Survivor 22 general mockery
Survivor: Redemption Island mockery - Episode 1
"You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe"
By: Jeff Pitman | Published: February 16, 2011

Quick quiz: These people have just been told:

Gasps of young disbelief

(Please fill in the entire oval using a #2 pencil only)


(__) A. In addition to Redemption Island, another new twist in the game is that, if at any point there are fewer than two players under age 25 left in the game, one will be allowed to re-enter.

(__) B. Jeff Probst is taking a break from filming, to audition for retiring talk show host Regis Philbin's job. For the next few episodes, Justin Bieber will fill in.

(__) C. There is a sewing kit and pieces of fabric in each camp!

(__) D. In a product placement coup, Redemption Island has its own Chuck E. Cheese.



Top 6 things going through Steve Wright's head at this exact moment...

Steve chokes a troll

(He's the taller gentleman in the blue, largely unheard from in Ep1, but what can you do?)


  • "Nobody's looking. I could crush him like a bug. Like a bug! Oh, wait, the camera's on us... dammit."
  • "Seriously? This is all there is?"
  • "Why, you little...!"
  • "I went through all those interviews, got all those shots, and put my life on hold for two months to be stuck with this guy? Oh well, at least the idols will be easy to find."
  • "Gigantic... gigantic... gigantic... A big, big love."
  • "Okay, I have my final three goat right here. Who else? Nerd in the suit? Fingernail muncher in the gray shirt?"



Most disturbing mental image of the week


(From Jeff Probst's new blog at


"I took my boombox, yes I still have a boombox, and I gathered the Survivors around me in a circle. They still couldn't talk because the game hadn't yet started. I then put on LOSE YOURSELF by Eminem. I blasted it from the speakers. I had the words printed on a sheet of paper. I went from one person to another singing the song.. well talking the song… well actually just basically screaming the song." (Sample lyric: "You only get one shot, don't miss your chance to blow.")


What the Survivors were probably thinking:


"Pfft, Boston Rob's had three shots, not counting TAR. Glad he's not here."



"Ooh! Eminem! I haven't heard this song since 4th grade!"



"There is a small, old white man 'rapping' at me. What have I done?"



"[Humorous comment removed by Survivor editors]."