'Exile' days played, career
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: April 20, 2019

Most exile days - Matt Elrod, Redemption Island


Matt Elrod

Redemption Island

28 days


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Exile days - season

Most 'exile' days played, career
Rank Contestant Season(s) Type Days
1 Matt Elrod, Redemption Island Matt Elrod S22 - Redemption Island RI 28
2* Reem Daly, Edge of Extinction Reem Daly S38 - Edge of Extinction EoE 24*
3* Chris Underwood, Edge of Extinction Chris Underwood S38 - Edge of Extinction EoE 19*
4 Ozzy Lusth, S16, S23 Ozzy Lusth S16, S23 EI (3), RI (15) 18
5 Laura Morett, BvsW Laura Morett S27 - Blood vs. Water RI 16
6-t Christine Shields-Markoski, South Pacific Christine Shields-Markoski S23 - South Pacific RI 15
6-t Candice Woodcock Cody, S13, S27 Candice Woodcock Cody S13, S27 EI (5), RI (10) 15
8-t* Aubry Bracco, Edge of Extinction Aubry Bracco S38 - Edge of Extinction EoE 14*
8-t Mike Chiesl, Redemption Island Mike Chiesl S22 - Redemption Island RI 14
10 Tina Wesson, BvsW Tina Wesson S27 - Blood vs. Water RI 12
11-t Sugar Kiper, Gabon Sugar Kiper S17 - Gabon EI 11
11-t John Cody, BvsW John Cody S27 - Blood vs. Water RI 11
11-t Keith Sowell, Edge of Extinction Keith Sowell S38 - Edge of Extinction EoE 11
14-t* Joe Anglim, Edge of Extinction Joe Anglim S38 - Edge of Extinction EoE 8*
14-t Aras Baskauskas, S12, S27 Aras Baskauskas S12, S27 EI (4), RI (4) 8
14-t Terry Deitz, Panama Terry Deitz S12 - Panama EI 8
17 Taj Johnson-George, Tocantins Taj Johnson-George S18 - Tocantins EI 7
18-t* Rick Devens, Edge of Extinction Rick Devens S38 - Edge of Extinction EoE 6*
18-t Danielle DiLorenzo, Panama Danielle DiLorenzo S12 - Panama EI 6
18-t Jason Siska, Micronesia Jason Siska S16 - Micronesia EI 6
18-t Stephen Fishbach, Tocantins Stephen Fishbach S18 - Tocantins EI 6
18-t Marissa Peterson, BvsW Marissa Peterson S27 - Blood vs. Water RI 6
23-t Adam Gentry, Cook Islands Adam Gentry S13 - Cook Islands EI 5
23-t Jonathan Penner, Cook Islands Jonathan Penner S13 - Cook Islands EI 5
23-t Brendan Synnott, Tocantins Brendan Synnott S18 - Tocantins EI 5
23-t Vytas Baskauskas, BvsW Vytas Baskauskas S27 - Blood vs. Water RI 5

*Active player. Complete through Edge of Extinction, Episode 10. Click contestant name/picture to view their contestant page.

About "exile" days

We have "exile" in quotes because on this leaderboard, we're tracking all days played outside the regular game — whether it be Exile Island, Redemption Island, Ghost Island, temporary exile, or Edge of Extinction. Each format is a bit different from the others, and it's not really fair to lump them all together like this, but who really wants a list of just Exile Island stays? So the "type" reflects the format: EI = Exile Island; EoE = Edge of Extinction; and RI = Redemption Island.


This is not an exhaustive list. We dropped all totals of 4 days or below, because you have to stop somewhere. But good news, Aras now makes the career cut when his 4 Exile and 4 Redemption days get added together. Yay!