Welcome to the land o' spoils. Population: well, us and you. Read on to see our especially crappy attempt at ruining Mark Burnett's fun.
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Episode 7: "True Lies" (Air date: April 11th, 2002; filmed November 30-December 2, 2001)

Our Picks:
X Boot: Kathy, following EthanFan's claim.  Possibly Rob, the more logical choice.  Yeah, we made our traditional "pick the IC winner for the boot" pick.
RC: Probably not one, since it's the merge episode.
X IC: If Kathy gets booted here, Rob probably wins the IC.  Or vice-versa.

Here's this week's misdirection from CBS:
Episode 7: "True Lies" 
View the web preview here.
What CBS says What we think it means What actually happened
(1) The tribes merge, and confrontations are quick to ensue.  (1) The tribes merge, confrontations ensue, and they look quick, due to the editing of 72 hours down to 48 minutes. (1) Sounds about right.
(2) Rob confronts some of the tribe members and urges them to "tell the truth."  (2) Jack Nicholson, in a stunning guest appearance, informs Rob, "You can't handle the truth!"  (This was actually shown in the previews. Watch them yourself). (2) Hee hee!
(3) A secret alliance forms between two unlikely castaways. (3) John and Sean, sitting near a tree, h-o-l-d-i-n-g hands.  Sure, it's a prayer and all, but still.  Alternatively, Rob and Kathy could form one, when they're off scouting pre-merge. But that one won't last very long. (3) Rob and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien-Robinson.  Eeeww!!
(4) Kathy finds out some uncomfortable news.  (4) John still hasn't given up his sea urchin wrestling addiction, so it's time for more peeing!  Either that or her discomfort that Zoe won't tell her she's getting the boot. (4) Yawn.  Yup.

Boot: Kathy? Rob?
Rob is the obvious candidate, but multiple lines of evidence seem to point to Kathy not making the jury.
(1) She disliked the conditions at the Marquesas, but the jury members stayed there, probably in pretty nice surroundings.
(2) Patricia said on the Early Show, "even if you them food, it didn't matter... if they wanted you gone."
(3) EthanFan's post swearing Kathy is booted April 11th.  So Rob probably wins immunity, and Kathy goes, in a show of "faith" to Sean, Rob and Vee that John's alliance was telling the truth about booting the new ex-Maraamu first.

Evidence for Rob departing: (1) Gina called his strategy "dumb" on the Early Show, although that does not necessarily he mean he's next, just that he doesn't come close to winning.  (2) Both Peter and Patricia spoke glowingly of him in their post-boot interviews, suggesting they got more bonding time with him.  Evidence against: They're still playing up the drama in the previews.  Yes, sooner or later it has to pay off, but as evidenced in his performance in the two previous challenges, Rob can probably outlast pretty much everyone if he wants to, in an endurance IC.

So, in lieu of actual spoilers, which are always tough to come by around merge time, we'll just go for making fun of the show:

John: Stop looking at me, you're s'posed to be prayin'!
Rob: Actually, my eyes have just gone into tetanic contraction, after seeing all these hideous magenta buffs!

1. Vee: Sooo... just how long have you been wearing this shirt, Paschal?
2. Hi, Mr. Boom Mic! (red arrow)
3. Hi, Uncle Camerman! (black arrow)

1. Robert sneaks off into the woods to polish his blade.
2. John: I said, stay away from me, Uncle Camerman! (red arrow). Note, since the pants are different, this may actually be UC's uncle, Uncle Camerman.



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