TDT Survivor: Africa recaps

Survival of the quietest

Episode 13: Survival of the quietest

Published: January 11, 2002


In which we finally find our winner! No, not the bombastic, schemy guy who won all the challenges. No, not the loud, buffoonish yokel. No, not her. That should narrow it down.

Lies, lies, lies... yeah!

Episode 12: Lies, lies, lies... yeah!

Published: January 4, 2002


Well, with that whole women's alliance thing down the tubes, let's pretend Lex is going home for the whole episode. Whoops, he won immunity. Okay, maybe it's Tom? Nope.

This is getting pretty Boran

Episode 11: This is getting pretty Boran

Published: December 28, 2001


In a special holiday episode, all of Samburu's hopes are pinned on a women's alliance that Change the Whole Game. Will it pay off? Nope. Christmas is cancelled.

Fun, fun 'til Daddy gets taken by T-Bird

Episode 10: Fun, fun 'til Daddy gets taken by T-Bird

Published: December 21, 2001


Oh, hey, it's the Listen to Jeff Probst Without Falling Asleep Challenge! Featuring Lex sporting a chic shorts-pocket Buff. That's something.

If it's anything mental, we're screwed

Episode 9: If it's anything mental, we're screwed

Published: December 14, 2001


In which everyone hates Brandon, Brandon gets voted out, and Tom's boil achieves sentience.


Episode 8: Smoked!

Published: December 7, 2001


America gets its first real Lexing, T-Bird's Annie song proves prophetic, paranoia reigns, and a Pagonging is averted. Temporarily.

Are you people still here?

Recap episode: Are you people still here?

Published: November 30, 2001


Once upon a time, rather than burning off two episodes during Thanksgiving, CBS used to wisely not try to compete with a non-TV holiday, and air a clipshow. This was that.

Clarence gets the can

Episode 7: Clarence gets the can

Published: November 23, 2001


The merge is upon us, and with it, the timeless rituals of songs from Annie, and booting the strong guy.

All ratted out

Episode 6: All ratted out

Published: November 16, 2001


It'll take some flames and explosions to rob Survivor: Africa of another valuable young player. But rob it does.

Sighless in Boran

Episode 5: Sighless in Boran

Published: November 9, 2001


A first-time-ever change to the rules leads to a rules-flouting change that ousts a former ruler. Alas, poor Silas.

The Chip's down

Episode 4: The Chip's down

Published: November 2, 2001


It's Linda vs. Lindsey in fun-timey Samburu. Yay. This week with bonus Cranky Andy commentary.

The kids are all rats

Episode 3: The kids are all rats

Published: October 26, 2001


More arguing, fainting, ties, and tie-dye like painting. And a battle of the ages, or between the ages. Or whatever.

Brave hew hurl

Episode 2: Brave new hurl

Published: October 19, 2001


In which CBS tries to alert parents across America to a disturbing new trend sweeping across college campuses: chugging freshly drained cow blood (albeit mixed with wholesome milk). But done here for fun.

The phantom menace

Episode 1: The phantom menace

Published: October 12, 2001


Jeff recounts the season premiere of Survivor: Africa, in which people gripe, whine, accuse, and occasionally faint. And dance around in burning elephant dung smoke.


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