The Baker's Dozen

Final three

Ep.14: All's well that ends well

Published: December 24, 2014


Andy closes the book on San Juan del Sur, and finds himself satisfied with the ending, in light of Natalie's top-tier winning performance.

Ignoring the edit

Ep.13: Ignoring the Edit

Published: December 14, 2014


In which Andy implores Survivor fans to set aside the concept of the winner's edit, and look with fresh eyes at who might actually win San Juan del Sur. And predicts who that will be.

Reaching Conclusions

Ep.11-12: Reaching Conclusions

Published: December 8, 2014


Andy evaluates the double episode's big move(s?), then reaches conclusions about how this will impact the remaining two episodes of San Juan del Sur.

The Power of Positivity

Ep.10: The Power of Positivity

Published: November 28, 2014


Andy comes to praise Survivor, not to bury it. Or at least to praise Reed and Natalie's gameplay in this week's episode. And even Baylor and Jaclyn getting cookies!

Producing a Blindside

Ep.9: Producing a Blindside

Published: November 23, 2014


Andy dons his patented tinfoil buff, alleging many of the remaining players on San Juan del Sur, rather than spontaneously gaining game knowledge, appear to have been subtly coached by the questions producers ask during confessionals.

Brain Dump

Ep.8: Brain Dump

Published: November 18, 2014


A brief look at the strategic implications of Josh Canfield's ouster from Survivor: San Juan del Sur, including how the loss of Josh's strategic smarts affects the remainder of the season going forward.

Irrational Assertions

Ep.7: Irrational Assertions

Published: November 9, 2014


You won't believe this week's Dozen, in which Andy says that Julie's quit was "great" and that "San Juan del Sur is a Top 5 season." Really! You can't be sure unless you read it.

Fun Sized!

Ep.6: Fun Sized!

Published: November 2, 2014


Is it a trick or a treat? Andy finds the inner candy identity of the remaining (and just-departed) San Juan del Sur contestants, and asks whether they will have a sweet future in the merge and beyond.

Donut Holes

Ep.5: Donut Holes

Published: October 26, 2014


After welcoming a newborn, Andy finds the time to put together a Dozen in slightly smaller portions, as he analyzes the new directions the freshly swapped San Juan del Sur tribes are taking.

Emerging from the Shadows

Ep.4: Emerging from the Shadows

Published: October 19, 2014


Andy eschews skewering Drew, and instead turns his attention to the contestants who seem to be coming to the forefront as potential long-term players, in this week's Dozen.

Half Baked

Ep.3: Half Baked

Published: October 12, 2014


You'll never guess which recently booted Survivor contestant Andy likes (not for the reason you think). Andy takes stock of Rocker, Probst, production, and the potential contenders for the win in the aftermath, in this week's Dozen.

Method or Madness?

Ep.2: Method or Madness?

Published: October 5, 2014


Andy returns to the Baker's Dozen Classic format, and analyzes the strategic performances of key contestants, through the first two episodes. Key question: Are Josh's methods commendable, or mad?

Cast assessment

Ep.1: Flipping the Script

Published: September 27, 2014


Andy revisits his cast assessments in light of the contestants' performances in the first episode, and finds himself reversing his expectations for several couples.

Cast assessment

Pre-season: Late to the Party

Published: September 21, 2014


An in-depth pre-season evaluation of the relative chances of survival of the new contestants of Survivor: San Juan del Sur. In which Andy swears he'll focus on "positivity and optimism." We're pretty sure you can trust him.

But before we begin...

Not SJdS: Put Up or Shut Up

Published: August 31, 2014


Andy describes how (much) he outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted his opponents at the 2014 edition of the Durham Warriors Survival Challenge, a four-day, Survivor-style competition in Maine.

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