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By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: January 14, 2024

Most total challenge wins (ChW), season - Terry Deitz, Panama-Exile Island

8 wins

Terry Deitz, S12: Panama - Exile Island


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Most individual challenge wins, single season
Rank Contestant Season IndChW IndChA
1 Terry Deitz, Panama-Exile Island Terry Deitz S12: Panama 8† 12†
2 Colby Donaldson, The Australian Outback Colby Donaldson S2: The Australian Outback 7 11**
3 Ozzy Lusth, Cook Islands Ozzy Lusth S13: Cook Islands 6 8
4 Mike Holloway, Worlds Apart Mike Holloway S30: Worlds Apart 6 11
5-t Brian Heidik, Thailand Brian Heidik S5: Thailand 5 10
5-t Tom Westman, Palau Tom Westman S10: Palau 5 10
5-t Boston Rob Mariano, All-Stars Boston Rob Mariano S8: All-Stars 5 10
5-t Bob Crowley, Gabon Bob Crowley S17: Gabon 5 10
5-t Brad Culpepper, Game Changers Brad Culpepper S34: Game Changers 5 10
10-t Lex van den Berghe, Africa Lex van den Berghe S3: Africa 5 11
10-t Chrissy Hofbeck, Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Chrissy Hofbeck S35: HvHvH 5 11
12 Kim Spradlin, One World Kim Spradlin S24: One World 5 12
13 Kelly Wiglesworth, Borneo Kelly Wiglesworth S1: Borneo 5 13
14 Rick Devens, Edge of Extinction Rick Devens S38: Edge of Extinction 5 14
15 Ricard Foye, Survivor 41 Ricard Foyé Survivor 41 4 7
16-t Erik Reichenbach, Micronesia Erik Reichenbach S16: Micronesia 4 8
16-t Joe Anglim, S31 Joe Anglim S31: Cambodia 4 8
18-t J.T. Thomas, Tocantins J.T. Thomas S18: Tocantins 4 10
18-t Fabio Birza, Nicaragua Fabio Birza S21: Nicaragua 4 10
18-t Boston Rob Mariano, Redemption Island Boston Rob Mariano S22: Redemption Isl. 4 10
18-t John Cochran, Caramoan John Cochran S26: Caramoan 4 10
18-t Tony Vlachos, Winners at War Tony Vlachos S40: Winners at War 4 10
23-t Malcolm Freberg, Philippines Malcolm Freberg S25: Philippines 4 11
23-t Michele Fitzgerald, Kaoh Rong Michele Fitzgerald S32: Kaoh Rong 4 11
23-t Ken McNickle, Millennials vs Gen X Ken McNickle S33: Mill. vs. Gen X 4 11
26-t Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Marquesas Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien S4: Marquesas 4 12
26-t Jenna Morasca, The Amazon Jenna Morasca S6: The Amazon 4 12
26-t Matt von Ertfelda, The Amazon Matt von Ertfelda S6: The Amazon 4 12
26-t Rafe Judkins, Guatemala Rafe Judkins S11: Guatemala 4 12
26-t Keith Nale, San Juan del Sur Keith Nale S29: San Juan del Sur 4 12
31 Joe Anglim, Worlds Apart Joe Anglim S30: Worlds Apart 3 4
32 Frannie Marin, S44 Frannie Marin Survivor 44 3 5
33 Tasha Fox, Cagayan Tasha Fox S28: Cagayan 3 6
34-t Boo Bernis, Fiji Boo Bernis S14: Fiji 3 8
34-t Noura Salman, Island of the Idols Noura Salman S39: Island of the Idols 3 8
34-t Dee Valladares, Survivor 45 Dee Valladares Survivor 45 3 8
37-t Burton Roberts, Pearl Islands Burton Roberts S7: Pearl Islands 3 9
37-t Yau-Man Chan, Fiji Yau-Man Chan S14: Fiji 3 9
37-t Peih-Gee Law, China Peih-Gee Law S15: China 3 9
37-t Brett Clouser, Samoa Brett Clouser S19: Samoa 3 9
37-t Parvati Shallow, HvV Parvati Shallow S20: Heroes vs. Villains 3 9
37-t Monica Culpepper, Blood vs. Water Monica Culpepper S27: Blood vs. Water 3 9
37-t Spencer Bledsoe, Cagayan Spencer Bledsoe S28: Cagayan 3 9
37-t Jay Starrett, Millennials vs Gen X Jay Starrett S33: Mill. vs. Gen X 3 9
37-t Lindsay Dolashewich, Survivor 42 Lindsay Dolashewich Survivor 42 3 9
37-t Cassidy Clark, Survivor 43 Cassidy Clark Survivor 43 3 9
37-t Austin Li Coon, Survivor 45 Austin Li Coon Survivor 45 3 9
48-t Darrah Johnson, Pearl Islands Darrah Johnson S7: Pearl Islands 3 10
48-t Ian Rosenberger, Palau Ian Rosenberger S10: Palau 3 10
48-t Sophie Clarke, South Pacific Sophie Clarke S23: South Pacific 3 10
48-t Domenick Abbate, Ghost Island Domenick Abbate S36: Ghost Island 3 10
48-t Owen Knight, Survivor 43 Owen Knight Survivor 43 3 9
53-t Eliza Orlins, S9, S16 Eliza Orlins S9: Vanuatu 3 11
53-t Amanda Kimmel, Micronesia Amanda Kimmel S15: China 3 11
53-t Mike Skupin, S25 Mike Skupin S25: Philippines 3 11
53-t Nick Wilson, DvsG Nick Wilson S37: David vs. Goliath 3 11
57-t Chris Daugherty, Vanuatu Chris Daugherty S9: Vanuatu 3 13
57-t Kelley Wentworth, S29, S31 Kelley Wentworth S31: Cambodia 3 13
57-t Spencer Bledsoe, Cambodia Spencer Bledsoe S31: Cambodia 3 13
57-t Gavin Whiston, Edge of Extinction Gavin Whitson S38: Edge of Extinction 3 13

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What do we mean by IndChW?

IndChW, or individual challenge wins, is the sum of all individual challenges won. When people talk about how many challenges Contestant X won, this is probably the stat they mean. These can be reward, immunity, or reward/immunity, but it excludes post-merge team challenges and Redemption/Exile Island duels (which are handled separately here). This is winning under your own power, in a real competition.

Ties are broken in favor of the person with the fewest individual challenge appearances. We cut the table off at three wins, because you have to stop somewhere.

Note: The only exception is challenges that include loved ones. We've tried our best to include challenges where the Survivor is paired with their loved one, but exclude ones in which the loved one competes in the Survivor's place. Feel free to let us know if we missed or messed up something, in the comments below.

† Additional note: Terry's total has gone up and down over time. 8 wins in 12 appearances does NOT include the Ep1 reward challenge in Panama-Exile Island, in which each of the four tribes had one representative run out and smash fake skulls to find a key. This was clearly a tribal challenge (the reward went to the tribe), and we scored it as a "hero challenge" (as with the Ozzy/Coach one that opened South Pacific, and Boston Rob's HvsV Ep6 win in the second, reward portion of the Rope-A-Dope challenge vs. Candice). But it does include the car challenge (Ep11 RC, second half), which Terry only gained access to after his team won the initial, team-based portion of the challenge. It's kind of a grey area.

** Additional additional note: In re-watching The Australian Outback, we took away a challenge appearance for Colby, since none of the contestants competed in the Ep12 Loved Ones RC. Rather, their loved ones competed in their place.

  • IndChW: Challenge wins. How many times they won.
  • IndChA: Challenge Appearances. The number of challenges in which they competed.