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True Dork Times Pirate Master Spoilers
Episode 4: "Death by Coconuts" Filmed: March 23-24, 2007?
Airdate: June 21, 2007
Ep.4 : Summary | Crews | Expedition | Captain | Cut adrift | Future crews
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Pirate Master episode 4 detailed captain & officers spoilers/ speculation
      With the red crew winning the expedition again this week, Azmyth's reign as captain should come to a quick end, sparing the crew from more rum-induced fake English accents. At least in theory. So who ends up in the blue jacket this week?

   Well, 50% of the red crew should end up in the captain's cabin this week, which means three of the following: Ben, Louie, Sean, Joy, Kendra and Nessa. Of these, the most likely captain candidates would appear to be any of the guys.
   One way to guess who ends up as captain/officers would be to look at future black crews, since the captain and officers always end up there the next episode. There are only two (that we know of) shots of immediately post-Ep4 black crews: one shows Christa and Joy, the other shows Ben, Azmyth and Christa, plus three others (one of whom is Jay, Sean or Joe Don). In that shot, Ben appears to be leading the crew, so he may be the most likely candidate this week. Plus, there's also the shot of Jupiter and Sean drinking in the cabin, but since they're on opposite crews this week, that seems unlikely to be relevant here.

Post-Ep4 officer/ black crew pics: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
Jupiter and Sean drink up black: ben, azmyth, christa, etc joy and christa, together on black crew

   The Ben shot may also be from beyond Ep5, as well. While there are six people on the black crew there, that would be true for both Ep5 and Ep6, so there are no guarantees it's relevant.

   Would a Ben captaincy be consistent with both Joe Don and Cheryl being marked with black spots (see the boot page)? Seems a bit unlikely, but we don't know how the "Royal Pardon" twist is supposed to play out. If Ben can secretly slip it to Joe Don for an episode, that would be consistent with Ben's previous expressions of loyalty to Joe Don, while temporarily muffling Louie's incessant anti-Joe Don rants. We're not sure a Captain Sean would do the same, and we're pretty sure a Captain Louie would never dream of such a thing.

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