora's Box" (Day 7).

Colton Cumbie - Career statistics
Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S24: One World 0.50 1.08 0.47 3 1 3 0.69 1.91 - - - 1.10 2.41
S27: Blood vs. Water 0.24 0.24 1.00 1 0 1 0.26 1.08 - - - 1.26 1.31
Career 0.74 1.31 0.56 4 1 4 0.75 1.40 - - - 1.25 1.77
Colton Cumbie - Challenge record
  • S24 logo One World challenges (click to expand/collapse)

    Puzzle Relay - Ep4 IC

    Tribal/team challenge record (4-for-10, 1 sit-out):

    • One World Ep. 1 RC/IC: "Free Fallin'" - Manono wins by default, as Kourtney is medevaced.
    • One World Ep. 2 RC: "DIY Knots" - Once again, Manono wins.
    • One World Ep. 2 IC: "By The Numbers" - Manono wins third straight.
    • One World Ep. 3 RC: "Shut Your Trap"- Alleged mastermind flunks memory test, losing to Monica as Manono is swept by Salani, 5-0.
    • One World Ep. 3 IC: "Ow Pairs" - Sits out as Manono loses again (after Salani copies Manono's puzzle).
    • One World Ep. 4 RC: "Coco Connection" - Colton misses twice, helping Manono to another loss.
    • One World Ep. 4 IC: "Puzzle Relay" - Colton screams at Tarzan, Manono wins, but they go to tribal anyway.
    • One World Ep. 5 RC: "Dear Liza" - Shuffled to the new Manono, and they lose to Salani.
    • One World Ep. 5 IC: "Basket-brawl" - Another loss for the old, slow, tiny new Manono.
    • One World Ep. 6 RC: "Coco Pops" - Colton's belligerent screeching at Christina somehow fails to magically generate a Manono win.


    Individual challenge record (0-for-0):

    • One World: None


    Redemption/Exile Island duel record (0-for-0):

    • One World: None.
  • S27 logo Blood vs. Water challenges (click to expand/collapse)

    Ep1 RC/IC - Blue Lagoon Bustle

    Tribal/team challenge record (2-for-2):

    • Blood vs. Water, Ep. 1 RC/IC: "Blue Lagoon Bustle" - Swims and rows for Galang, yells at Kat; Galang wins.
    • Blood vs. Water Ep. 2 RC/IC: "In The Barrel" - "Participates" by glaring at Gervase; Galang wins, anyway.


    Individual challenge record (0-for-0):

    • Blood vs. Water: None


    Redemption/Exile Island duel record (0-for-0):

    • Blood vs. Water: None.
Career challenge totals
  • Team/tribal challenges
    Wins: 6
    Played: 12
    Win%: 0.50
    Sat out: 1
  • Individual challenges
    Wins: 0
    Played: 0
    Win%: --
    Mean% Finish: --
  • Duels
    Wins: 0
    Played: 0
    Win%: --
    Mean% Finish: --
Colton Cumbie - Tribal Council record
  • S24 logo One World Tribal (click to expand/collapse)

    Ep4 Tribal Council

    Idols held/played: (1/0)

    • One World, Ep. 1: Handed an idol by Sabrina. But (as noted here) he doesn't believe in handouts.
    • One World, Ep. 6: Leaves the game without playing it.


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (3/3):


    VAP - Votes against (1):

    • One World, Ep. 3: 1 vote, from Matt.


    Jury votes made (0/0):

    • One World: None.
  • S27 logo Blood vs. Water Tribal (click to expand/collapse)

    Day 1 Tribal Council

    Idols held/played: (0/0)

    • Blood vs. Water: None.


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (1/1):

    • Blood vs. Water, Ep. 1 (Morning 1 vote): Candice Cody (voted out, 6-3-1).


    VAP - Votes against (0):

    • Blood vs. Water: None.


    Jury votes made (0/0):

    • Blood vs. Water: None.
Career Tribal Council totals
  • Hidden idols
    Found: 1
    Played: 0
    Votes voided: -
  • Voting record
    VFB: 4
    Tribals: 4
    VAP: 1
  • Jury votes
    Made: 0
    For winners: --
    Received: --
Colton Cumbie - Pictures
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  • S27 logo Blood vs. Water image gallery (click to expand/collapse)
Colton Cumbie - Interviews
Colton Cumbie - Bios
  • S24 logo One World bio (click to expand/collapse)

    From's pre-game interview with Jeff Probst: (1/19/12)

    "Colton says: I'm a super fan. I can be really charming and flirtatious and get people on my side. I can definitely be a bitch. I did not work this hard and go this far to go home early.

    Jeff says: Out of the gate, he's telling people how different he is and how he's not fitting in. For Colton to have a chance, he's got to shut up."


    From his CBS bio page:

    "Pet Peeves: Ugly people who think they're hot.
    3 Words to Describe You: Adorable, entertaining and opinionated.
    Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: As far as my personality goes I would be a mix of Queen Parvati, Corinne and JT. I embody three of their distinctive traits; heartlessness (in a loveable way), low tolerance for trash and that people hate me but still want to be my best friend.
    Reason for Being on Survivor: I want to play the game! The strategy, the challenges, I want it all! I don't care about the fame or whether people love or hate me. I would love nothing more than to see my verbally abusive stepdad's reaction when I win a million dollars on national TV.
    Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I live my life as I if I'm playing Survivor! I have a strategy for everything. Hell, the way I got my boyfriend was a strategy.
    Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I don't believe, I know! There has never been anyone with the social skills and charisma I possess on this show. I'm confident, hilarious, athletic, good looking, adorable and I have good teeth with a hint of Southern charm. What more could you want?"


  • S27 logo Blood vs. Water bio (click to expand/collapse)

    From his (and Caleb's) pre-game interview with EW's Dalton Ross: (8/21/13)


    "Colton became one of Survivor's most hated contestants ever after the way he treated his tribemates on One World, and his fiancé Caleb is hoping this season's cast doesn't hold it against him. 'His downfall would be people coming in knowing who Colton is,' says Caleb. 'Putting that target on his back because of how he played the game last time and not giving him a chance. And I'm hoping that in his sincerity that they won't just think he's being fake.' Colton says he's in a much better emotional place this time around. 'I'm a lot happier and I'm a lot more at peace going in than last time,' he says. 'So I'm excited about where I am. I'm super excited this guy is here, and I'm hoping Dalton Ross likes me this time.' We'll see…"


    From his (and Caleb's) official CBS bio page:


    "Relationship to Significant Castaway: Caleb’s Fiancé
    Previous Season: Survivor: One World – medically evacuated on day 16 due to illness – 6th out
    Current Residence: Collinsville, Ala.
    Occupation: Student Teacher
    Why Did You Want to Return to Survivor and Play with Your Loved One? I probably wouldn't have said yes to returning if not for this specific twist. Last time I played I was extremely homesick and missed Caleb like crazy. He is my best friend and probably is the one between the two of us who should've been on Survivor in the first place. While I'm a highly emotional person, Caleb is very logical. He also keeps me calm in stressful situations. Having him with me will give me the emotional stability I need to combine with my already strong concept of strategy."