Episode 13

Ep. 13: Jenna wins

By: Jeff Pitman | Published: May 12, 2003


That's... about all we've got.

Episode 7

Ep.7: Embedded in Jacaré

By: Antithesys | Published: March 28, 2003


Guest recapper Antithesys delivers an extended homage to the departed dictator, Roger. Possibly involving stripping.

Episode 5

Ep.5: Pretty vacant

By: Jeff Pitman | Published: March 16, 2003


With CBS siphoning content off to pay-per-view onto Yahoo! Platinum or whatever, here are some other scenes you missed..

Episode 4

Ep.4: Miss misery

By: Jeff Pitman | Published: March 7, 2003


The "cuter" women align, the men enjoy "Coke! No longer just a cure-all elixir featuring cocaine!" And JoAnna departs.

Episode 3

Ep.3: Seven butts for seven buttheads

By: A.G. Braniff | Published: February 28, 2003


Somehow, in the middle of Survivor, a TV dating show broke out. Results were... mixed. Guest recapper A.G. Braniff reports.

Raining catfights and dogs

Ep. 2: Raining catfights and dogs

By: Jeff Pitman | Published: February 21, 2003


Arguments over idols and deafness, and an immunity battle over... counting. It happened.

Battle of the sexists

Ep. 1: Battle of the sexists

By: Jeff Pitman | Published: February 14, 2003


It's men vs. women and men vs. men and women vs. women and a piranha-infested rainforest vs. everyone. Eventually someone wins.


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