Survivor 22 general mockery
Survivor: Redemption Island mockery - Episode 3
Keep hope dead
By: Jeff Pitman | Published: March 3, 2011

A quick look inside the numbers...



To, you know, keep hope dead:


Russell Hantz: 86 consecutive days on Survivor before being voted out the first time.


Amanda Kimmel: 108 consecutive days before first being voted out. NOT EVEN CLOSE!


(And of course, Sandra Diaz-Twine has an intact streak of 78 days and $2 million.)



Most disturbing potential Probst foreshadowing from Episode 3


No, it's not his incessant chatter about how booting someone who's trying to destroy his own tribe is "bad" because it robs [heh] the tribe of "numbers." Nor is it just his incessant chatter. It's that he keeps talking about how the people on Redemption Island are battling to stay alive, or be "Staying Alive."


Staying Alive


Yes, we are telling you that Jeff Probst is trying to hint (some might say "spoil") that an upcoming Redemption Island duel will be a full-on disco explosion. We assume the bloated carcass of John Travolta will be airlifted in as a "guest judge/ mentor." Maybe even recently unemployed CBS reality show host Paula Abdul.


Don't say we didn't try to warn you.