Screaming at the Screen - Damnbueno's Survivor 46 recaps
Screaming at the Screen  - Survivor 46
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Screaming at the Screen

A new season: Coming to you soon

To be published: Febuary 26, 2024?

Damnbueno will be back for Survivor 46 with more hot-off-the-press takes on the challenges, strategy, and (likely) oversharing of secrets that the new cast brings, the day after the premiere.

damnbuenoDamnbueno got his nickname in 8th grade Spanish class when his friend shouted out "You're pretty damn good at Spanish." The teacher insisted he say it in Spanish, so the friend said "Esto es damn bueno en Espanol." The nickname stuck. These days, when he's not forgetting his 8th grade Spanish, Damnbueno is indulging his obsession with all things Survivor. Reach him in the comments section here at True Dork Times.