Kim Spradlin - Survivor: One World
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Seasons: 2 | Days: 74 | Wins: 1 | Jury: 1

Survivor: One World (2012) - Winner, 7-2-0.

  • Received 7 jury votes to win in Episode 14, "Perception Is Not Always Reality" (Day 39).

Survivor: Winners at War (2020) - 9th place, 14th out - 11th juror.

  • Voted out in Episode 12, "Friendly Fire" (Day 29).
  • Cumulative time: In-game - 29 days; Edge of Extinction - 6 days.

Kim Spradlin - Career statistics
Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S24: One World 6.08 13.81 0.44 9 3 10 0.90 3.60 7 9 0.78 2.11 14.35
S40: Winners at War 2.09 8.07 0.26 4 9 8 0.48 1.08 - - - 0.74 3.17
Career 8.18 21.88 0.37 13 12 18 0.72 2.48 7 9 0.78 1.48 8.90
Kim Spradlin - Challenge record
  • S24 logo One World challenges (click to expand/collapse)

    Coco Connection - Ep4 RC

    Tribal/team challenge record (7-for-13):

    • One World Ep. 1 RC/IC: "Free Fallin'" - Salani loses, Kourtney medevaced.
    • One World Ep. 2 RC: "DIY Knots" - Salani loses again, sans Probst.
    • One World Ep. 2 IC: "By The Numbers" - Salani loses again.
    • One World Ep. 3 RC: "Shut Your Trap"- Kim doesn't get a turn, but Salani sweeps Manono, 5-0.
    • One World Ep. 3 IC: "Ow Pairs" - Salani wins (after copying Manono's puzzle).
    • One World Ep. 4 RC: "Coco Connection" - Salani wins, Kim contributes one hit of the grid.
    • One World Ep. 4 IC: "Puzzle Relay" - Chelsea and Alicia cause a rare Salani loss, but Manono goes to tribal anyway.
    • One World Ep. 5 RC: "Dear Liza" - newly re-stocked Salani wins.
    • One World Ep. 5 IC: "Basket-brawl" - new Salani again easily wins against old, slow, tiny Manono.
    • One World Ep. 6 RC: "Coco Pops" - Salani wins again.
    • One World Ep. 7 RC: "Sea Turtles" - Kim is part of losing team (with Kat, Tarzan, Jonas, Mike, Leif).
    • One World Ep. 8 RC: "7UP" - Part of winning team (with Leif, Mike, Christina, Sabrina).
    • One World Ep. 9 RC: "DIY Ladder Tree Golf" - part of losing team (with Leif, Chelsea, Christina, Sabrina).


    Operation Balance Build - F4 IC

    Individual challenge record (5-for-12): (Mean % finish: 82%)

    • One World Ep. 7 IC: "Roller Ball" - Out in second round (of three; 8th/12).
    • One World Ep. 8 IC: "Odd Shaped Bottoms" - Makes final round, but just loses to Jay (2nd/11).
    • One World Ep. 9 IC: "When It Rains, It Pours" - Drops out very early for cupcakes (6th/10).
    • One World Ep. 10 IC: "Return from the Dead" - Narrowly misses 3rd and final round (3rd/9).
    • One World Ep. 11 RC: "Touchy Subjects" - Kim wins, duh. Why would anybody want to chop her rope? (1st/8)
    • One World Ep. 11 IC: "Slip Sliding Away" - Kim wins her first immunity necklace (1st/8).
    • One World Ep. 12 RC: "Connecting With Loved Ones" - Narrowly loses to Kat, goes on reward anyway (2nd/7).
    • One World Ep. 12 IC: "I Hold On" - Kim wins immunity again (two straight, 1st/7).
    • One World Ep. 13 RC: "Spinning Wheel" - Loses to Chelsea, gets taken on reward again (2nd/6).
    • One World Ep. 13 IC: "Bone to Pick" - Barely loses to Alicia (2nd/6).
    • One World Ep. 14 F5 IC: "Balance Beam Maze" - Kim wins (1st/5).
    • One World Ep. 14 F4 IC: "Operation Balance Build" - Kim wins again (1st/4).


