Highest Mean % Finish - Duels (MPF-D)

By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 10, 2023

Highest Mean % Finish in duels - Ozzy Lusth, South Pacific


Ozzy Lusth, S23: South Pacific

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Highest Mean % Finish: Duels (Min. 2 duels)
Rank Contestant Season MPF-D Duels
1 Ozzy Lusth, South Pacific Ozzy Lusth S23: South Pacific 100% 7
2 Christine Shields-Markoski, South Pacific Christine Shields Markoski S23: South Pacific 91.7% 6
3 Laura Morett, S19, S27 Laura Morett S27: Blood vs. Water 90.5% 7
4 Mike Chiesl, Redemption Island Mike Chiesl S22: Redemption Island 88.3% 5
5 Matt Elrod, Redemption Island Matt Elrod S22: Redemption Island 87.9% 11
6 John Cody, Blood vs. Water John Cody S27: Blood vs. Water 80.0% 5
7-t Candice Cody, Blood vs. Water Candice Cody S27: Blood vs. Water 75.0% 4
7-t Andrea Boehlke, Redemption Island Andrea Boehlke S22: Redemption Island 75.0% 2
9 Tina Wesson, Blood vs. Water Tina Wesson S27: Blood vs. Water 73.3% 5
10 Vytas Baskauskas, Blood vs. Water Vytas Baskauskas S27: Blood vs. Water 66.7% 2
11 Marissa Peterson, Blood vs. Water Marissa Peterson S27: Blood vs. Water 55.6% 3
12 Brad Culpepper, Blood vs. Water Brad Culpepper S27: Blood vs. Water 50.0% 2
13 Ralph Kiser, Redemption Island Ralph Kiser S22: Redemption Island 37.5% 2

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Mean % Finish - Duels

You've no doubt seen the Mean % Finish stats for regular individual challenges. We carved duels off into its own separate category, because they're just not as competitive as regular challenges. We've also demoted "Hero challenges," such as the opening, one-person reward challenges in Panama - Exile Island and South Pacific, into duel status. By applying the MPF formula to duels, we can get a better gauge of true performance in duels, especially when the rules change from season to season (second place in 3-person duels meant staying alive in S22, elimation in S23, then back to staying alive once again in S27). It's not perfect... third place in a four-person duel scores as 0.50, the same as losing a two-person duel. But we do what we can.

The San Juan del Sur pre-merge RCs were also duels. We've made a 2-duel minimum cutoff for this leaderboard, simply because every winner from that season ended up with a 100% MPF, which puts them all up at the top, despite a single win being far less impressive than Christine's or Matt's long string of do-or-die wins.