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So this is how it ends...

Ep.14: So this is how it ends...

Published: May 22, 2016


Pat Ferrucci looks back, again with confirmation bias, at the disappointing season finale of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

Jury Jeopardy

Pre-Ep.14: Jury Jeopardy

Published: May 16, 2016


Jeff Pitman and Pat Ferrucci team up in an attempt to predict the likely votes of the Survivor: Kaoh Rong jury members.

A winner's edit

Ep.13: A winner's edit? How each remaining castaway can take home the money

Published: May 14, 2016


Pat looks at the four remaining players, tries to dispense with confirmation bias, and maps out their best path to the million-dollar prize of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

Tai's a metaphor for a bad player

Ep.12: Tai's a metaphor for a bad player

Published: May 7, 2016


To look at the curious fractures in the final five's alliance in Episode 12 of Kaoh Rong, Pat turns to organization as organisms theory, and finds that Tai's attempted move upset the organism.

Michele follows along to someone else's agenda

Ep.11: Michele follows along to someone else's agenda

Published: May 1, 2016


Pat looks again to agenda-setting theory, and finds a disparity between Michele's talk about her own game and the coveted Big Moves™ that juries allegedly reward, at least through Episode 11 of Kaoh Rong.

Ep.10 Tai doesn't let ethics tie him down

Ep.10: Tai doesn't let ethics tie him down

Published: April 22, 2016


Pat Ferrucci tries to find an ethical theory that supports Tai's highly conflicted decision in Episode 10 of Kaoh Rong, and comes up with consequentialism.

Ep.9 Cydney and Aubry's lack of self-regulation dooms Debbie

Ep.9: Lack of regulation dooms Debbie

Published: April 15, 2016


Pat sees Debbie's downfall as a lack of self-regulation on Cydney and Aubry's part, and proposes an alternative path that might have saved Debbie, on Episode 9 of Kaoh Rong.

Ep.8 Nick vs. women's alliance

Ep.8: A story Nick didn't quite understand

Published: April 10, 2016


Pat looks at narrative transportation theory, to explain the disconnect between Nick's self-aggrandizing perception of his own gameplay and the playing that actually happened on Episode 8 of Kaoh Rong.

Ep.7 Neal's medevac

Ep.7: Emerging power

Published: April 1, 2016


As the Kaoh Rong merge arrives then leaves without a Tribal Council, Pat takes a spring break from theories, and assesses the relative power ranks of the remaining players.

Ep.6 Joe vs. Peter

Ep.6: Ironically, Peter is not so attractive?

Published: March 25, 2016


Using the reward theory of attraction, Pat finds that Peter's self-described attractiveness provided few rewards for Aubry, contributing to her decision to vote him out of Kaoh Rong this week.

Ep.5 Anna vs Tai

Ep.5: An exchange Anna hopes to forget

Published: March 18, 2016


Pat uses social exchange theory as a means to explain the poor returns Anna received from her post-swap attempts to make Tai appear an idol threat to her new tribemates in Ep.5 of Kaoh Rong.

Ep.4 brawn

Ep.4: Brawn depletes its ability to keep Alecia around

Published: March 11, 2016


Pat wonders if ego depletion theory explains Brawn's inability to win challenges through Ep.4 of Kaoh Rong, and how things might have played out differently if they'd booted Alecia in the first episode.

Ep.3 brains

Ep.3: How self-perception took down the Brains

Published: March 4, 2016


Pat finds that Liz and Peter's self-perception of being super-smart doomed their interactions with their fellow Brains and Liz's chances in Ep.3 of Kaoh Rong.

Ep.2 Tribal

Ep.2: Jenny shows everyone how not to play Survivor

Published: February 26, 2016


Pat sees cognitive dissonance as a possible reason for Jennifer's tumultuous Tribal Council performance on the second episode of Kaoh Rong.

Ep.1 IC

Ep.1: Producers prime those identities right away

Published: February 19, 2016


Pat uses Social Identity Theory (SIT) and priming theory to explain why the contestants so quickly embraced their assigned tribal identities in the Kaoh Rong premiere.

Ep1 IC

Pre-season: Trying to predict a season based on, um... nothing

Published: February 11, 2016


"Meet the Cast" along with Pat, as he watches the newbie players' introductory video, reads their bios, then tries to evaluate how they'll far during the Kaoh Rong season.


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