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Episode 3: "Bribes, Lies and Vengeful Eyes" Filmed: March 21-22, 2007?
Airdate: June 14, 2007
Ep.3 : Summary | Crews | Expedition | Captain | Set adrift | Future crews
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Pirate Master episode 3 detailed captain & officers spoilers/ speculation
    Okay, we think it's finally time for CBS's preshow shot of Captain Azmyth cutting someone adrift (as no-longer-officer Cheryl looks away) to finally make it into the show. Why? We think Azmyth leads another crew to treasure (this time the red crew), and secures himself the captaincy, because he appears to stay on the black crew for at least the next three episodes. Also, we don't see any evidence of Cheryl past the next episode, so she's probably the next episode's boot, and since she's safe in the Azmyth captain shot below, that shot should therefore be from this episode.
    Some of the other images below may also be from this show.

Ep3(+) captain/ officer/ voting pics: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
Azmyth cuts someone (not Cheryl) loose Jupiter and Sean drink up officer jay does some work

   Again, we can also rule out an Ep3 mutiny against Joe Don, since he's shown voting at Pirates' Court (above). So the most likely event is that Joe Don is displaced from the captain's cabin (at some point in the future) when the red crew wins an expedition. Which we think happens this week. Not that Joe Don's vote is necessarily from this week.
   So who does Azmyth pick as officers? Both officers must be on the black crew in Ep4. Checking the future expeditions pictures, Jupiter fits that bill, although the above picture of Jupiter & Sean drinking in the officer's quarters doesn't make immediate sense, since Sean appears to be on the wrong crew this episode. But it's possible Azmyth selects Jupiter as an officer, and she invites former galley-mate Sean in for a nip of rum. Or it could be from a future episode.
    The other obvious pick would be Jay. Jay's shown in officer's jacket in the intro, slightly more stubbly than he's been thus far, but not dramatically so. He's also on Azmyth's crew in this episode, and some future episodes. Not that Azmyth couldn't pick a new set of officers the next time he wins, of course.

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