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Episode 3: "Bribes, Lies and Vengeful Eyes" Filmed: March 21-22, 2007?
Airdate: June 14, 2007
Ep.3 : Summary | Crews | Expedition | Captain | Set adrift | Future crews
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Pirate Master post-episode 2 future expedition spoilers/ speculation
Note: With the new info from Ep.2 (captain and officers stay on black crew; red crew gets stuck with one less player if odd numbers remain), we can more accurately (or so we hope) place the following challenges. Er, "expeditions".
Episode 3 Expedition: "Bribes, Lies and Vengeful Eyes." (Red crew wins)
- Should be:
14 left; 7 people on each crew; Joe Don, Ben, Cheryl all on black crew.
- Now discussed here (since it's not really future any more).
Episode 4: "Death by Coconuts"
Expedition: Should be 13 left; 7 people on black crew; 6 people on red crew. Captain (Azmyth?), officers on black.  

Dominica travel location info: "The Craftsman's Reflection - Red Rocks."

- Note: TV Guide says: "A twist in the game is revealed when the pirates locate their next treasure." This should not affect team composition, but it may affect what's in Ep.5's expedition.

  For this expedition, we're guided by the Dominica travel site's pictures (as suggested by birdlady, and specifically here by georgiapeach), which list the challenge location as Red Rocks. These pictures match the background behind Christa, Jupiter and Laurel (below). We see Azmyth on the black crew as well, along with one other person, although there should be two more people not visible here.
   On the red crew, we're not sure these shots actually belong here, but Joe Don (heavy stubble, white shirt) is visible with Nessa, carrying the red crew's ladder. Nessa also has the red crew's flag. Ben is barely visible behind Joe Don.
Episode 4 (?) expedition pics: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
jupiter, christa, laurel - black crew jupiter, azmyth? - black crew black crew christa again
black crew jupiter with fake skulls joe don, nessa on red joe don and nessa on red crew
ben (below, left of JD's shoulder)  
Black crew (6+): Ben, Azmyth, Christa, Jupiter?, Jay/ Sean, another person.
Red crew (3+): Nessa, Joe Don, Ben ...?

Episode 5: "Loose Lips Sink Ships"
Expedition: Should be 12 left; 6 people on each crew. Captain (Azmyth?), officers on black.  

Dominica travel location info: "The Pilot's Jackpot - Hampstead beach: A beautiful black-sand beach on the island's north coast, this was also where the Black Pearl was washed ashore in Pirates 2!"

    We had originally pegged this as the Ep.6 expedition, because we can only see 11 people. But there are six people on the red crew, so there must either be six (or even seven, which would be Ep.4) on the black crew. Sean has fairly substantial beard growth, and there are three women (visible) on each crew - missing only Cheryl and Alexis. So we think this is probably Ep.5. Also, the Dominica travel location info pegs this as a black sand beach, which matches the digging pics.
    Black crew: Jupiter is shown on the black crew with Christa and Laurel, plus (at least) two guys who are barely visible at the water's edge. One looks like Azmyth (possibly Joe Don), the other is unidentifiable. For the red crew, Kendra, Joy and Nessa are all digging, and Louie is barely visible in his brown shirt in the cluster of red crew people digging up the treasure, and Ben can be seen behind Sean when he hoists the treasure up.
Episode 5 expedition pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
jupiter and christa again red crew - joy, kendra, cheryl, sean, nessa red victory - sean, ben
christa loses    
Black crew (6+): Jupiter, Christa, Laurel, Azmyth, Jay, Joe Don?
Red crew (6): Joy, Kendra, Louie, Nessa, Sean, Ben

Episode 6: ""
Expedition: Should be 11 people left; 6 people on black crew, 5 people on red crew.  

Dominica travel location info: "Dubique: Episode 6 was shot at Dubique on the south coast."

   For this expedition's black crew, Ben is in the lead, carrying the flag, while Azmyth follows, and Christa and one other woman (Jupiter?) are carrying the black ladder. There's another person hidden behind the second ladder carrier, and one more guy in a white shirt (Jay/ Sean/ Joe Don?) follows.
Episode 6 (?) expedition pics: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
black: ben, azmyth, christa, etc black: ben, azmyth, christa, etc  
Black crew (6): Ben, Azmyth, Christa, Jupiter?, Jay/ Sean/Joe Don, another person.
Red crew: ?

Episode 7: ""
Expedition: Should be 10 people left; 5 people on each crew.
- Appears to be: 10 people left, all on black crew; all 6 outcasts return as "white crew."

Dominica travel location info: "The Purser's Point - Scott's Head: At the southern tip of Dominica, this stunningly beautiful bay is a marine reserve."

- The white crew
= six-plus people in boat = Outcasts II, the Resurrection?
    And finally... the white crew. Christian, Alexis, Joe Don and Joy are all clearly visible. The guy behind Joe Don looks facially like Sean, but seems to have on one of Jay's shirts - but is most likely actually John, the scientist/ Chippendale dancer (as suggested by Aye Too Tacky). And there's also someone in the front of the boat, visible only as a flash of arm in the video, who we think is probably Cheryl. They seem to be rowing pretty hard, so we'd guess they at least get to keep the treasure if they find it, if not get back into the game entirely to some degree.
'White crew' pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
white crew white crew
white crew
White crew: Cheryl?, Christian, Alexis, Joy, Joe Don, John?

