Dylan Conrad - SurvivorNZ: Thailand
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Seasons: 1 | Days: 21 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 0

SurvivorNZ: Thailand (2018) - 11th place, 8th out.

  • Voted out in Episode 7 (Day 21).

Dylan Conrad - Career statistics
Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
NZ2: Thailand 0.95 3.10 0.31 1 9 3 0.20 0.72 - - - 0.50 1.67
Career 0.95 3.10 0.31 1 9 3 0.20 0.72 - - - 0.50 1.67
Dylan Conrad - Challenge record
  • SNZ2 logo NZ: Thailand challenges

    Ep1 IC

    Tribal/team challenge record (7-for-14; 2 sit-outs):

    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 1 RC: Manages to avoid actually participating; Khang Khaw wins.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 1 IC: With Lisa, works the puzzle, and Khang Khaw wins again.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 2 RC: "Smash & Grab" - Unlocks the box containing the ball; Khang Khaw wins melons.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 2 IC: "Shoulder the Load" - One of the Khang Khaw loaders; Khang Khaw wins, 3-0.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 3 RC: "Idol Hands" - Loses to Arun, and Khang Khaw loses, 10-3.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 3 IC: "Deep In Thought" - Sits out, as Khang Khaw wins big.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 4 RC: "Sumo at Sea" - Goes 0-3, losing to Arun and Liam (twice), but Khang Khaw wins, 10-5.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 4 IC: (Chains, bolos) - Sits out, as Khang Khaw throws the challenge, loses.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 5 RC: "Dizness as Usual" - Now with Chani, helps move the boards along, but Chani loses.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 5 IC: "Buoy oh Buoy" - Works the vertical puzzle for Chani, and Chani wins.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 6 RC: (Bridge & slide puzzles) - Works the bridge and slide puzzles with Dave; Chani wins.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 6 IC: "Discy Business" - Original Chanis throw the challenge; Chani loses.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 7 RC: "Kicking and Screaming" - Not yet participating when Chani forfeits/concedes.
    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 7 IC: (Obstacles, math puzzle) - Helps carry and works the math puzzle, but Chani loses.


    Individual challenge record (0-for-1): (Mean % finish: 25.0%)

    • NZ: Thailand Ep. 1 Ind. RC: Eliminated in the first round (tie-11th/18).


    Outpost duel record (0-for-0):

    • NZ: Thailand: None.
Career challenge totals
  • Team/tribal challenges
    Wins: 7
    Played: 14
    Win%: 0.50
    Sat out: 2
  • Individual challenges
    Wins: 0
    Played: 1
    Win%: 0.00
    Mean% Finish: 25.0%
  • Duels
    Wins: 0
    Played: 0
    Win%: -
    Mean% Finish: -
Dylan Conrad - Tribal Council record
  • SNZ2 logo NZ: Thailand Tribal

    Ep4 Tribal Council

    Idols held/played: (0/0)

    • NZ: Thailand: None.


    VFB - Votes for the person booted (1/3):


    VAP - Votes against (9):

    • NZ: Thailand, Ep. 4: Two votes, from Lisa and Tara.
    • NZ: Thailand, Ep. 6: Two votes, from Adam and Matt.
    • NZ: Thailand, Ep. 7: Five votes, from Adam, Arun, Dave, Matt, and Renee (voted out, 5-1).


    Jury votes made (0/0):

    • NZ: Thailand: None.
Career Tribal Council totals
  • Hidden idols
    Found: 0
    Played: 0
    Votes voided: --
  • Voting record
    VFB: 1
    Tribals: 3
    VAP: 9
  • Jury votes
    Made: 0
    For winners: --
    Received: --
Dylan Conrad - Pictures
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Dylan Conrad - Interviews
  • SNZ2 logo NZ: Thailand interviews

    Pre-game interviews

    • Stuff.co.nz (4/12/18): "How super-fan Dylan Conrad plans to fool his competitors"
    • ZM Online (4/13/18): "Meet the Survivor contestants: Dylan, Eve, Tess and Liam"


    Post-game interviews

    • Jack Van Beynen at Stuff.co.nz (6/3/18): "Why superfan Dylan was 'salty' about being voted out"
    • Ryan Brink at Brink of Reality (6/4/18): "Dylan Conrad - Thailand Exit Interview | Episode 7"
    • Kyle & Bryan at 2 Boys Talk Survivor (6/4/18): "NZ Thailand E07 Exit Interview Pt II"
    • Shannon Gaitz at RHAP (6/5/18): "Thailand Bonus Podcast | Week 7 Exit Interviews"
Dylan Conrad - Bio
  • SNZ2 logo NZ: Thailand bio

    Excerpts from his official TVNZ SurvivorNZ: Thailand bio (4/12/18):


    "Dylan is the ultimate Survivor super-fan. He co-hosted a dedicated Survivor New Zealand podcast for the first season. Before Survivor came to New Zealand last year, he even applied for US residency to try and get on the American version!

    When it comes to his ability to source food, Dylan isn’t sure how he will go in the wild, he is too used to living in Auckland, ordering UberEATS and staying in Airbnb’s when on holiday! 


    How would your friends describe you? I’m the realist; if you need an honest opinion about anything, you come to me. I’m not afraid to deliver hard truths but I know how to have a laugh. I think they’d also say that I’m the kind of person who really doesn’t care what the world thinks of me. I’m unapologetically me, and I think that’s why my friends like me. Most importantly, I think they’d say I have their backs, if I hear someone talking trash about my friends I’m going to say something about it!


    What was the first thing you did when you found out you were to be one of the castaways on Survivor New ZealandI cried, like, a lot! Then I called my mum and got pizza for dinner. It was a truly surreal moment in my life, one that I’ll never forget. I’ve watched this show since the very beginning and the earliest season that I remembered was the Thailand one. So, this all just felt like it was meant to be!


    What did you do to prepare for SurvivorI listened to a lot of podcasts, deep dives and exit interviews with contestants. My strongest muscle is my brain, so I focused on that. I downloaded puzzles apps, studied how different puzzles worked and completed them daily on my way to work.


    What makes you the ideal teammate? I don’t take myself too seriously; I’m happy being laughed with or at. I think that’s needed in a game like Survivor. Someone has to keep the air light, and it usually means people don’t see you as too much of a threat! Besides that, I’m fiercely loyal. Like Sandra Diaz-Twine has always said ‘If I tell you I got your back, I got your back’."


    Pre-game interview by ZM: