Survivor 7 recaps

Episode 13

Ep. 13: Better be quiet now

By: Jeff Pitman | Published: December 15, 2003


After Sandra's win... an extremely temporary lull in the coverage.

Episode 12

Ep.12: Third time's a charm

By: Antithesys | Published: December 12, 2003


The first player ever to be voted out twice achieves that feat here. Oh, who could it possibly be?

Episode 11

Ep. 11: The one where Christa is voted out

By: Antithesys | Published: December 5, 2003


Fairplay has a sweet, sweet threesome at a resort (with Lill) and somehow Christa leaves, as you may have guessed.

Episode 10

Ep.10: Lies make Baby Jesus cry

By: Antithesys | Published: November 28, 2003


Then Jon looked to the heavens and screamed "GRANNNNDMAAAA!!!"

Episode 9

Ep.9: A.S.S.ed out

By: Antithesys | Published: November 21, 2003


A heartfelt, song-laden elegy for the already-returned (but not in this season) pirate of your heart. Or something.

Episode 8

Ep.8: A man, a plan, a stingray... Pagong!

By: Antithesys | Published: November 14, 2003


This episode was a full-blown celebration of pirate history and lore, featuring... slingshots and a trivia contest? Arrr!

Episode 7

Ep.7: Curse of the Black Pearl (Parts 1 & 2)

By: Antithesys | Published: October 30 & November 7, 2003


Outcasts return, hoping jerks die, and tribes merge. Surely that should work out well for those who aren't wimpy non-leaders.

Episode 6

Ep.6: What's Dunn is Dunn

By: Antithesys | Published: October 24, 2003


Sickly snakes nearly perish, pelicans attack. Someone has to pay. It's... her. But she'll be back soon.

Episode 5

Ep.5: The Curse of the Bonehambino

By: Antithesys | Published: October 17, 2003


Rupert returns, but Drake keeps losing, including Michelle, who loses her lunch. And her spot in the game. Whoops.

Episode 4

Ep.4: Burton Fink

By: Antithesys | Published: October 10, 2003


Everyone gets nicknames, Rupert gets pirated, Probst gets confused, and that one guy gets temporarily removed.

Episode 3

Ep.3: So long, and thanks for all the hooks

By: Antithesys | Published: October 3, 2003


The mistress of fishing hooks has a magical conversation with a mystical fish, resulting in a semi-snuffing. What could it mean?

Episode 2

Ep. 2: Lost and found and run aground

By: Antithesys | Published: September 26, 2003


Antithesys looks at the hapless Morgan tribe, as one contestant's quest to become the new Clay Aiken founders and sinks.

Episode 1

Ep. 1: Highly refined pirates

By: Jeff Pitman | Published: September 19, 2003


Jeff Pitman recaps the Survivor: Pearl Islands season premiere episode, via an imagined interview with someone named, um, Heff Gropst.


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