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Episode 1: "Back to the Beach" (Air date: February 28th, 2002; filmed November 12-14, 2001)

Our picks:
Rotu wins IC
Boot: Peter (see Episode 2)

View the CBS web site preview here.

IC - Rotu wins
This challenge appears to be a traditional physical first challenge, apparently a race involving dugout canoes.  From both the Rotu's acquisition of the idol, and the presence of only seven Maraamu at the episode 2 challenge, it looks pretty likely that Rotu takes this one.

Is there a separate episode 1 RC? (aka, "what's with the bags?")
The center and right vidcaps below (thanks, Paratrooper and Bungler) appear to show Maraamu hiking to or from a second water-based challenge.  All are in the same clothes they wore in the ep1 IC, except Peter (brown shorts, instead of dark blue) and Rob (brown shorts instead of orange - compare to below left picture).  What's interesting is that Maraamu are carrying colored bags in the latter shots, suggesting perhaps that Maraamu won this one.  Initially, it appeared Gina was absent from the hike with the bags, but the lower right vidcap appears to show her arm.  So this must be from episode 1, since Maraamu is down a member in ep2.  Could there be a separate reward challenge?  Tips to Dan and Wezzie from Survivormaps suggest that tribal councils were initially more than three days apart this time. If true, this would leave space for an RC. But based on the similarity of everyone else's clothes, especially the placement of Sarah's buff, we think this is most likely Maraamu either going to or returning from their IC loss, and the two guys just changed out of their wet shorts.  There may be an ep1 RC, but this is not evidence for it.


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