Mike Chiesl - Survivor: Redemption Island
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Seasons: 1 | Days: 36 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 1

Survivor: Redemption Island (2011) - 6th place, 13th out - seventh juror.

  • Voted out in Episode 9, "The Buddy System" (Day 22).
  • Eliminated by Andrea Boehlke (in a duel) in Episode 14, "Seems Like a No-Brainer" (Day 36).
  • Longevity totals: In-game - 22 days; Redemption Island - 14 days.
Mike Chiesl - Career statistics
Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S22: Redemption Island 1.88 5.52 0.34 4 6 6 0.65 1.87 - - - 0.99 4.00
Career 1.88 5.52 0.34 4 6 6 0.65 1.87 - - - 0.99 4.00
Mike Chiesl - Challenge record
Survivor: Redemption Island - Click links to watch the challenges on YouTube
Smash, Grab, Smash - Ep2 RC/IC
Beach Balls - Ep6 RC/IC

Tribal/team challenge record (3-for-7)

  • Redemption Island Ep.1 RC/IC: "Push It Uphill" - Competes, and Zapatera wins!
  • Redemption Island Ep.2 RC/IC: "Smash, Grab, Smash" - Retrieves a key for Zapatera, and Zapatera wins again.
  • Redemption Island Ep.3 RC/IC: "Spin Cycle" - After David throws the puzzle, Zapatera "loses."
  • Redemption Island Ep.4 RC/IC: "Toolin' Around" - Saws boards with Steve, and Zapatera wins.
  • Redemption Island Ep.5 RC/IC: "Smoko" - Blindfolded, follows Stephanie's orders, Zapatera loses.
  • Redemption Island Ep.6 RC/IC: "Beach Balls"- Matches up poorly against Grant, allowing 4 of Ometepe's 5 catches.
  • Redemption Island Ep.7 RC/IC: "Crash Course"- Goes through the obstacles, but Zapatera loses to Grant again.


Rollerballs - Ep8 IC
Meso Soup - Ep9 F11 IC

Individual challenge record (0-for-2): (Mean % finish: 91.3%)

  • Redemption Island Ep. 8 IC: "Rollerballs" - Goes deep into the final three-ball round, then drops (2nd/12).
  • Redemption Island Ep. 9 (F11) IC: "Meso Soup" - Barely beaten by Grant on the final puzzle (2nd/11).


House of Cards - Ep10 duel
A Leg Up - Ep14 duel

Redemption Island duel record (3.5*-for-5): (Mean % finish: 88.3%)

  • Redemption Island Ep. 10 duel: "House of Cards" - First to finish, Mike wins! (1st/3).
  • Redemption Island Ep. 11 duel: "Survivor Shuffle Board" - Doesn't win, but stays alive (2nd*/3).
  • Redemption Island Ep. 12 duel: "Rock Block" - Mike wins over a jumbo-sized field (1st/4).
  • Redemption Island Ep. 13 duel: "A Maze N' Jig" - Mike wins again! (1st/4).
  • Redemption Island Ep. 14 duel: "A Leg Up" - Falls just short in the final re-entry duel (2nd/4).

*Note: Second-place finishes in non-elimination duels count as half a win.


Career challenge totals
  • Team/tribal challenges
    Wins: 3
    Played: 7
    Win%: 0.43
    Sat out: --
  • Individual challenges
    Wins: 0
    Played: 2
    Win%: 0.00
    Mean% Finish: 91.3%
  • Duels
    Wins: 3.5*
    Played: 5
    Win%: 0.70
    Mean% Finish: 88.3%
Mike Chiesl - Tribal Council record
Survivor: Redemption Island
Ep3 Tribal Council
Ep8 Tribal Council

Idols held/played (0/0):

  • Redemption Island: None, although Ralph futilely played one for him.


VFB - Votes for the person booted (4/6):


VAP - Votes against (6):

  • Redemption Island, Ep. 9 (F11 vote): Six votes, from Rob, Phillip, Natalie, Ashley, Andrea, and Grant (voted out, 6-5).


Jury votes made (1/1):


Career Tribal Council totals
  • Hidden idols
    Found: 0
    Played: 0
    Votes voided: --
  • Voting record
    VFB: 4
    Tribals: 6
    VAP: 6
  • Jury votes
    Made: 1
    For winners: 1
    Received: --
Mike Chiesl - Pictures
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Mike Chiesl - Interviews
Survivor: Redemption Island

Pre-game interviews


Post-game interviews

  • Jennifer Still at Digital Spy (5/18/11): "Mike Chiesl (Survivor: Redemption Island)"
  • Elizabeth Kwiatkowski at Reality TV World (5/19/11): "Mike Chiesl: I Regret Throwing Survivor Challenge to Oust Russell Hantz"


Mike Chiesl - Bio
Survivor: Redemption Island

Excerpts from his official CBS bio page:


"Personal Claim to Fame: Bringing all my Marines home after my first deployment to Iraq.


Pet Peeves: Selfishness and laziness.


Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Rudy. Nobody was intimidated by him, so he wasn’t voted out early and he had the ability to tough it out.


Why you think you'll survive SurvivorThe mental toughness I've developed from serving in the Marines and playing college football at the US Naval Academy."