Hidden idols found/played, career
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: March 21, 2019

Most hidden immunity idols found/played, career - Russell Hantz, S19, S20, S22


Russell Hantz

S19, S20, S22



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Idols found - Season

Most hidden idols found/played, career (min. 2)
Rank Contestant Seasons IF IH IP VV
1 Russell Hantz, S19, S20, S22 Russell Hantz S19, S20, S22 5 6 4 11
2 Tai Trang, S32, S34 Tai Trang S32, S34 4 5 3 9
3 Malcolm Freberg, S25, S26, S34 Malcolm Freberg S25, S26, S34 3 4 3 6
4 Ben Driebergen, HvHvH Ben Driebergen S35 - Heroes v Healers v Hustlers 3 3 3 9
5 Tony Vlachos, Cagayan Tony Vlachos S28, S34 3 3 2 0
6 Kelley Wentworth, S29, S31, S38 Kelley Wentworth S29, S31, S38 3 2 2 12
7 Parvati Shallow, S13, S16, S20 Parvati Shallow S13, S16, S20 2 4 2 5
8 Davie Rickenbacker, DvsG Davie Rickenbacker S37 - David vs. Goliath 2 2 2 9
9 Jeremy Collins, S29, S31 Jeremy Collins S29, S31 2 2 2 8
10 Michael Yerger, S36 Michael Yerger S36 - Ghost Island 2 2 2 7
11 David Wright, Millennials vs. Gen X David Wright S33 - Millennials vs. Gen X 2 2 2 5
12 Adam Klein, Millennials vs. Gen X Adam Klein S33 - Millennials vs. Gen X 2 2 2 4
13 Jon Misch, San Juan del Sur Jon Misch S29 - San Juan del Sur 2 2 1 4
14-t Dan Rengering, DvsG Dan Rengering S37 - David vs. Goliath 2 2 2 2#
14-t Troyzan Robertson, S24, S34 Troyzan Robertson S24, S34 2 2 2 2
14-t Tyson Apostol, Blood vs. Water Tyson Apostol S18, S20, S27 2 2 2 2
14-t Joe Mena, HvHvH Joe Mena S35 - Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers 2 2 2 2
18 Ryan Ulrich, HvHvH Ryan Ulrich S35 - Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers 2* 2* 1 2
19 Reynold Toepfer, Caramoan Reynold Toepfer S26 - Caramoan 2 2 1 1
20 Ozzy Lusth, South Pacific Ozzy Lusth S13, S16, S23, S34 2 2 1 0
21 JT Thomas, S18, S20, S34 J.T. Thomas S18, S20, S34 2 2 0 0
22 Domenick Abbate, Ghost Island Domenick Abbate* S36 - Ghost Island 1 2* 1* 0
23 James Clement, S15, S16, S20 James Clement S15, S16, S20 1 2 0 0

Complete through Edge of Extinction, Episode 6. Click contestant name/picture to view their contestant page.


*Ryan Ulrich's count includes his Ep.1-expiring Super Idol that he was unable to use; Domenick's includes the Legacy Advantage.


#Dan's second idol was played correctly, and would have voided 6 votes (giving him 8 total), if not for the idol nullifier.

Hidden idol finding notes

This should be a fairly straightforward list (see also the idol-specific glossary below), but a few notes:

- Players are ranked by idols found, then by idols held, then by idols played, then by votes voided.


Hidden idol glossary and notes
  • IF: Idols found. In cases where multiple people find an idol together (Nicaragua, Caramoan, etc.), the person who keeps it gets credit for finding it.
  • IH: Idols held. Generally only relevant if someone is given an idol by someone else (such as Russell from JT in HvsV, Sash from Marty in Nicaragua).
  • IP: Idols played. (Newly revised, 8/19/17) In response to comments in Shirin Oskooi's guest post at PRP, we've changed our criteria here. The credit for playing (and voiding votes) should go to the person who first reveals the idol at Tribal Council, whether they hand it to Probst themself, or hand it off to someone else, who then plays it. Idols handed off at camp, however, become credited to the person wielding them at Tribal. So when Russell hands over JT's idol to Parvati (in camp) in Heroes vs. Villains, he and JT have both relinquished their claim to that idol. In contrast, Malcolm gets credit for both idols played after handing Eddie his extra idol at the Three Amigos Tribal in Caramoan.
  • VV: Votes voided. When an idol is played, the number of votes against eliminated by the idol.