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Scotch 'n' Survivor


Okay, friends, a little preface here. I decided to do a quick post this week because I know I won’t be able to get one up next week because I have to retake the LSAT a week from Saturday because I’m a big ol' dummy. Although turkey time is always busy, I figured a little something this week is better than nothing for two weeks.


So, instead of my normal column, I delved deep into my old man’s scotch reserves (which go frightfully neglected when I’m not in Colorado), had a few glasses, then typed some stuff while I watched this week’s episode (and continued to enjoy scotch). All this to say, the following are said ramblings. They are unaltered, but I think they’re at least mildly humorous. Enjoy, and happy Turkey Day!


Was anyone else impressed by how well Chrissy did in the water? Because she killed it, my low expectations for her aside. I guess I never really paid attention to her in the water. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised? But she made Ben look silly.


On a similar note, JP… too bad challenge beasts aren't viable winner contenders when he’s being made this one dimensional. His prowess was impressive all the same.


Also, Joe! I’m impressed you were that good at shooting a basketball. I didn’t think he could do anything in challenges aside from brute strength. Props, homie.


Joe wins the RC


“He’s strangely entertaining.” Why wasn’t that the title of the episode? Joe is, at least to me, quite entertaining. I’d metaphorically blow my brains out if I had to be on the same island as him, I think, but he never stops trying to play. Whether that’s successful or not isn’t the point here. He makes effort to stay in the game however he can. Yes, he’s a villain, but this season wouldn’t be nearly the same without the level of unpredictability he brings. I hate to give him this much credit, but he is a faux Tony. Please, please, please don’t think I’m putting him in the same caliber of player, but as Ben noted in a post a few weeks back, some people try to play like their idols from previous seasons. That’s Joe, a ghost of one of the greats, a knockoff, but nothing more.


Devon—at least as far as the edit shows—impressed me. He didn’t reveal that Ryan told him about the idol. That’s huge! He’s a better player than we’re seeing… and better than I’ve been giving him credit for.


That’s the most uncomfortable challenge I can remember seeing since the final one in Thailand. And 20 minutes? Jeez… that’s insane, and insane props to all who made it to that landmark. But Lauren. I am so proud of you. Ben, again, I think said she was a dark horse to win this thing? He’s not wrong. She’s impressive, and I’d be too stoked if she pulled it off.


Lauren wins the IC


Again, Ben (and even Lauren, though less so), coming off as domineering this week in terms of how he dealt with Ashley at the well, telling her how things were going to be. I don’t think he’s necessarily wrong—though, perhaps, only because I know Joe doesn’t have an idol—but once more, I like Ben less this week than I did coming in. That does not bode well for any winner edit or heroic archetype, tragic or otherwise.


Mike, deciding to play the idol come hell or high water. Don’t know if that’s necessarily smart, but if it mixes up the game, I love it!


Mike whispering to Joe to follow his lead means one of two things: 1) Joe listens and Mike’s plan works and his winner edit looks as strong as ever, 2) Joe doesn’t and Mike’s plan fails and all this hype was unfortunately leading to another Pagong-esque vote.


Trust me


Mike, please, please, please, let your Arthur allusion mean Ben gets the boot. Also, helluvuh comparison and a great quote if you go on to win this thing.


Cole wants no one to remember he’s there. I get that. I wish he wasn’t and Desi or Ali or Roark was. Oh well.


Holy shit. Haven’t seen or heard from JP since the reward challenge, and the camera just panned to him. Honestly, forgot he was here…


Bittersweet. Cole, not sad you’re gone. Survivor, I wished something had gotten mixed up here.


That all being said, I think Mike’s story, paired with the chaos that is Joe, could ultimately end Ben given the relatively negative edit he’s been getting. Oh well. On to the “Next Time On… Survivor!”


Honestly, I don’t have high hopes that anything gets shaken up. Mike and Joe do seem like dead men walking. Do I really believe Ashley is going to want to work with Joe after how much shade she gave him this week? I suppose crazier things have happened, but to be fair, a true Pagonging is rare. Let’s sit back, dearest readers, and hope the Heroes and Hustlers make things a little more interesting—either now or after Joe and Mike bite the dust.


Mike… why the hell would you and Joe not vote for Ben and play your idol? I don’t see the logic here. Stupid, stupid.




Okay, dearest readers, sober-me here once more. Hope this was at least mildly entertaining. Wish me luck next week one lawyer stuff, because I think I’m going to need it. Also, as a finishing point, scotch-me wasn’t wrong. I’d be shocked if Joe or Mike don’t leave. I’m going to go ahead and say Joe’s getting the boot one more time. I think my pessimism toward Joe could actually pay off… but I hope he sticks around. We need all the unpredictability we can get in this season.






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