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Rob Cesternino

24, Wantagh, NY
Computer projects

- B.A., SUNY Oswego, 2000.

- SNN's collection of photos pulled from Rob's site
- Official CBS bio
- Audition video
- CBS intro (pre-game) video

Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
February 20, 2003

Interview with Ryan Aiken
(thanks, Griffe)
- About Rob (sarcastically): "Yeah, he's the good-looking one."
- Ryan was asked in the interview: "Ryan, are you bitter that Rob turned and voted against you, and if so... will you speak with him about it?" Ryan responded: "Yeah, I mean, I'll speak with him at the finale, when we all, when we all reunite again."
(Note that pre-jury bootees are forbidden from speaking to jury members until the finale - strongly suggests that Rob is on the jury, as does lingering hostility towards Rob).
- Radio interview on the "Steve & DC" radio show, link originally posted by Griffe at Survivor Phoenix.
February 13, 2003

"Survival is a ball for Rob: L.I. guy plays for laughs"
- "'He's just one of the funniest guys we've had,' Probst said about Cesternino, a Wantagh resident and graduate of SUNY Oswego."
- "Unlike any of his fellow 15 cast members, Cesternino has never camped out and has rarely strayed from New York. He works as a project coordinator in the same Long Island insurance company as his mom, Roseanne, and his best friend, Justin Jurs."
- " When the chance to compete on Survivor came up, Roseanne Cesternino wasn't surprised her son convinced producers he was up for the challenge. 'Rob considers himself an expert on the game of Survivor,' Roseanne Cesternino said. 'And he was willing to do almost anything to get on the show. When he applied, he knew they'd make him stay outside, but he said, "They won't let anybody die on the show, so how hard can it be?"'"
- By Donna Petrozzello, New York Daily News.
January 19, 2003 - "The guys arguably had another leg up with Wantagh's Rob Cesternino. The 24-year-old 'probably knows the game - no, definitely knows the game - better than anyone who's ever played it,' says Probst. 'He's kind of like that guy in Scream that knew all the horror movie genre. He knows everything. He's telling me rules.' Cesternino even wrote his college senior thesis on 'The Impact of Reality Television.' CBS reports he got an A." - Newsday.
January 15, 2003 - Slimmyworm notices a circa-Christmas picture of a thin-looking Rob on Rob's web site ( Snewser makes this composite, demonstrating the reduction, and posts it at Most of the pictures of Rob on his site later are pulled down, and the site is listed as "Under Construction." - and
January 14, 2003 - "New Yorker Rob Cesternino, a 24-year-old computer projects coordinator from Wantagh, is one of eight men who will compete on the Tambaqui tribe. A self-described master strategist, Cesternino also is a fan of reality TV. He researched the impact of unscripted shows for his senior thesis as a broadcasting major at the State University of New York at Oswego, according to an online profile posted at CBS' Web site." - New York Daily News.
January 14, 2003 - " Rob Cesternino, 24, computer projects coordinator from Wantagh, Long Island appears to be the only local person in this latest go-round." (No spoiler value, but the Post regularly mentions the show). - NY Post.
January 13, 2003 Manuel Mendoza's pre-game quotes and impressions:
- "Initial impression: Class clown. Distinctions: Loves Bob Barker. Hates The Real World . Scored 1420 on his SATs."
- "On the dangers: 'I don't like bugs, I don't like snakes, and I don't like alligators. Now, I'm not going to bother them, and I would think they would have the same courtesy.'"
- "Strategy: 'I am very mean and I can inflict a lot of emotional pain. Colby [Donaldson] made one mistake in the Outback and he'll be labeled a loser-idiot for the rest of his life. But the cardinal sin of Survivor is laziness. The second biggest sin is being boring.'"
- "Why was he picked? 'I think they really needed to have a hunk, someone who's going to get the magazine covers and get the female viewers to watch, someone they thought looked like Joey on Friends. No, that's not me.'"
- Dallas Morning News.
January 11, 2003 - TV Guide (hard copy) quote: "Strengths: 'I'm not on this show because I'm a hunk; I'm supposed to be funny.'" - TV Guide.
October 9, 2001 - Profiled as a NY-area Survivor applicant (complete with audition video) by New York Newsday. Worth a look. - Newsday web site.
Fall, 1998 - Cited for "Sports on Best Night Newscast" at WTOP-TV, SUNY-Oswego's campus TV station (includes link to an on-air picture). - WTOP.

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