    Redemption/Exile Island duel record (0-for-0):

    • One World: None.
  • S40 logo Winners at War challenges (click to expand/collapse)

    Water Slaughter - Ep1 F20 IC

    Tribal/team challenge record (5-for-11; 2 2nds):

    • Winners at War, Ep. 1 F20 IC: "Water Slaughter" - With Sarah, wins a point, and Dakal wins, 3-1.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 1 F19 IC: "Blue Lagoon Bustle" - Paddles, crosses obstacles, but Dakal loses.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 2 RC/IC: "Draggin' the Dragon" - Assembles, hauls and dismantles the cart; Dakal wins.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 3 RC/IC: "Along the Watch Tower" - Crosses obstacles, digs and carries ladder, and Dakal wins.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 4 RC/IC: "Beyond the Wheel" - Jumps for and retrieves a key, but Dakal blows the puzzle, loses.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 5 IC: "Block in a Hard Place" - Still with Dakal, knocks blocks, and Dakal doesn't lose (2nd*/3).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 6 IC: "Rice Race" - Crosses obstacles, drops balls twice on the table maze; Dakal loses.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 7 RC: "Ball-istic Missiles" - (Unaired). Dakal finishes last (3rd/3).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 7 IC: "Dishwalla" - Helps carry the dish across the obstacles, and Dakal doesn't lose (2nd*/3).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 9 RC: "New School" - Captain, swims and carries the net for the blue winning team.
    • [Winners at War, Ep. 11 RC: Unaired - Part of the winning team.]


    Bermuda Triangles - Ep9 IC

    Individual challenge record (1-for-6): (Mean % finish: 57.5%)

    • Winners at War, Ep. 8 IC: "Get a Grip" - Final woman to drop out (2nd/5).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 9 IC: "Bermuda Triangles" - Outlasts everyone else, and Kim wins! (1st/11).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 10 IC: "Got a Hunch" - One of nine people to not win (tie-2nd/10).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 11 IC: "10 Foot Pole" - First person to drop out, on the first stage (9th/9).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 12 IC: "When It Rains" - Second woman out, dropping for PB & chocolate (3rd/4).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 14 EoE RC: "Don't Call It a Comeback" - Reaches the table maze, places no balls (tie-4th/13).


    Redemption/Exile Island duel record (0-for-0):

    • Winners at War: None.
Career challenge totals
  • Team/tribal challenges
    Wins: 12
    2nd place: 2
    Played: 24
    Win%: 0.54
    Sat out: --
  • Individual challenges
    Wins: 6
    Played: 18
    Win%: 0.33
    Mean% Finish: 74.0%
  • Duels
    Wins: 0
    Played: 0
    Win%: --
    Mean% Finish: --
Kim Spradlin - Tribal Council record
  • S24 logo One World Tribal (click to expand/collapse)

    Final Three

    Idols held/played: (1/0)

    • One World, Ep. 5: Finds Salani's idol, hides it, but never plays it.


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (9/10):


    VAP - Votes against (3):

    • One World, Ep. 9: One vote, from Troyzan.
    • One World, Ep. 10: Two votes, from Troyzan and Leif.


    Jury votes received (7/9):

    • One World, Ep. 14: Received seven votes, from Jonas Otsuji, Michael Jefferson, Jay Byars, Kat Edorsson, 'Tarzan' Smith, Alicia Rosa, and Christina Cha (and won, 7-2-0).
  • S40 logo Winners at War Tribal (click to expand/collapse)

    Ep1 F19 Tribal Council

    Idols/advantages held/played (1/1; 2 votes voided):

    • Winners at War, Ep. 2: Finds the Dakal idol near camp; it's a split idol, so she gives half to Sophie (Day 4).
    • Winners at War, Ep. 10: Plays her idol for Denise, voiding two votes against (Day 25).


