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Swapping it up, then down

Episode 6: Swapping it up, then down

Published: March 24, 2016


In light of the Survivor: Kaoh Rong tribal swap, Brian talks about the keys to surviving a swap when down in the numbers.

Superheated suffering

Episode 4: Superheated suffering

Published: March 10, 2016


After Kaoh Rong saw three contestants drop, mid-challenge, from dehydration and heat exhaustion, Brian talks about the extreme, medevac-inducing conditions as compared to those during the similarly sweltering Survivor: Guatemala.

Brian Corridan's Platinum PerspectivesBrian Corridan appeared as an "Ivy League student" (which, conveniently, he actually was) on Survivor: Guatemala, where he finished in 12th place. He currently lives in New York City, and denies that the Wine & Cheese Alliance is an actual alliance.