Maryanne Oketch - Survivor 42

Seasons: 1 | Days played: 26 | Wins: 1

  • Survivor 42 (2022) - Winner, 7-1-0.
  • Received seven jury votes and won in Episode 13, "It Comes Down to This" (Day 26).

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Maryanne Oketch - Career statistics

Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats Overall stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
Survivor 42 1.28 11.97 0.11 8 2 9 0.89 4.15 7 8 0.88 1.87 10.67
Career 1.28 11.97 0.11 8 2 9 0.89 4.15 7 8 0.88 1.87 10.67


Maryanne Oketch - Performance ranks

Challenges: MPF percentile


Tribal: VFB% percentile


Tribal: rVAP percentile


Performance ranks are a quick visual measure of the contestant's season vs. historical data from all prior contestants, in three basic (scorable) categories:

1. Performance in individual challenges (MPF), as a measure of "physical game";

2. Ability to vote people out consistently (VFB%, or VFB/TCA), or "strategic game"; and

3. Ability to avoid being voted against (rVAP, or TCA-VAP) - which scales better than a percentage would - for "social/strategic game."

See also: Full glossary for all these abbreviations.


Maryanne Oketch - Challenge record
Survivor 42 logo  Survivor 42 challenges

Rolling Stones - Ep6 RC

Tribal/team challenge record (5-for-9; 1 2nd):

  • Survivor 42, Ep. 1 RC: "Open Reward Challenge" - Helps paddle, but Taku does not win.
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 1 IC: "Forty Two" - Works the puzzle with Omar, and Taku wins (1st/3).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 2 RC/IC: "Can't Find My Way Home" - Blindfolded, gets bags, but Taku loses (3rd/3).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 3 RC/IC: "Spiral Architect" - Swims, follows along, and Taku wins (1st/3).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 4 RC: "Tangled Up Sled Slide" - Shoots a basket, and Taku wins.
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 4 IC: "Beyond the Tuna" - Swims, works puzzle, and Taku wins (1st/3).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 5 RC/IC: "Ramplified" - Hits both targets, Taku doesn't lose (2nd*/3).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 6 RC: "Rolling Stones Challenge" - Works puzzle for the winning team.
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 8 RC: "Basket Case" - Moves a buoy along for the losing team.


Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Ep12 RC

Individual challenge record (0-for-9*; 2 sit-outs): (Mean % finish: 44.4%)

  • Survivor 42, Ep. 7 IC: "A Bit Tipsy" - One of five to drop stacks, not win (tie-2nd/6).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 9 IC: "Bermuda Triangles" - First out for blue, in seconds (5th/5).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 10 RC: "Walk this Way" - Ends as she's crossing the see-saw (tie-6th/8).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 10 IC: "Bow Diddley" - Fifth out, on the second stage (4th/8).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 12 RC: "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" - Battling Omar on the puzzle, no win (tie-2nd/6).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 12 IC: "Stair Down the Walls" - On the table maze as it ends (tie-3rd/6).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 13 F5 IC: "Giant Tick" - Working the puzzle as it ends (tie-3rd/5).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 13 F4 IC: "Simmotion" - Second out, on the 2-ball stage (3rd/4).

 *Volunteered to sit out of the Ep8 IC, in exchange for rice for the tribe; also the Ep11 IC, to avoid the Do or Die twist (neither counted).


Hero challenge/ duel record (0-for-0):

  • Survivor 42: None.
Career totals - challenges
Team/tribal challenges
Wins: 5
2nd place: 1
Played: 9
Win%: 0.61
Sat out: --
Individual challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 9*
Sat out: 2
Win%: 0.00
Mean % Finish: 44.4%
Hero challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 0
Win%: --
Mean % Finish: --
Maryanne Oketch - Tribal Council record
Survivor 42 logo  Survivor 42 Tribal

Ep12 Tribal

Idols held/played (2/1; 0* votes voided) | Advantages held/played (1/1):

  • Survivor 42, Ep. 1: Risks her vote, wins an extra vote at Ep1 dilemma (Day 2).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 2: Receives her vote at Taku's first Tribal (Day 5).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 3: Finds Taku's Beware idol, tells Omar about it (Day 7).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 9: *Plays her idol before the vote; thus unable to void any votes (Day 17).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 10: Finds another, normal idol the next morning (Day 18).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 12: Uses her extra vote to cast the deciding vote, booting Omar (Day 23).
  • Survivor 42, Ep. 13: Declines to use her idol at F5 (Day 24), then displays it publicly to optimal effect at Final Tribal (Day 26).


VFB - Votes for the person booted (8/9*):

Tribal Voted Boot (totals) VFB?
Ep2 Marya Marya Sherron (voted out, 4-0) Yes
Ep7 Lydia Lydia Meredith (voted out, 6-2-2-1) Yes
Ep8 Romeo Chanelle Howell (voted out, 7-3-1) -
Ep9 (F9) Tori Tori Meehan (voted out, 4-0) Yes
Ep10 Hai Hai Giang (voted out, 6-2) Yes
Ep11 Drea Drea Wheeler (voted out, 5-3) Yes
Ep12 Omar, Omar* Omar Zaheer (voted out, 3-2-2) Yes, Yes*
Ep13 Lindsay Lindsay Dolashewich (voted out, 4-1) Yes

*Maryanne used her extra vote to vote twice for Omar (2 VFB, 2 TCA)


VAP - Votes against (2):

  • Survivor 42, Ep. 7: Two votes, from Lydia and Romeo.