   For what it's worth, we think the "white crew", who are in the red crew's old boat, may be opposed by this group, flying the black crew's flag, which makes sense, since they're the captain and his crew (who are the black crew by default), opposing the outsiders.
    We see at least Nessa, Ben, Jupiter and Christa, and possibly Laurel with the Amidala-esque hairdo in the center. By our count, there are eight oars in the water, and two people (Jupiter, Laurel?) not rowing, so that would make 10 non-booted players, putting this in Episode 7, barring a prior multiple-boot episode.
Black crew pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
non-white crew non-white crew
Non-white/ black crew: Ben, ?, ?, Nessa, Jupiter, Laurel?, Christa, ?, ?, ?
Episode 8: ""
Expedition: Should be 9 people left; 5 on black crew, 4 on red crew.  
Dominica travel location info: "Indian River: Episode 1 and the Haunted Forest of episode 8. The Indian River is a mangrove-lined river in the north-west of the island. Also featured in Pirates of the Caribean 2!"

  No clear shots of Ep8 stuff, except perhaps for some of the random shots at the bottom of the page.
Episode 9: ""
Expedition: Should be 8 people left; 4 on each crew.  
Dominica travel location info: "Cabrits & Fort Shirley: Episode 2, 9 & 14. A national park and home of Fort Shirley, a large 18th-century British garrison."

   No clear shots of Ep9 stuff, except perhaps for some of the random shots at the bottom of the page.
Episode 10: ""
Expedition: Should be 7 people left; 4 on black crew, 3 on red.  
Dominica travel location info: "The Cooper's Treasure - Middleham Fallss: One of our tallest waterfalls, deep in the rainforest."

   No clear shots of Ep10 stuff, except perhaps for some of the random shots at the bottom of the page.
Episode 11: ""
Expedition: Should be 6 people left; 3 on each crew.
- Note: This matches the (non-CBS) picture at right.
- Black crew: Ben, two others. Red crew: three people.
e11 expedition
Dominica travel location info: "The Smuggler's Keep - Secret Beach: We'd tell you where this is... but it's a secret!"
(Photo at right from Dominica travel site's gallery).

    Again, the Dominica travel page's gallery shows a 3-on-3 challenge here. The only person we can definitively make out is Ben, who is the black boat's bow, with his back to the camera. It's possible the other two people in the black boat are Louie (brown shirt, in front of Ben) and Christa (blond hair, black head band), but the shot isn't clear enough to be sure.

Episode 12: ""
Expedition: Should be 5 people left; 3 on black, 2 on red?
- May be: A second outcast return, with the 5 people booted since Ep7 competing against the remaining five?
Dominica travel location info: "The Mapmaker's Constellation - Crabier: At the southern end of the island."

   No clear shots of Ep12 stuff, except perhaps for some of the random shots at the bottom of the page.
Episode 13: "" (series finale)
Expedition(s): Should be 4 people left: 2-on-2, then a three-way battle for the final treasure? laurel - f3?

Dominica travel location info (lists locations for Ep13 & Ep14):
(1) "The Carpenter's Noose - Miracle Lake."
(2) "The Captain's Bounty - Titou Gorge: A waterfall within a cave, featured in Pirates of the Caribbean 2." (Also, Cabrits & Fort Shirley, as in Ep.2 and Ep.9).

- Note: the Dominica travel site's interactive map lists Titou Gorge as the Ep.14 (second half of the finale?) location, along with Fort Shirley. Interestingly, the site's gallery has a shot of a rope bridge, which is also identified as being at Titou Gorge. As long as that location wasn't also used previously in the show, that would suggest that the CBS pre-show promotional shot of Laurel (above) comes from the final three portion of the finale. Maybe Laurel is the woman Cameron Daddo described as: "not particularly strong on expeditions and not particularly popular with the crew and yet she persevered and the other pirates kept her around."

Extra images...

But wait, there's more, This week we'll focus on the intro shots:
- Pictures 1 - 2: Longevity shots for Jay. First he's an officer, making him safe for an episode or two, and second, he gets a fairly heavy beard growing, almost hiding his previously exaggerated sideburns.
- Picture 3: Reasonably thick beard growth on Joe Don, suggesting he hangs around for a while after his demotion.
- Pictures 4 - 6: Cheryl, Joy and Laurel on the black crew. None of these have been seen yet, although all could potentially be from Ep.3.
Stray future pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
officer jay
1. Officer Jay
stubbly jay
2. Stubbly Jay
stubbly Joe Don
3. Stubbly Joe Don (black crew)
black crew Cheryl
4. Black crew Cheryl, with a bottle of some kind
red joe don
5. Black crew Joy, with headband.
black crew laurel
6. Black crew Laurel

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