Welcome to the land o' spoils. Population: well, us and you. Read on to see our especially crappy attempt at ruining Mark Burnett's fun.
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Episode 10: "The Princess" (Air date: May 2nd, 2002; filmed December 9-11, 2001)

Our Picks:
Boot: Tammy.
X RC: Robert?  Shoulda gone with the ad's shot of Pappy.
X IC: Paschal? Hey, if you flip these, we did pretty good.
X Immunity: Paschal? At least it wasn't passed, as we predicted.

Here's this week's misdirection from CBS:
Episode 10: "The Princess" 
View the web preview here.  Or not.
What CBS says What we think it means What actually happened
(1) After 28 days of slimy shellfish, Kathy is determined to catch a shark.  (1) Someone has to pee on Kathy.  Nah, too easy.  (1) Our guess was much more exciting than the reality, just as we expected.  *Yawn*
(2) Sean serenades a tearful, homesick Vecepia on her birthday and makes cheering her up a priority.  (2) Sean serenades a tearful, homesick Vecepia on her birthday and makes cheering her up a priority, by acceding to her requests to please stop. (2) She even invoked God's help in this cause.
(3) Two castaways enjoy a magnificent reward, but resentment grows among their stone-faced tribemates when they return and share their joyful experience with them. (3) It sounds like Vee doesn't go.  Perhaps this is merely that Vee is upset at the time of the RC winners' return, and they are unaware of this development. (3) No, Neleh just doesn't know when to stop talking about skin and beauty products.  Good thing she's selling Clinique!

RC - Cruise ship - just relaxation?
With seven players left, it seems a little early for friends or family to visit, but it could still happen, since the cruise ship parked off Challenge Beach brings back memories of Dr. Sean's dad visiting during S1.  Upon further review, we think the family/friends visit is coming in a later episode. Tammy would be a contender in what appears to be a physical, swimming-based challenge, but longer commercials during the weekend show the challenge to be carrying large rocks underwater.  Going back to the diving challenges from S1, men, specifically larger men (Robert), have a distinct advantage in this type of a challenge, due to larger lung capacity.  Sean's performance in the rock-removal challenge before seems to count him out.  Interestingly, Paschal is shown in the commercials, zipping along the sea floor like a stingray, while everybody else gasps for air at the surface.  Paschal appears to be getting reasonably close to the surface (and presumably a finish on the beach), too.  Could the old man win two RCs in a row?  Nah, probably not. We'll go with the big guy (Robert), although it should be noted that any one of Peter, Gabe, Hunter or Rob could have cleaned up on this challenge.

Sean: "Oh yeah, like I have a chance in a water challenge. Real fair, Mark! Look, she's already picking out her room!"

The traditional, gratuitous, seven-people-jumping-off-a-rainbow-colored-raft shot.

Paschal speeds along the ocean floor.  Is he really Aquaman?

IC - No previews
It would be a nice gesture to hand us the IC winner on a platter again this week, Mr. "Unpredictable."  Whatever.  Given a series of physical challenges, this one is most likely mental, possibly a memory one.  If so, Paschal, having memorized multiple arcane laws, may have an advantage.  Will he give it up?  Seems unlikely, unless Neleh's a target, and that's a stretch.

Boot:  Tammy
Tammy, as the budding Kelly W./Colby/Lex challenge fiend, is the biggest target.  But she also has a decent chance at immunity, and has demonstrated her reluctance to forfeit the necklace once she's won it.  Still, John still considers her a friend, and we have John's statement that his own boot was "the beginning of our demise."  Smells like a Pagonging, especially when the obvious Zoe boot was played up by CBS as "unpredictable."  Seems unlikely another IC would be designed allowing her to win.  Robert is the bootee if she's immune.


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