Jury votes received (7/8):

  • Survivor 42:, Ep. 13: Received seven jury votes, from Chanelle Howell, Rocksroy Bailey, Tori Meehan, Hai Giang, Drea Wheeler, Omar Zaheer, and Lindsay Dolashewich to win, 7-1-0.
Career totals - Tribal Council
Hidden idols/ Advantages
Advantages held/played: 1/1
Idols found: 2
Idols played: 1
Votes voided: 0*
Voting record
VFB: 8*
Tribals: 9*
VAP: 2
Jury votes
Made: 0
Received: 7
Total jurors: 8
Maryanne Oketch - Pictures
Survivor 42 logo  Survivor 42 image gallery
  • Maryanne Oketch
    CBS pre-game intro shot
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Opening sequence confessional, very excited
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Greeting Probst
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Watching Marya try to hook the key
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Talking about the triangle-counting task
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Taku counted correctly!
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Listening to the dilemma message, Day 2
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Meeting Jenny and Drea
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Time to split up
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Paddling, Ep1 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Working the puzzle with Omar
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Taku wins!
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Idol fondling
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Entertaining Taku, Ep2
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep2 RC/IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Unable to watch the puzzle stage
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Taku, Ep2 Tribal Council
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Listening to Jonathan
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Retrieving her extra vote
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Finding the beware idol, Ep3
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Here it is!
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep3 RC/IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Taku (mostly Jonathan) wins!
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Taku wins, Ep4 RC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    A selection of decent fish
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep4 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Taku wins again!
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Arguing with Jonathan, Ep5
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep6 RC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Working the puzzle with Lydia
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Fake-merge reward feasting
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Bonding with Mike over beware idols
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Forced to compete after all, Ep7 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    The on-the-outs people chat
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Not-merge tribe, Ep7 Tribal Council
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Listening to Hai
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Barely not winning, Ep8 RC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Sitting out in exchange for rice for the tribe, Ep8 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Starting line, Ep9 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Talking to Tori
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Blue team Tribal, seeing Rocksroy on the jury
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Speaking up
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Talking about unconscious bias
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Drea and Maryanne pre-play their idols
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Just found another idol, Ep10
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Celebrating in private
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Starting line, Ep10 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Kula Kula, Ep10 Tribal Council
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Talking about toenails, Ep11
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Sitting out again to avoid Do or Die
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Kula Kula, Ep11 Tribal
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Knowledge is Power fails again
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Puzzle-ing, Ep12 RC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Reward feasting, thanks to Omar
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Talking about the F6 vote plan
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Did you do it?
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Mike keeps on giving his word, Ep13
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Pretending not to solve the word-find
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Pre-challenge lineup, F5 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    I still have this...
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Kula Kula, F5 Tribal
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Pre-challenge lineup, F4 IC
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Romeo won the final IC!
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Watching the firemaking
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Final three, morning 26 breakfast
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Reflecting on her game
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Final three, ready to face the jury
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Showing her unplayed idol
  • Maryanne Oketch
    The winner of Survivor 42...
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Maryanne won!
  • Maryanne Oketch
    Aftershow, talking to Probst
Maryanne Oketch - Interviews
Survivor 42 logo  Survivor 42 interviews

Pre-game interviews

  • Rob Cesternino & Mike Bloom at RHAP (2/15/22): "Survivor 42 | Taku Tribe Castaway Preview"
  • Mike Bloom at (2/15/22): "Maryanne Oketch Wants to Prove Weird People Can Succeed"


Post-game interviews

  • Dalton Ross at (5/26/22): "Maryanne Oketch was 'an emotional wreck crying every day' after winning Survivor"
  • Mike Bloom at (5/26/22): "Maryanne Oketch on That Epic Final Tribal Council and Winning 'For the Weird People'"
  • Rob Cesternino at RHAP (5/26/22): "Survivor 42 | Final 5 Exit Interviews - May 26, 2022"
Maryanne Oketch - Bio
Survivor 42 logo  Survivor 42 bio

Official CBS Survivor 42 bio excerpts (February 9, 2022):

"What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Writing an article for my school newspaper that led to me being invited to consult with my university’s Equity and Inclusion officer on creating a better framework and support for Black students at McMaster University. Being able to use my voice for change that not only benefitted me was so empowering.

Who is your hero and why? My hero is my mother. She was born into poverty in a village in Kenya as the youngest of five. My mother is so hardworking and managed to get herself out of poverty and became a doctor in Kenya and was able to provide for her mom. She then gave that all up to support my father’s dreams, but then became a doctor in Canada while having three young children while dealing with the systemic racism in academic medicine. My mom sacrificed and worked so hard to give her family a better life and never faltered from her dreams. I aspire to be like her. She changed my life.

Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? Davie. Davie was someone who had loyalty to many people, had a strong core alliance and was social. Not only that but he was able to find idols and win challenges and play idols correctly to further his game. But most of all, Davie had so much fun when he was on the island, no matter if he was on the top or bottom of his tribe. Davie had the path to 6th place, and I will perfect it to 1st.

Why do you believe you can be the Sole Survivor? I believe I will win Survivor because I am a social person, and Survivor at its core is a numbers game. I have lived in diverse cities and also been in situations where I was the only black person. But in every situation, I thrived and Survivor is another place where my resilience and personality will shine. Also, I never go down without a fight. When all hope is lost, I will be searching for idols, talking to people, and convincing them that me staying is best for everyone. I am going on Survivor to win and I will do everything in my power to do so."