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Episode 5
"Earthquakes and Shakeups"

Filmed July 8-9, 2004
Airs October 14, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -Both tribes receive unexpected visits from Vanuatu natives bearing a message with consequences for all the castaways.
- A massive earthquake rocks the island, literally shaking things up for the tribes.
- A trip for one tribe leads to bonding and makes one castaway very happy.
- One castaway is caught by a tribemate while attempting to communicate secretly with a member of the opposing tribe.
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CBS Ep5 web promo
Uploaded October 8, 2004
TV versions added where possible.

Voiceover: CBS Thursday... don't miss the deepest underwater challenge in Survivor history.
Probst (at challenge): Both guys under a long time.
Voiceover: Plus, an unexpected twist...
Lisa: Uh oh!
Voiceover: the two tribes
Native: One chief!
Rory: What the hell's going on today?
Voiceover: And a massive earthquake shakes the island.
Julie/Eliza: Oh my God!
Voiceover: It'll be a true test of survival. A news Survivor you can't miss, Thursday on CBS.


Post-Ep4 TV preview
Aired October 7, 2004
Thanks to Okie at MESS for uploading the video.

Probst: Next time on Survivor...
Eliza: There are people coming in on a canoe.
Scout: Are you serious?
Eliza: I'm dead serious!
Probst (voiceover): Lopevi and Yasur face a shakeup.
Probst (elsewhere): All right everybody, drop your buffs.
Probst (Voiceover): And then...
Leann (filming confessional): Holy sh...
Eliza: Oh my God!
Travis: Whoa! You feel that earthquake?


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