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Who are you with, and how many are there? - Kaiser Island SA9, week 3

Week 3: Who are you with, and how many are there?

Published: August 5, 2022

Ryan recaps a tumultuous week, as multiple underdogs try to stay in the game, only to fall just short (of the merge). Ryan takes stock of the remaining players, and prepares for another four days of heartbreak next week, as the post-merge commences.

Blown up by tribe swaps - Kaiser Island SA9, week 2

Week 2: Blown up by tribe swaps

Published: July 29, 2022

It was a week of well-executed blindsides, underdog comebacks falling short, color-filled swaps and shocking medevacs that were not actually medevacs but still ended in shocks. A massive four-pack of Survivor SA, and Ryan has all the action recapped and stan stars dispersed.

I was hoping I wasn't Uranus - Kaiser Island week 1

Week 1: I was hoping I wasn't Uranus

Published: July 22, 2022

Ryan has enjoyed, absorbed, and now thrown stars at (you'll see) the first four hours/three boots of SurvivorSA's super-sized, first-ever returning player season, Return of Outcasts. Who will claim fandom's ulimate stan crown? (2 million rand not included in (figurative) crown.)

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