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (4/8):


    VAP - Votes against (9):

    • Winners at War, Ep. 1 (F19 vote): Three votes, from Sarah, Sophie, and Tony.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 4: One vote, from Nick.
    • Winners at War, Ep. 12: Five votes, from Ben, Jeremy, Nick, Sarah, and Tony (voted out, 5-3).


    Jury votes made (1/1):

    • Winners at War, Ep. 14: Voted for Tony Vlachos, who won, 12-4-0.
Career Tribal Council totals
  • Hidden idols
    Found: 2
    Played: 1
    Votes voided: 2
  • Voting record
    VFB: 13
    Tribals: 18
    VAP: 12
  • Jury votes
    Made: 1
    For winners: 1
    Received: 7
    Total jurors: 9
Kim Spradlin - Pictures
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Kim Spradlin - Interviews
Kim Spradlin - Bio
  • S24 logo One World bio (click to expand/collapse)

    From's pre-game interview with Jeff Probst:

    "Kimberly says: I was hoping I would look like a bridal owner and not tell anyone I used to be a whitewater rafting and outdoor adventure guide. I don't want to fly under the radar. I want to go big.

    Jeff says: Kimberly is another favorite to win. If she can get to the end, she'll win the money. She's likeable and smart enough to stay out of the way."


    From her official CBS bio page (1/19/12):

    "Personal Claim to Fame: Always being up for adventure! Opening my own business at age 26, working as a whitewater rafting guide, living at an orphanage in Thailand… Oh! And I can figure out what animal a person would be within five minutes of meeting them.
    Inspiration in Life: My dad. He has this amazing way about him that draws people to him. He makes everything feel special - vacations, movies, lunch at Subway, me. He is never afraid and funny as hell. He gives the most amazing and perfectly timed pep talks!
    Hobbies: Sand volleyball, reading and hanging out with really cool people.
    Pet Peeves: Speed bumps, corny humor, people who honk to reprimand rather than as a warning, and really bad bridesmaid dresses (there's no reason for that, really).
    3 Words to Describe You: Passionate, warm and clever.
    Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Probably Stephenie LaGrossa from Palau, because she's a badass (total honey badger). Also, Elisabeth Hasselbeck because she was friendly but competitive and Amanda because she is tall.
    Reason for Being on Survivor: Truly for the thrill of it! Stepping away from the comfort of my little world and challenging myself. Proving I can do as well at this game as I've always thought I could.
    Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: My mental toughness, wicked throwing arm (for a girl), and people sometimes underestimate my sneakiness.
    Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I believe in treating all people with respect and honor. Why would you vote off someone who respects you?"


  • S40 logo Winners at War bio (click to expand/collapse)

    Excerpts from her official CBS Survivor: Winners at War cast bio page (1/15/20):


    Pet peeves: People who stare at parts of my face that are not my eyes during conversation, road ragers, and perpetual nail picking.

    When did you first watch Survivor?

    Senior year of high school, 2001.


    Do you still watch Survivor?



    What does Survivor mean to you and your family?

    Since we've loved watching the show since the beginning, the experience of getting to go and do it was supremeit's such a bright memory for us all.


    What is one way playing Survivor changed your life?

    I needed a reset button for my own self-confidence and just in life in general. Survivor was the perfect thing at the perfect time; I believe it changed my trajectory going forward.


    As Survivor approaches Season 40 and celebrates 20 years on television, what does it mean to be a part of the legacy?

    It's such an integrated part of my life I sometimes forget and take it for granted. I'm so grateful for all the fun that has come from being a part of Survivor.


    How will you play differently than you did in your past season?

    My life has changed tremendously in the last seven years. My first go-round I was 28 and newly single, I coveted the escape and the adventure of Survivor. Since then, I got married and had three babies as fast as humanly possible. I think this will perhaps change everything about the way I play, I just don't know exactly how. My plan is to take this new season as a completely new and separate experience from the last!"