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Episode 11
"Surprise And... Surprise Again!"

Filmed July 25-27, 2004
Airs November 24, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -One Survivor tries to solidify a Final Four position, but is crushed to learn that things aren't always what they seem.
-The Survivors are surprised by an emotional reunion with their loved ones. But only one castaway gets quality time with their loved one.
-At the Immunity Challenge, castaways are surprised to get special help for the competition.
-One Survivor approaches a tribemate with a plan for the upcoming Tribal Council vote. Caught off-guard, the tribemate tries to deflect the vote. How will the voting go down?
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CBS Ep11 web promo
Uploaded November 19, 2004

Voiceover: Survivor Thursday... a visit with loved ones brings tears of joy.
Eliza: Sob
Julie: Ha ha ha ha...
Voiceover: And an unexpected twist!
Eliza: No!
Voiceover: Plus, the women have dominated the game until now.
Scout: Rowrrrrr!
Ami: Clap!
Probst (at challenge): This is gonna be fun!
Voiceover: Chris is the last man standing... (various grunts)... and he'll do anything to survive!
Chris (confessional): I'll turn the tide, I'll take the risk, right now.
Twila (confessional): It's time for something to change
Voiceover: Who is gonna go home?
Chris (to Eliza): You have my word, this is how you can stay.
Voiceover: Don't miss TV's most watched reality show. New Survivor, CBS Thursday.


Post-Ep10 TV preview
Aired November 18, 2004
Probst; Next time on... Survivor
Chris (to Eliza, Julie, Leann): Scout... Twila... come to me and Chad, wanting to form an alliance with us. Swear to God on my family's lives!
Chris (confessional): I narced out Scout and Twila.
Probst: The girls confront Scout.
Scout (to Ami, Leann): It's not Scout's idea, that is what I'm trying to tell you.
Scout (confessional): Rowrrrrr! My hackles came up.

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