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True Dork Times Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains spoilers
Episode 6: "Banana Etiquette" Filmed: August 23?, 2009
Airdate: Wed., Mar. 24, 2010
Episode 6: RC/IC | HII | No IC | Boot | Summary
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Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode 6 detailed boot spoiler/speculation summary
tribal council    Continuing with the boot order that was spoiled during the summer/early fall of 2009, this week should feature the first (and only, barring a repeat of Samoa's curious fast-forward-through-Dave's-boot editing) double boot.

    The first of the two (at least in SurvivorsUnite's order, unclear if the Villains's tribal council actually occurs/is shown first) is Tyson.
   Since Heroes vs. Villains has started airing, more info on Tyson's boot has come to light. New Sucks poster blackwhale claimed "Russell is the target at the next tribal council for the villains. Tyson informs Russell he's going home. Russell shows Tyson the idol. Some people panic and switch their vote to Parvati. She gets 3 votes, Russell gets 2, and Tyson gets 4, with Parvati playing the idol that Russell gave to her." SurvivorsUnite essentially confirms this story around the same time, stating more succinctly: "Russell finds [the hidden immunity idol]. I believe Parvati plays it during the Tyson TC though." So essentially, Tyson ("Rob's new Amber") is the collateral damage resulting from Rob's feud with Russell. Hopefully they'll actually show Tyson in his boot episode.

   The second bootee of the episode, again according to SurvivorsUnite's order, should be James. About this particular boot, somerandomdouche originally claimed James was "removed again and it's something to do with either his leg or his knee." missyae corrected this claim thusly: "What happens with James is an injured knee. He manages to even compete a couple of challenges with it before his tribe votes him out in a sympathy vote. His knee is still injured to this day and might bother him the rest of his life."
    And a good time was had by all.

   Update: SurvivorsUnite has given an updated rundown on the series of events at the end of the episode (scroll down to the bottom of the page at this link):
"The upcoming boots are a win or lose, both tribes are going to TC.
- Villains win.
- Villains visit TC 1st.
- Tyson goes.
- Villains move over to jury section.
- Heroes arrive.
- Heroes talk to Jeff.
- Villains watch and eat while watching.
- James goes home."

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