Jon Misch - Survivor: San Juan del Sur
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Seasons: 1 | Days: 35.5 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 1

Survivor: San Juan del Sur (2014) - 6th place, 13th out - 6th juror.

  • Voted out in Episode 13, "Let's Make a Move" (Day 35).
  • Cumulative time: In-game - 31.5 days; Exile Island - 4 days (2 visits).

Jon Misch - Career statistics
Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S29: San Juan del Sur 2.44 11.32 0.22 5 2 9 0.55 2.59 - - - 0.77 5.04
Career 2.44 11.32 0.22 5 2 9 0.55 2.59 - - - 0.77 5.04
Jon Misch - Challenge record
  • S29 logo San Juan del Sur challenges

    Shake It Off - Ep9 RC

    Tribal/team challenge record (5-for-10; 1 sit-out):

    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 1 IC: "Temple of Syrinx" - First through the obstacle crawl, works the puzzle, and Hunahpu wins.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 2 IC: "Sumo at Sea" - Wins in his bout against John Rocker, and Hunahpu wins again, 5-4.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 3 IC: "Game of Throw-Ins" - Paired with Natalie, scores Josh/Baylor and scores the winning point against Wes/Alec, and Hunahpu wins, 3-2.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 4 IC: "The Cruel Sea" - Sits out, as Drew's IC-throwing shenanigans cost Hunahpu the win.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 5 IC: "Shakedown Street" - Now with New Coyopa, which loses, massively.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 6 IC: "Flips, Flops & Flags" - Retrieves the bags, then blows the puzzle. Coyopa loses.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 8 RC: "Long Road to Ruins" - With Alec, Josh, Jaclyn, and Baylor, loses by a lot.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 9 RC: "Shake It Off" - Wins both of his bouts vs. Jeremy, but his teams loses, 5-4. Gets reward anyway, thanks to Natalie.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 10 RC: "Dirty Water Dog" - With Reed, Alec, and Jaclyn, cruises to an easy reward win.
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 13 RC: "Austin's E.O.C." - With Keith and Missy, pushes out a last-second win. Swaps himself out of the reward to allow Baylor to join her mom.


    Ballin' A Jack - Ep12 RC

    Individual challenge record (1-for-9): (Mean % finish: 65%)

    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 7 IC: "Take the Reins" - Tenth to drop out, makes final, 2-ball round (3rd/12).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 8 IC: "My Poor Brain" - First out, eliminated on second item in 1st round (11th/11).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 9 IC: "The Game Is Afoot" - One of several people working on the third layer (tie-4th/10).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 10 IC: "Uncomfortably Numb" - First to drop out, for a plate full of partially eaten candy, a whopping 7 minutes in (9th/9).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 11 RC: "Crush" - Takes one hit from Alec, promptly cedes the challenge to Missy, who already had taken two hits, in order to volunteer to go to Exile (tie-5th/8).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 11 IC: "Paddle Out" - In a tight race with Keith, just loses (2nd/8).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 12 RC: "Ballin' A Jack" - Fifth to drop out, after 20 minutes (3rd/7).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 12 IC: "A Bit Tipsy" - In a tight race with Keith, actually wins this time (1st/7).
    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 13 IC: "Vase Off" - Reaches a showdown with Natalie, blown away by the wind (2nd/6).


    Redemption/Exile Island duel record (1-for-1): (Mean % finish: 100%)

    • San Juan del Sur Ep. 4 RC: "Tromp Stomp" - Blows an early lead, but beats Jaclyn, 5-4; picks Drew to join her.
Career challenge totals
  • Team/tribal challenges
    Wins: 5
    Played: 10
    Win%: 0.50
    Sat out: 1
  • Individual challenges
    Wins: 1
    Played: 9
    Win%: 0.11
    Mean% Finish: 63%
  • Duels
    Wins: 1
    Played: 1
    Win%: 1.00
    Mean% Finish: 100%
Jon Misch - Tribal Council record
  • S29 logo San Juan del Sur Tribal

    Ep11 Tribal Council

    Idols held/played (2/1; 5 votes voided):

    • San Juan del Sur, Ep. 8: First person sent to Exile Island post-merge, follows a spectacularly detailed clue to a poorly hidden idol. Pockets it, tells Jaclyn he has it, doesn't play it.
    • San Juan del Sur, Ep. 10: After heavy prompting from both Probst and Natalie, plays his idol, saving himself.
    • San Juan del Sur, Ep. 11: Mere hours later, volunteers to return to Exile, where he promptly finds another idol.
    • San Juan del Sur, Ep. 13: Voted out with the second idol still in his pocket.


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (5/9):


    VAP - Votes against (2):

    • [San Juan del Sur, Ep. 10: Five votes, all voided by his idol.]
    • San Juan del Sur, Ep. 13: Two votes, from Natalie and Keith (plus three votes, from Missy, Baylor, and Natalie on the re-vote, after a 2-2-2 initial tie with Jaclyn and Keith; voted out, 2-2-2 [3-0]).


    Jury votes made (0/1):

    • San Juan del Sur, Ep. 14: Voted for Jaclyn Schultz (who finished second, 5-2-1).
Career Tribal Council totals
  • Hidden idols
    Found: 2
    Played: 1
    Votes voided: 5
  • Voting record
    VFB: 5
    Tribals: 9
    VAP: 2
  • Jury votes
    Made: 1
    For winners: 0
    Received: --
Jon Misch - Pictures
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Jon Misch - Interviews
  • S29 logo San Juan del Sur interviews

    Pre-game interviews

    • Dalton Ross at (9/17/14): "Controversial Survivor player John Rocker on what he'll do if recognized"


    Post-game interviews

    • Gordon Holmes at (12/11/14): "Jon - '(Jaclyn Is) a Better Survivor Player Than Me'"
    • Rob Cesternino at RHAP (12/11/14): "Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted off San Juan del Sur - 12/11/14"
    • Josh Wigler at (12/11/14): "Jon Misch Engages With His Shocking Survivor Defeat"
Jon Misch - Bio
  • S29 logo San Juan del Sur bio

    CBS pre-game interview (with Jaclyn), from YouTube:



    From his official CBS Survivor: San Juan del Sur cast bio page:

    "Occupation: Financial assistant
    Personal Claim to Fame: Winning a big 10 championship at Michigan State University.
    Inspiration in Life: My sister, Lara who has worked hard for everything she has and is an incredible role model. She inspires me to work hard and to appreciate things more. Seeing how hard she works to take care of her family reminds me how things aren't always as easy as we wish they were. She works harder than anyone I know.
    Hobbies: Working out, playing piano and researching wine.
    Pet Peeves: People with too many pet peeves.
    3 Words to Describe You: Outgoing, unpredictable and intuitive.
    If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? 1) Piano – to play and entertain myself and others 2) Football – for entertainment and to make friends 3) Wine – to get drunk – duh!
    Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Hayden. I feel my personality is a lot like his and he’s also an athlete that uses his head.
    Reason for Being on SurvivorThe experience and the competition. It’s unique and completely social which would be fun to experience.
    Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SurvivorI can build a fire from scratch, debone/gut a fish, catch lizards and lift things up and put them down.
    Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I have very good social and physical skills. I can read people well and I’m good at telling them what they need to hear.
    What Does It Mean to You to Play Survivor with Your Loved One? Playing with Jaclyn is an incredible opportunity. I've learned in the past that experiencing adversity with others can build the relationship you have together (if you do it correctly). Since there is no experience like that of Survivor, there's no telling the amount that can be gained by triumphing through the challenges that present themselves on a daily basis, let alone those found in treemail!"