L.J. McKanas - Survivor: Cagayan
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Seasons: 1 | Days: 25 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 1

Survivor 28: Cagayan (2014) - 9th place, 10th out - 3rd juror.

  • Voted out in Episode 9, "Bag of Tricks" (Day 25).

L.J. McKanas - Career statistics
Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S28: Cagayan 1.51 5.36 0.28 3 8 5 0.56 1.40 - - - 0.84 2.91
Career 1.51 5.36 0.28 3 8 5 0.56 1.40 - - - 0.84 2.91
L.J. McKanas - Challenge record
  • S28 logo Cagayan challenges

    Idol Hands - Ep6 RC

    Tribal/team challenge record (7.5*-for-11):

    • Cagayan Ep. 1 RC/IC: "Draggin' the Dragon" - Does the puzzle, and Solana wins (1st/3).
    • Cagayan Ep. 2 RC/IC: "Phish Farm" - Does the puzzle again, overcoming a huge deficit, allowing Beauty to finish second (2nd*/3).
    • Cagayan Ep. 3 RC/IC: "Mazed and Confused" - Tosses water and pulls ropes, as he & Jeremiah lose on the maze (3rd/3).
    • Cagayan Ep. 4 RC: "Haulin' Oats" - Tethered to Jefra and blindfolded as he collects items for Solana, and Solana wins chickens (1st/3).
    • Cagayan Ep. 4 IC: "Octopus' Garden" - Swims and rebounds, as Solana wins again, blowing past the hapless Luzon and a trying-to-fail Aparri (1st/3).
    • Cagayan Ep. 5 RC: "Kicking and Screaming" - Now with New Solana, successfully removes Alexis from her pole. Eventually, Solana wins, 2-1.
    • Cagayan Ep. 5 IC: "Gate Crasher" - Works the maze again, as Solana barely loses.
    • Cagayan Ep. 6 RC: "Idol Hands" - Beats Jeremiah in his bout, and Solana wins, 4-2.
    • Cagayan Ep. 6 IC: "Styx" - With Woo, works the final puzzle, and Solana wins.
    • Cagayan Ep. 8 RC: "Rise and Shine" - Does the puzzle for the winning team, gets to enjoy Outback.
    • Cagayan Ep. 9 RC: "Supertramp" - With Jefra & Trish on one of the two losing teams.

    *Note: Second-place finishes during the three-tribe phase of Cagayan count as half a win.


    Living Color - Ep9 IC

    Individual challenge record (0-for-3): (Mean % finish: 64%)

    • Cagayan Ep. 7 IC: "Bermuda Triangles" - Third to drop out, part of the mass fall-off at the Rd.3 transition (9th/11).
    • Cagayan Ep. 8 IC: "Keep On Your Toes" - Eighth to drop out, at the 1-hour mark (3rd/10).
    • Cagayan Ep. 9 IC: "Living Color" - With Tony, tied for last person eliminated, on the 7th tile (tie-2nd/9).


    Redemption/Exile Island duel record (0-for-0):

    • Cagayan: None.
Career challenge totals
  • Team/tribal challenges
    Wins: 7.5*
    Played: 11
    Win%: 0.68
    Sat out: --
  • Individual challenges
    Wins: 0
    Played: 3
    Win%: 0.00
    Mean% Finish: 64%
  • Duels
    Wins: 0
    Played: 0
    Win%: --
    Mean% Finish: --
L.J. McKanas - Tribal Council record
  • S28 logo Cagayan Tribal

    Ep9 Tribal Council

    Idols held/played: (1/1; 0 votes voided)

    • Cagayan, Ep. 3: Finds the Solana without benefit of a clue while his tribe is distracted by moping about the storm.
    • Cagayan, Ep. 7: Fruitlessly plays his idol at the merge, for Tony. Neither he nor Tony receive any votes.


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (3/5):


    VAP - Votes against (8):

    • Cagayan, Ep. 5: Three votes, from Cliff, Lindsey, and Woo.
    • Cagayan, Ep. 9: Five votes, from Tony, Woo, Spencer, Jeremiah, and Tasha (voted out, 5-3-1).


    Jury votes made (1/1):

Career Tribal Council totals
  • Hidden idols
    Found: 1
    Played: 1
    Votes voided: 0
  • Voting record
    VFB: 3
    Tribals: 5
    VAP: 8
  • Jury votes
    Made: 1
    For winners: 1
    Received: --
L.J. McKanas - Pictures
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L.J. McKanas - Interviews
  • S28 logo Cagayan interviews

    Pre-game interviews

    • None, apart from the CBS one, embedded below.


    Post-game interviews

    • Dalton Ross & Jessica Shaw at EW (4/17/14): "LJ from Survivor says 'I cannot explain anything that Tony does'"
    • Rob Cesternino at RHAP (4/17/14): "Interview with the Latest Player Voted Off Cagayan - 4/17/14"
    • Daniel Fienberg at HitFix.com (4/19/14): "L.J. McKanas talks Survivor: Cagayan"
L.J. McKanas - Bio
  • S28 logo Cagayan bio

    From his CBS Survivor: Cagayan bio page (1/22/14):


    "Personal Claim to Fame: Making the Hall of Fame at Northeastern University and my high school.
    Inspiration in Life: My mom because she beat cancer.
    Hobbies: Horse racing, fishing and designing.
    Pet Peeves: Incompetent people, liars and thieves.
    3 Words to Describe You: Competitive, creative and witty.
    If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? Starburst and an iPad.
    Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Boston Rob, because he has just the right amount of charm, charisma and looks to persuade anyone to do what he wants.
    Reason for Being on Survivor: The challenging adventure and the money.
    Why You Think You’ll “Survive” Survivor: My puzzle skills, athletic ability, my wittiness and logical thinking.
    Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: My athleticism will carry me through the early stages, my charm through the middle, and smarts to play through to the end.
    Do You Consider Yourself a Brain, a Beauty or a Brawn? I’d consider myself a Brawn. I'm a down-to-earth, rugged guy who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and brains seem to be smarts lacking the physical abilities. You can be brawny and good-looking and we have a brain.
    Who Do You Think Has the Best Chance in the Game of Survivor: Brains, Beauty or Brawn? Brawn have the best chance. Perception is they are big, competitive athletes lacking the mental fortitude to go on. After dominating early physical challenges they present little mental risk for further advance in the game. Egos left aside, they have the best chance to win the game."