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Episode 11: "Marquesan Vacation" (Air date: May 9th, 2002; filmed December 12-14, 2001)

Our Picks:
Boot: Robert
RC: Kathy
IC: Vee
Immunity: Vee

Here's this week's misdirection from CBS:
Episode 11: "Marquesan Vacation" 
View the web preview here.
What CBS says What we think it means What actually happened
(1) An unexpected event brings the castaways to tears for what one castaway calls "the most emotional moment of my life."  (1) This would be the always-touching visit from home, a.k.a. more tears from Sean.  As long as there's no singing, we're okay with that.  Then again, it looks like everyone's bawling this week, so tears may be no help. (1) Survivor repeats itself.  Although slightly more dastardly than before.
(2) A newcomer joins the tribe, but the honeymoon is short-lived when it comes time to plotting strategy. (2) Jeff Probst finally gets the boot?  They capture Uncle Cameraman, but Mark Burnett stops them just as they're about to carve him up for dinner? Nah, the RC winner's friend or family member just stops by, just like Colby's mom did. (2) Yawn.
(3) A "young princess" becomes a new target. (3) Princess Neleh will be set up as the bootee yet again.  So she won't be going. (3) Double yawn.

RC - Visit from home?  Vue?
The date here (December 13th) fits exactly with a Tahiti Presse article that claimed an RC winner received a visit from home.  There were several clear inaccuracies in the article, including the number of players left (they said eight), and we have reason to believe that this does not involve anyone's parents.  It's unclear if the Saturn Vue is involved here, or if the friends and family alone are the prize.  Unless the Ep12 RC is the food auction, there's a chance the Vacation in the title is seen from a Vue.  Anyway, the shocked faces in the preview belong to the contestants while they're at this challenge.  It's about time for letters/videos from home, so that's probably the questions they have to answer to win the RC.  The web promo shows the RC winner's friend to be male (apparently), and mentions "honeymoon."  Could it be Neleh's boyfriend?  Vee's fiance, Leander? Kathy's son (that would be in the Colby's mom sense)?  The preview shot is sufficiently difficult to see as to allow any of these possibilities, with the highest likelihood going to Vee and Kathy.  We'll go with Kathy.

Sean auditions for the new Tarzan movie, and there's another guest appearance by Uncle Cameraman!  Hi, Unky! 

Meanwhile, Kathy's upset that she has to get across all those circles to beat Sean in the RC. 

Looks like everyone's getting in on the crying game.

The special guest goes to camp. Is that Kathy in front of him?  Kathy has a 20-year-old son.

Most likely the hike to the IC, not the return.

Vee seems to be celebrating the breaking of someone's plate at the IC. Either that or she just lost. One of the two.

IC - Slingshots ahoy!
Can Robert win again?  Probably not.  So he's most likely gone, and the IC is irrelevant to the boot. Vee was a targeted by Tammy and Robert for unexplained reasons in the previous episode, and she's a military-trained marksman (probably not with slingshots, though).  She's also the only person shown participating in the IC, so she's as good a guess as anyone as the IC winner.  Another possibility is Robert, though, since he needs it most.  One of these two (Vee or Robert) is your likely victor.

Boot:  Robert?
Could there be a tie?  As votedoff.tv poster adnaps21 has pointed out repeatedly, the recent TV promos have used the odd phrasing of "Don't miss the elimination vote."  Now, this is most likely just poorly-phrased hype for a traditional boot, but seeing as this is the second-to-last opportunity for a tie vote, it's possible one could happen.  Some promos suggest Sean and Vee think about ditching their P/N alliance for a new one (Robert, presumably), which could theoretically pit Sean, Vee and Robert against Paschal, Neleh and Kathy.  But Kathy has also been tight with Sean in deciding her fate recently, so it could be a four-on-two situation, with Neleh vulnerable.  But that's only likely if Robert is immune.  No point ruffling feathers this late in the game for n good reason.

Robert is the bootee unless he pulls off another improbable IC win.  Given the huge amount of misdirection in this week's promos (strongly insinuating someone gets hurt... ha!), we suspect nothing of the sort happens.  So Kathy is forced to choose between the two cities of Neleh-Paschal and Sean-Vee in episode 12.  And since she's not all that fond of Neleh anymore, that won't be too surprising, either.  There is a slight possibility that Neleh or Vee gets whacked instead of Robert (IC-dependent chance, of course), in which case it would be Robert choosing in Ep12.  But Robert is the favorite this time.


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