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True Dork Times Pirate Master Spoilers
Episode 6: "Lambs to the Slaughter" Filmed: March 28-30, 2007?
Airdate: 9 p.m., July 5, 2007
Ep.6 : Summary | Crews | Expedition | Captain | Cut adrift | Future crews
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Pirate Master episode 6 spoiler/ speculation summary
black crew    We see Azmyth, Ben and Jay on black, as expected (also with Christa), and Joe Don and Louie appear to be on red. Nessa appears to get to cuddle up with Joe Don on the expedition, as well. More as the week progresses?

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red crew    The teams apparently do a lot of boating and running around, with one group bringing back some official Burnett Mint replica doubloons. We're not sure which crew wins, but we suspect the losers may be bitter. As may the viewers! (All two of them).

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stuffed jackets   Will the previous occupant of the blue jacket be displaced, and if so, will it be a bloody coup, or a simple unseating by superior treasure hunting? So many exciting questions.
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boot=joe don?    Someone will be cast out. Set adrift, with only a flickering light, plus a camera crew, spot light, boom mic and rescue boat for company. It'll either be Joe Don or Joy, but we're not absolutely sure which. A few more reasons for it to be Joe Don, though.

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future crews    Whereupon you'll find answers to such exciting questions as "Who's on the black crew two episodes from now?", "Why are those jokers wearing white bandanas?", and so on. Also known as: wasting time with stray vidcaps.

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