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By Andy Baker
Second Chance recaps index
  • Sweet Sorrow
  • Episode 14: Sweet Sorrow

    Published: December 20, 2015


    Andy takes a final, misty-eyed gaze back at Second Chance, evaluating the Final Six, and recounting his real-life interactions with the cast at the afterparty.

  • Shoulda Woulda Coulda
  • Episode 13: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

    Published: December 13, 2015


    Andy adopts an empathetic approach, in looking back and treasuring the gameplay of departed Second Chance contestants, while also looking ahead at which of the remaining six could take home the Sole Survivor title.

  • Do Not Read This Column
  • Episode 12: Do Not Read This Column

    Published: December 5, 2015


    Andy seizes on a single scene in Episode 12, and portends the end of Second Chance. Don't go if you don't want to (possibly) know.

  • Benefit of the Doubt
  • Episodes 10-11: Benefit of the Doubt

    Published: December 1, 2015


    Andy digests the doings of the double episode, and gives the best possible spin to the players and the remainders of their Second Chances.

  • Easy-Bake Oven
  • Episode 9: Easy-Bake Oven

    Published: November 24, 2015


    Andy presents 13 rapidly risen reactions to Episode 9 of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance.

  • Reality in Real Time
  • Episode 8: Reality in Real Time

    Published: November 15, 2015


    Andy gives his stream-of-consciousness reactions to the twists and turns (and tuk-tuks) of Episode 8 of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance.

  • Everybody Talks
  • Episode 7: Everybody Talks

    Published: November 7, 2015


    The merge is a predictive episode, and Andy dissects the quotes the contestants were shown saying, to divine their Second Chance portents.

  • Baker's Dozen
  • Episode 6: Baker's Dozen

    Published: November 1, 2015


    With 13 players remaining in Cambodia, Andy takes the opportunity to reassess their (second) chances of winning.

  • Varner's Dwonfall
  • Episode 4: Varner's Downfall

    Published: October 17, 2015


    Andy delivers a succinct synopsis, lamenting the loss of one Jeffrey Varner and his mid-life quest... in an atypical format.

  • Every(one)
  • Episode 3: Every(one)

    Published: October 12, 2015


    Andy examines the relationship (and conflict) between individuality and acting for the common good, and how that balance plays out in Survivor. And re-examines every(one)'s chances of winning.

  • The Contrarian Returns
  • Episode 2: The Contrarian Returns

    Published: October 4, 2015


    In which Andy yanks the column's reins from Captain Obvious and hands them instead to The Contrarian, who is less verbose but more highly opinionated. Hilarity ensues.

  • Narrative Acceleration
  • Episode 1: Narrative Acceleration

    Published: September 27, 2015


    Andy applauds the rapid deployment of multiple redemptive, "Second Chance" storylines in the premiere episode of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance, and posits where they're headed.

  • What's the Big Idea(s)?
  • Pregame: What's the Big Idea(s)?

    Published: September 7, 2015


    Andy takes a critical eye to the cast and possible themes ahead in Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance.

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