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Episode 2: "Nacho Mamma" (Air date: March 7th, 2002; filmed November 15-17, 2001)

Our Picks:
X Boot: Leaning towards Kathy.
RC: Rotu
X IC: Maraamu

Here's this week's misdirection from CBS:
Episode 2: "Nacho Mamma" 
All we have to go on is what the CBS site gives us, once again.  View the web preview here.
What CBS says What we think it means What actually happened
(1) Rob and Sarah grow closer, and their tribe mates are beginning to feel the heat. (1) Yes! More T & A!  The big question: will CBS play this up in their ads? (1) Was this even on the show?  Okay, maybe marginally.
(2) A tribe member brings home a feast, but gets a surprising reception from her teammates.  (2) Kathy is shown trying to get her tribe to come fish with her.  This may be as far as she goes. (2) Yup, but they patched things up until they eventually lose an IC.
(3) A newly-energized "Momma" begins to take charge, but finds dissension in her ranks. (3) This would be Patricia, who will likely be following Kathy out the door in ep3. Hunter is the acknowledged dad, which makes Gina the real mom. (3) Sorry, Momma. So long!

RC: "Do or Dive" - Rotu win?
Fig.1 below, from the Extra pre-show preview (thanks, Snewser) shows both tribes arriving at a beach, wearing buffs and carrying paddles.  This is not footage from episode 1, and it's not from the IC.  Since the media were likely only there for the first two episodes,  it's likely this is the ep2 RC. Gabe and Kathy have dry hair in this pic, so it must be arrival at the challenge.  The challenge appears to start at a dock, where both tribes dive in (Fig. 2), swim out and dive for things, then get back on their boats (Fig. 3).  From there, they have to row to shore, and bring their boats (and diving booty), on to the beach (Fig. 4-6).  From Fig. 5, it appears Rotu has a pretty commanding lead.IC: Eat something disgusting - Maraamu win?

This is the time for eating gross stuff, which creative interpretation of a Tahiti Presse article suggests might be a disgusting fish dish:

"Among the challenges last week for the eight candidates left, there was also 'fafaru,' a traditional polynesian food (fish left in salty water during several days...) Marquesans love 'fafaru' but it is true that it has a very special taste. Candidates were warned: 'If you do not eat it now, it will be full of worms tomorrow!' Three of the eight candidates refused to eat it and were penalized for it. The idea to use "fafaru" for "Survivor" came after Mark Burnett had dinner with polynesian friends a few days ago. They offered him a bowl of "fafaru". Mark Burnett tasted it but refused to swallow it. 'This has to be in Survivor!', he said."

Several people have interpreted "three of the eight contestants refused to eat the fish" as being three of the eight people from the tribe that won the Ep1 IC.  And as it turns out, according to ETOnline, this interpretation is right - at least so far as the fafaru eating is the ep2 IC.  Could three Rotu either not eat the fafaru, or at least fail to keep it down?  Maybe.  Since we don't have much else to go on, we'll go with that.  From ET's television preview, it looks like the final eat-off comes down to Rob versus Neleh (Neleh is shown twice, Rob is shown with a gigantic piece of fish).  Neither looks particularly thrilled with what they're eating, although Neleh looks very, very close to having it come back up.  Maraamu win?

Another Tahiti Presse article might provide weak evidence of a clue: "Two of the sixteen " Survivor " contestants were eliminated during the week of November 24, according to residents of Taiohae, the capital of the archipelago. They left the valleys of Hakaui and Hakatea for another secret site."  This suggests (again, weakly, since they got one of the valleys wrong) that the first two bootees may have come from different tribes.  If so, bossy Kathy is the obvious target on Rotu.


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