Anthony Cusumano

Anthony CusumanoAnthony (aka beatles20147) is a longtime Survivor fan and former Survivor Historian, who also holds the vaunted distinction of being the only Survivor Sucks poster to whom Jeff Probst has ever responded. (He posted logical, constructive criticism about the Redemption Island format after Redemption Island aired; Probst posted a response, saying he understood his concerns, then promptly put RI right back in for South Pacific, because he's Jeff Probst, and he does Jeff Probst-y things.)

  • S50 logo Survivor 50
    It's time to vote

    Pre-Survivor 50: It's time to vote

    Published: May 24, 2024


    Guest author Anthony Cusumano (formerly beatles20147) introduces a massive poll in which voters can rank every living former Survivor contestant on a 5-point scale, as a measure of which alumni fans most want to see on Survivor 50. 50 will, of course, be the first all-returning-player season in five years when it airs in 2026, but casting for it will officially kick off this fall. And on that note, it's time to vote.

  • S31 logo Survivor 31: Cambodia - Second Chance

    Pre-season: Beatles ranks the Second Chance pool's chances

    Published: May 10, 2015


    Guest author beatles20147 analyzes the Second Chance fan vote, Jeff Probst's motivation in creating it, and the possible returnees' relative possibilities of returning. With bonus input from his mom.