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True Dork Times Pirate Master Spoilers
Episode 3: "Bribes, Lies and Vengeful Eyes" Filmed: March 21-22, 2007?
Airdate: June 14, 2007
Ep.3 : Summary | Crews | Expedition | Captain | Cut adrift | Future crews
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Pirate Master episode 3 spoiler/ speculation summary
crews    Time for some of the heavily used preseason expedition images to get used up, it appears. Joe Don and his officers again helm the black crew, but challenge master Azmyth may be red (finally?) this time.

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booty, not bootee    The teams apparently do a lot of swimming and running around, with one group bringing back some fake, Burnett-minted doubloons. We're not sure which crew wins, but we suspect the losers may be bitter. As may the viewers!

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we'll keep guessing this until we're right   As you can see at left, we'll keep guessing that Azmyth is the captain until we're finally right. Although we think we might actually be right this time.
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Alexis    Somebody will get cut loose. Set adrift in the sea, with only a camera operator, lighting specialist, and rescue boat to accompany them. Oh, the tragedy. We're sure Alexis will find some way to whine about it, of course.

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outcasts    Who's left a few episodes down the road? Why are booted players shown rowing in white bandanas? Better yet, why would Mark Burnett resurrect one of his most-hated "twists" of all time? We can't answer all those questions, but we can make a stab at some of them.

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